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Review #1, by potter juniorr harry and the lions

11th December 2007:
ummm WOW !
were you on crack when you wrote this? lol.
cause i would never EVER think someone would write about harry potter being a lion.
WOW you must really like lion king.

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Review #2, by Hp Fanatic Harry and the evil lion

5th December 2007:
The next one awake was Kopa he was the opposite of Sarabi he had a creamy fur like hers but his was darker like his fathers he had sky blue eyes just like his mother and had a brown tuft on the top of his head which would one day turn into a mane, he as well nuzzled his parents and his mom licked him on the head and he went to join his sister looking over the pride lands and bathing in the sun.

James was thinking about his mom and the pride hoping that they could come up with a solution, his dad has been working twice as hard trying to find out more about Voldermort he didn't blame him this creep lion was trying to take his mom away the only lioness that his father has ever loved if this Voldermort didn't kill them then losing his mom would surley kill them, he saw that his dad would not let his mum out of his sight as well as them but since they were cubs they could hide when the time came, he knew his father wanted his mother to hide when the time came but she was adamant that she would fight like the rest of them.

Okiie, first I would like to present you the biggest run on ever award-- lmfao thats a good thing, I used to have a competition with my friends to see who could make the biggest run on without it sounding too corny. Lmao, you def. won that.

Anyhoo, I really do like this story! lol ts rlly different and amusing.! please continue!!!

Author's Response: thankyou i'm glad you liked it

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Review #3, by Hp Fanatic harry and the lions

4th December 2007:
"hey there sweet thing"
"im the lion of your dreams baby"
"still as beatiful as ever baby"
Zoe and Harry were later married along with Hermione and Ron, Zoe and Harry had four cubs 2 male 2 female they were called James, Kopa, kiara, sarabi

You are my hero

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