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Review #1, by jessarocksursock Nightly Patrol

15th January 2012:
ohhh this is sooo sweet :)
i really wished there had been some line about what her dad might do to her...
and like your other one shots, i really really REALLY wish you would make them into a full story

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Review #2, by Rosie Nightly Patrol

25th November 2011:
this was really good, keep writing! :)

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Review #3, by witchhazel Nightly Patrol

7th December 2010:
And I'll love this forever!

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Review #4, by witchhazel Nightly Patrol

20th March 2010:
And I'm perfectly okay with this...

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Review #5, by witchhazel Nightly Patrol

20th March 2010:
And I'm perfectly okay with this...

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Review #6, by Hermione288061 Nightly Patrol

5th August 2009:
That was really great! The passion in the writing was perfect and I could tell that the two of them really were into each other. I love this ship too. XD

Author's Response: aw thanks! :D me too.

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Review #7, by annoymous Nightly Patrol

2nd August 2009:
it was pretty good for a one shot romance

Author's Response: thanks! i'm glad you think so!

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Review #8, by hermyonee03 Nightly Patrol

16th July 2009:
i love scorpious and rose together perfect!!

Author's Response: aw thanks! haha. :]

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Review #9, by ohcrapidroppedmybrain Nightly Patrol

30th June 2009:
Beautiful. You are such a great writer...I am a huge fan. I love the ending statement; it was a great way to end the one-shot. Perty please post more stories soon!

Author's Response: aw thanks! i\\\'m really glad that you like it! :]

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Review #10, by xxSTARxx Nightly Patrol

29th May 2009:
that was good, but i think it could make a quite good story. you know, continue this and have them meeting in secret cos they're afraid of families reactions, then have her having to tell her parents that she's in love with a malfoy.

I think it could be good if you get time to do it!

Author's Response: thanks! i'm really glad that you liked it! haha. i might.

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Review #11, by X_slytherianprincess_X Nightly Patrol

27th January 2009:
so sweet! I loved it.sequel??? please? =] xoxo 4 eva if u do lol

Author's Response: haha. i willl. =] thanks!

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Review #12, by hannahjane Nightly Patrol

11th January 2009:
omg you should def. make this into a story !

Author's Response: ah. maybe. thanks!

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Review #13, by PottersGirl Nightly Patrol

3rd January 2009:
I really liked this story. You described Rose Perfectly.10/10

Author's Response: thanks!! =]

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Review #14, by daydream_it_to_life Nightly Patrol

20th November 2008:
lol. imagine what hermione and ron would think! being related to malfoy in the possible future.HA! HAHA!!

Author's Response: dun dun dun. haha. =]

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Review #15, by gitgit Nightly Patrol

9th November 2008:
so i realized that this one shot was in my favourites but apparently i had no longer a review on it so i got to review again
wow did i tell you how much i love your stories
they are great
nice one shot
and i thought rose and scorps were really cute together :D

Author's Response: yay!! thanks!! i'm really glad that you reviewed (again). haha. =]

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Review #16, by irrelevant Nightly Patrol

16th October 2008:
goodie :) love it :p

Author's Response: thanks!!! =]

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Review #17, by xXharry and draco_luvrXx Nightly Patrol

21st April 2008:
awww,how cute that is sooo sweet.what happens?



Author's Response: aww thanks!

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Review #18, by henryjones Nightly Patrol

20th April 2008:
so i did rather like this. some parts from the beginning didnt really have anything to do with the second half, but thats ok. it read more like a scene from another, bigger, piece than a one shot. but it was a nice, sweet scene, so i liked it. good job! thank you! ;)

Author's Response: aw thanks!! haha.

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Review #19, by A Diffrent type of Flower Nightly Patrol

10th March 2008:
aw very ver nice. I loved it!

Author's Response: thanks!!!

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Review #20, by sophielefay Nightly Patrol

25th February 2008:
love it! the part w/ albus and nott was a good detail to add in, and of course rose/scorpius is always amazing. great job:)

Author's Response: haha. thanks!!!!

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Review #21, by mioneglitterlion Nightly Patrol

12th February 2008:
that was bloody brilliant. i was left panting, it was so HOT! so descriptive, and i LOVE LOVE LOVE when there is anticipation and tenseness leading up to that kind of moment, i almost drooled!

really, really good!

i cannot wait until sirius and adara have a moment like this in "Along Came Sirius"... I am always so excited whenever there is a new chapter? How many chapters do you think the story is going to be?

Author's Response: haha omg thanks!!! that makes me really happy haha. and Along Came Sirius? idk, definitely over 20.

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Review #22, by LilyFlower Nightly Patrol

13th January 2008:
Great oneshot! I enjoyed reading this alot. Please keep writing!

Author's Response: thanks!!! =] i will!

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Review #23, by kissedbyavampire Nightly Patrol

6th January 2008:
That was really cool, though I would have liked for it to have been a bit more elaborated, like in a short story or a novella, you know? Very promising, really cool.


Author's Response: thanks! yeah, i might right a next generation fic... but i just don't have the time right now, haha. =] thanks for reviewing!

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Review #24, by xx_linz Nightly Patrol

4th January 2008:
nice. i love scorpious/rose.

Author's Response: thanks!! =]

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Review #25, by lexi Nightly Patrol

29th December 2007:
Impressive. You are probably one of the best writers on this fanfiction site. Great one-shot, I really enjoyed it. You should get a banner for it too!

Author's Response: REALLY? omg. that makes me soooo happy!!!!!! i know, i need a banner!!! grr.

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