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Review #1, by Roz So Tense, So Beautiful, So Unreal

5th April 2009:
keep going i love it! it has a lot of poteintal!!

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Review #2, by Nordanvinden So Tense, So Beautiful, So Unreal

20th January 2009:
Wow, this story of yours is really good; I love it! Even though is has a lot of similarities with Twilight, oh well, I still like it, so don't worry, hehe!

The plot is great and so is the character portrayal as well, as the interaction between them all (the characters)! And finally the fic is very well written!

I've found a thing, which I thought could be improved: I'm not too fond of the description of Damien's hair color, I guess!

Instead of writing: "red brown hair", you could have used the actual term that Stephenie used in Twilight; "bronze colored hair" or perhaps "auburn or red-brownish colored hair", because it sounds much better than "red brown", don't ya think?!

I also saw that this fic takes place in the Marauders era; and that Remus is also listed as one of the characters in it!

So naturally; that made me think if James, Sirius and Lily are going to appear in it as well, seeing as they're all in Gryffindor, I mean!

I really think that could be fun but yeah, it's your story after all, never mind!

I do however I've a minor problem seeing Professor Slughorn as "their" adoptive "father", what I mean by that is really quite simple; because I cannot see him as anyone other than the Professor he is in HPB, sorry, that is my thought, oh well!

Maybe you could have made him/(their adoptive father), as an OC as you must have done to Professor Andrews, oh well, never mind, I guess!

Lastly I hope you'll continue because I want to read more, lol!

Author's Response: Wow! I'm so excited you took the time to write such a long review! I certainly had to take the time during homework to respond!

Regarding Damien's hair color, that does kinda sound weird, doesn't it? I guess a year later my perspective has changed. Although, in my writings, I frequently use different ways to describe the same thing, so in upcoming chapters I will certainly be using a different adjective to describe his hair. Tell you the truth, I think I chose "red brown" because that's how I frequently describe my hair color, haha.

It's not secret, I wonder what character from Twilight Remus will personify. But, the reason I chose Slughorn as being the "adoptive father" is because he was a professor during the Marauders era and became close to Lily obviously, then took an interest in Harry during the HP series. My reason for his interest was because of the role he played in Lily's life, which ultimately engulfed James, Sirius, Damien, and Cara as well.

I will certainly go back and write this again. I won't make up excuses, but it has been rough at home and with school, but I shouldn't let that affect my writing to the point that I haven't looked at it in a year, and I apologize for that. However, I think tomorrow I will go explore Cara's world again :)

Thanks for your review! I'm glad you enjoyed, and I certainly hope you keep reading when I update!

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Review #3, by DumbledoresArmy 4eva Him

27th May 2008:
Have you seen the trailer for Twilight yet?
Love it!!!
Could you p;ease review my story please?!!

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Review #4, by DumbledoresArmy 4eva So Tense, So Beautiful, So Unreal

27th May 2008:
Really good!!
I can't wait to see Twilight!!!
Can't wait for the next chapter!!!

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Review #5, by bellaswan247 So Tense, So Beautiful, So Unreal

10th May 2008:
it's really good. so far. i hope you'll post more soon.

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Review #6, by nina92 So Tense, So Beautiful, So Unreal

19th February 2008:
hey nice work its coming along nicely still very similar to the books..but i guess thts the point just be careful of plagiarism :)

anyhoo i like it so far..

Author's Response: Thanks, again, I'm glad for the reassurance in similarities. I hope it doesn't sound like I'm plagiarizing the stories; I do know that some of the dialogue will be the same and thoughts, but I still try to keep as much as I can different. But, anyways, I'm glad you like the story. Thanks for the review and keep reading!

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Review #7, by nickycc24 So Tense, So Beautiful, So Unreal

15th February 2008:
I luv ur story! I've read all of da Twilight books an i luv them, so ur story just fits ma 2 fav series's together! cant wait 4 more! Deffinately 5 *s!

Author's Response: oh my, God, I am obsessed with Twilight, like, almost sickly! I'm glad the stories fit well together and you love it! Thanks for the review and keep reading!

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Review #8, by nina92 Anywhere But Here

30th January 2008:
hey good start im a huge fan of the twilight series so i noticed alot of similarities between ur first chap and well hers..but its still good.. i look forward to reading more of it.


Author's Response: hey. i just want to say, i'm really glad you noticed alot of similarities between 'blood' and 'twilight'. that's one thing i'm afraid of in writing this fanfic, is that it won't seem like it came from 'twilight'. thanks for reassuring me! LOL. thanks for reading and reviewing!

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