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Review #1, by Scor Rose the Lovers

20th April 2013:
This is a beautiful story! I am glad you wrote it. Please write more Rose/Scorpius!

Wow, your writing is beautiful. Definitely, one of the best stories i have read.

Author's Response: thank you for your kind words

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Review #2, by candylove the Lovers

27th October 2012:
you should write another chapter and then they meet again or something

Author's Response: thanks for the review

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Review #3, by luvharrypotter the Lovers

3rd August 2012:
are u freaking mad? after writing this AMAZNG story, how d hell did u not continue it?

Author's Response: because less is sometimes more.
thank you - I'm glad you liked it.

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Review #4, by shoveitsunshine the Lovers

8th June 2012:
Your use of imagery is amazing, and it really gave the fic a nice depth; the non-dialogue also (I felt) really enhanced the story as well.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for a lovely review.

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Review #5, by Bellatrix1 the Lovers

27th May 2012:

That was so amazing! HOW are you such a good writer?

Author's Response: Thank you so much

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Review #6, by Bellatrix1 the Lovers

27th May 2012:

That was so amazing! HOW are you such a good writer?

Author's Response: Thank you so much

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Review #7, by M. Jordan the Lovers

13th February 2012:
I absolutely love this. Your descriptions were magnificent, and extremely detailed. "A shutter fell over the ocean, and then he was gone, carrying her secrets with him." Pure brilliance! I will definitely be reading this again.

Author's Response: thank you for such a lovely review

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Review #8, by Isha the Lovers

26th November 2011:
Holy crap wow, this is AMAZING. Seriusly, i feel like words cannot accurately desribe how lovely this piece was. You can feel the pain Rose feels and imagine yourself in her situation; amazing writing :)

I was a little put off initially at the fact that they didn't end up together or really get together officially, but at the same time I feel like those missing elements really added to the story. Totally brought about those feelings of suspense and remorse for both. I loved your last line about him carrying her secrets, it was incredible.

Awesome story once again, highly enjoyed reading it :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your kind words

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Review #9, by Emma the Lovers

12th November 2011:
This is fantastic! It's so good wow!

Author's Response: Thank you so much

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Review #10, by Katie V the Lovers

23rd August 2011:
That was a really really sweet and beautiful story, I can't really describe it any more, just beautiful...

Author's Response: thank you so much hun. i'm pleased you enjoyed it.

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Review #11, by Sarah the Lovers

17th August 2011:
That was so good I felt like crying.

Author's Response: i'm pleased you enjoyed it

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Review #12, by someone else the Lovers

7th April 2011:
Very good. Highly descriptive and well worth reading.

Author's Response: thank you so much! i am really happy you liked it

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Review #13, by BrightStar the Lovers

9th March 2011:
Oh my God... Wow. I know you probably don't need to be told any of this considering all your reviews and favourites, but this is absolutely amazing. The characters, the plot, the unbelievably beautiful language... It leads to an experience that is so poignant, so exquisite that I forgot that it was "just" a piece of fanfiction. Looked at your page after you commented on my weird rambly Scorose blog post, and so glad I did :)

Author's Response: thank you so much for such a wonderful review! i am really pleased you enjoyed this and wow, i don't know what to say to your amazing compliments!

thank you!!

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Review #14, by roseweasley_03 the Lovers

13th February 2011:
please please please write a sequel. I'm dying to know what happens between Rose and Scorpius after. Do they ever get together? I really hope they get there happy ending. 10/10

Author's Response: i can't write a sequel, sorry. the story is finished - if i wrote more i would run the risk of spitting out cliches. thanks for reading and reviewing and i am really happy you liked it.

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Review #15, by Jess the Lovers

1st January 2011:
Amazing. All I can say.

Author's Response: thank you Jess!

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Review #16, by Andrea the Lovers

10th December 2010:
Simply excelent! it kept me in the border of my chair the entire time! Great story!!

Author's Response: thank you. I am pleased you enjoyed it!

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Review #17, by Praiya the Lovers

28th October 2010:
As brillliant as always!
Still, this piece's one of the most beautiful, touching, heart-wrenching writing i have read :))

Author's Response: thank you so very much hun!

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Review #18, by HP0247 the Lovers

10th October 2010:
I adored this story of Scorpius and Rose. I just started reading stories with this pairing about a week ago and I think they work so well (just like Draco/Hermione - my fav). Anyway, you are one of my top 3 authors (Elysium is included in that 3 - so thanks to her for the challenge inspired story). You write with such heart and depth of emotions, thank you for sharing your brilliant writing talent!

Author's Response: hiya darling!
thank you so much for yet another lovely review! i really appreciate your support!
im glad rose/scorpius has become a favourite pairing of yours - i have another rose/scorpius coming very soon, as well as continuing to update on broken!
thank you once again!

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Review #19, by cagedcanary the Lovers

15th September 2010:
Beautifully written. It takes a lot of talent to write a story with no dialog, and you did wonderfully! I sincerely hope you win/won this contest :).

Author's Response: thank you - and i actually can't remember if i did or not. i don't think so, lol

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Review #20, by LillyRoseanne the Lovers

3rd September 2010:
Wow... that was amazing!!! in all seriousness, the best fic I have read in a long time. FANTASTIC!

Author's Response: thank you so much darling!

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Review #21, by Lyall the Lovers

10th August 2010:
I also love this. Amazing how no words were needed for that perfect moment for them. I love your storys. x

Author's Response: thank you - im very pleased you liked this!!

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Review #22, by breebree711 the Lovers

4th August 2010:
Amazing. Breath takingly beautifuly written.

Author's Response: thanks so much hun!

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Review #23, by BellaFan202 the Lovers

20th July 2010:
That was absolutely amazing! I've never read a story that had that much detail, that much description. I could close my eyes and almost visualized this story.



Author's Response: wow thank you - if you could visualise it then i did something right!!

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Review #24, by mrsphantom the Lovers

20th July 2010:
This is such a sad story, but at the same time, it's not. Very beautifully written. I could picture each scene clearly in my head, could feel everything Rose was feeling. And the ending wasn't too vague, but not too finite either, like you could either leave it there, or continue with a sequel. Which will you choose? Incredible story. 10/10

Author's Response: thank you and thank you so much for understanding my ending! i don't like completion - i like readers to make what they will of the fic. so i won't write any more because really, what could i write from here?
thank you again!!

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Review #25, by Malfoylover01 the Lovers

17th July 2010:
that was a great story kind of sad but really good can't wait 2 see more of your writing ur really good x

Author's Response: thank you - i have a whole page of fics if you're interested ^_^

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