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Review #1, by Weasley_Wizard_Wheezes Quidditch and Tulips

8th October 2008:
dats what im talkin bout!

Author's Response: you continue to amaze me with your fantabulistic reviews.

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Review #2, by Your soon to be world of warcraft buddy :) Quidditch and Tulips

10th April 2008:
Hey, droping by to tell you how awsome this story is..again. This was my favorite chapter of all the ones you have written. It is A M A Z I N G :p Hope you get better soon! Its so stupid that you are sick.

Author's Response: lol nice name. and thanks.

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Review #3, by Pegasus Quidditch and Tulips

26th March 2008:
hey are you ever going to post anything anymore? you really should you are a really good writer everything you write is absoultly awesome, espically heavan. plus you should finish this story i really wanna find out what happens to alice and "muscular miya", who is still my favorite character! :p anyways, you should start writing fan fic again i really wanna read more of your stuff, espically this story! :)

Author's Response: lol im done w/ fan fic...i just come on here like twice a month to see if i have any reviews

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Review #4, by just realize Quidditch and Tulips

17th February 2008:
goodness i love this story. its me. rhonda. in case you didnt remember that. I LOVE YOUR STORY! write some more. and comment on my story too please. i just want to see what you think. well, and i want the review. tell me where i need to improve please!!!
luv rhonda

Author's Response: hi

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Review #5, by Pegasus Quidditch and Tulips

2nd February 2008:
oh wow you changed the title! i totally didn't notice it till now. but i like it i think it fits it SO much better than the orignal one

Author's Response: =]

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Review #6, by AK Carmel Quidditch and Tulips

6th January 2008:
Awww what an amazingly cute chapter!!
i didnt know you updated! srry bout that yo,
anyways i was wondering WHY you deleted ur other story?
ALSO wondering: wheres ur banner? for the other story? hm...?
lol watsup? Im kinda bored, actually not, cuz i gots to go do some espanol! GAh
OOOH my chapter 7 is being validated, OKAY im kinda ehh about it, its not my best, so please reivew it honestly okay :(
luv ya'

Author's Response: i deleted my other story cuz it SUCKED. lol. but i sent in a song fic i made yesterday. pleeease please please review it!!! its a ron/hermione. and my banner is coming sooooon. and i'll review it as soon as i see its out :D

your favoritest person EVER,


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Review #7, by huffle_puff4eva Love Hurts

5th January 2008:
Aww! That's a cute chapter! Just a tad rushed though, but good!

You don't see very many Alice/Frank stories out there, I feel kind of bad for them. (Of course, they are fictional...)

Anyways, reading on! Good chapter!

Thanks, 9/10 from

Author's Response: aw thanks :) it gets better i promise! i think.. =P thanks again.

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Review #8, by iluvharrypotter Quidditch and Tulips

29th December 2007:
I still can't believe that you can write romance so well. It's scary, honestly.
Anyway, great story! I want to read more! Oh, try a bit more conflict (the bad kind) make the story more interesting.


Author's Response: kk. i'll look into that, thanks :D

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Review #9, by Erin Quidditch and Tulips

29th December 2007:
Very creative and well organized! Keep it up!

Author's Response: lol you sound like my dad :P

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Review #10, by Sarah_Bee Quidditch and Tulips

29th December 2007:
aw! I love what Frank did for Alice! I really enjoyed reading this chapter!!! can't wait for more! IT'S SO GOOD!

Author's Response: thanks :D means a lot.

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Review #11, by Pegasus Quidditch and Tulips

29th December 2007:
hahaha my 'performances' i think my favorite part is where 'miya' goes flying out the wall/window. or maybe its the 'making out with a washing machine on steroids' part. *gasps* yay! you said 'you compleat me'! i actully don't know what my favorite part is, i just love this entire story. its my favorite out of all of yours.

yay! i'm first reviewer!!

anyways. great job. i love it.

Author's Response: =D

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Review #12, by RIP_FRED_LUV_U Half-Giants and Happiness.

24th December 2007:

Author's Response: RHONDA!!! lol. you always talk in caps!

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Review #13, by Sarah_Bee Half-Giants and Happiness.

17th December 2007:
love this story! Update asap!

Author's Response: thanks :) i already sent in the third chapter!

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Review #14, by blueangel02 Half-Giants and Happiness.

17th December 2007:
hey,i told u i'll read was cute..oh and sweet...update soon?wonderful job,lol...oh and very clumsy of frank...and i like that u gave hagrid a partner...


Author's Response: hehe thanks :)

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Review #15, by Pegasus Half-Giants and Happiness.

8th December 2007:
i'm not amazing? *starts to sobb*

Author's Response: i never said you weren't

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Review #16, by Pagasus Half-Giants and Happiness.

8th December 2007:
yes, yes, i know i'm amazing. *takes bow* no, no need for autographs. what nice flowers though. :P

Author's Response: haha. no. haha. no. haha. okay im done.

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Review #17, by AK Carmel Half-Giants and Happiness.

6th December 2007:
Miya omg, is an amazing character! I love her! She's so funny and original! Great job!
This was soo cute, i read another review and someone said that you really do a great job with a girls pov! and i agree! :)
Great one!

Author's Response: lol!!!! YOU ARE MY BEST REVIEWER!! then me...oh look now i made me cry, its okay. LOL. wow that was kind of creepy but ya. and thanks for the review!! I know miya is amazing, shes like sick minded lol. thanks!!

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Review #18, by AK Carmel Love Hurts

6th December 2007:
wow that was faast, it was james/lily-ish the way Frank was about Alice, never thought of him like that! Though i did think it was horrible that he USED jaymee to get Alice. poor jaymee, how is she going to react, shes going to think Alice was cheating with Frank behind her back, also, I think (if you ever go back and edit) you should show that Alice was a bit jelous of jaymee to begin with so we know that she has feelings for frank, it would help the story flow better ;)

anyways srry it took me sooo long to review!

I have soo much school work [highschool is no joke bro, u'll c that once softmore yrs hits] *o*, and i get easliy distracted so I had to lay off the HPFF for a while, and i'm editing my 6th chapter, well no i have alot of tests to study for and homework and such, but its written and its driving me crazy that i cant post it cuz the validation thing is 9 hours!!!

Anyways i've noticed that you've gotten several other stories going so I'ma go read them ;)

luv AK :)

Author's Response: thanks! :) and ill think about that.

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Review #19, by Pegasus Half-Giants and Happiness.

2nd December 2007:
i love musculare miya! she is far by my favorite character! :p i like how tall she is, how you described her face and her eyes. and how you can make a half giant sound graceful. i know i couldn't do that. and i can just imagine "Miya" throwing jaymee and alice into a closet :) and i like how tall she is :)

M :p

Author's Response: haha ya. shes tall because i made her the opposite of you!!! ahahaha. :)

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Review #20, by babblingbumblingbaboon Half-Giants and Happiness.

1st December 2007:
Again with the sappy ending?! WTH?! Like this chapter a lot more than the first one though, more humor. Hmm...can't wait to see what he does to redeem himself. And you probably already know this, but Hagrid wasn't in the Marauder's Era, he was in the Tom Riddle Years. LMAO! The horny half-giant! haha xD That was wonderful! Nice job- can't wait for the next chapter.



Author's Response: ya i know. but i felt 'muscular miya' ought to have a lover. she's liek the horniest giant ever! anyways, thanks :) i decided to lay off on all the seriousness and have a little fun with this chapter. thanks for the review!!

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Review #21, by babblingbumblingbaboon Love Hurts

1st December 2007:
Wow...that was kind of a sappy ending to this chap. But I will give you this, you made them all realistic- excluding the fact that you didn't give Jaymee a last name. How did you catch a girl's personality so well? I'm a girl and I can't do that. Anyways!- nice chapter =) Also, you put 'doubt' instead of 'double' when Alice was going to DADA.



Author's Response: oh okay thanks. and ya, me being a boy...i thought most girls were sappy and stuff. oh well. ill change the sappy ending to the second one. you can read it again in a minute if you'd liek :)

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Review #22, by Weasley_Wizard_Wheezes Half-Giants and Happiness.

1st December 2007:
pickles. i. like. pickles.

Author's Response: me too

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Review #23, by iluvharrypotter Half-Giants and Happiness.

1st December 2007:
k. I kinda like this one, but the first chapter I liked better. Just thought you might want to know.

Author's Response: ya i know. this chapter was kinda dedicated to miya. haha

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Review #24, by Pegasus Love Hurts

29th November 2007:
wha! i had this really long review and i was going to post it but then it like went poof on me and i have to type it all again! sooo, as i was saying.dang i forgot what i was saying! but i like this story. i think you could of spread it put into two chapters because you went a tad bit fast, but its fine like it is. and you need to have jaymee stop being friends with alice because alice "stole" her boyfriend. and you need to have her make friends with someone else whos name you don't forget! *cough cough me cough* and why its it called broken love? cuz so far its not really 'broken' but maybe it will happen later in the story i don't know.

and how old is everybody? and see this is why i need to come over friday so you can help me write because your such a freaking good writer! and so we can eat laffy taffys.

but good job and i can't wait to read the next chapter and see this new character!

and i wanted to be the first reviewer! :(


Author's Response: lol. it says they need to study for n.e.w.t.s and n.e.w.t.s is 7th year test so i think you could probably figure it out :) and dont complain about it if i haven't written it yet!! unless you were just giving me ideas...cuz if you were then thanks =P and its called broken love cuz in the end they get tortured into insanity lol. but thanks for calling me a 'freaking good writer' =]


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Review #25, by iluvharrypotter Love Hurts

29th November 2007:
It's really good. I didn't know you had it in you to write romance. Amazing! The only thing I would change is when Alice went to her dormitory, she wouldn't have fallen asleep immediatly. Trust me I would know.

Author's Response: lol okay thanks for a NICE review this time!!! and theres a lot of things you dont know about me :P

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