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Review #1, by potterwriter340237 Chapter Six-to the dance! and back again!

12th December 2008:
Im sorry, your ideas are okay..but you have totally ripped off the movie and tons of lines from it...so your work isnt at all original. Also I know you are kind of going for a AU situation but the whole intermingle of cell phones and such is all two much for me. I can teven really jusge if your writing is good because you basically just stole every single.i think it would be better if you just took the concept and involved less modern technology (as it doesnt work at hogwarts) and wrote your own lines, just loosley basing it on A Cinderella Story

Author's Response: okay! thanks for your comment. i guess i really needed that. i havent been writing more to this story lately cause youre not the only person who's said that to me. so im taking some time to fix it. and hopefully, it'll be better for everybody!
thanks again,

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Review #2, by Lovehurtssoul Chapter Six-to the dance! and back again!

5th November 2008:
Hi there! Just found out you put me as one of your fav authors, thank you! Just starting out really and praying for reviews. Thought I'd repay the favor and I love this story, check for updates often! Hope you liked my story, if you read it, and I hope I can keep it to a relatively good standard. Thanks again and keep writing, caio!

Author's Response: oh, you're welcome! i always add the people who comment on my story, because i just started writing stuff too. i havent read your stories yet, but i promise i will comment! its my turn now to repay the favor! =]

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Review #3, by Slytherinlover Chapter 2

1st November 2008:
cool chapter except by the time they're in 6th year Lily hates Snape but otherwise really good chapter

Author's Response: :) i forgot about that! my bad. i guess in this story they made up and are friends again for the time being!
Thank you for the comment! its greatly appreciated!

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Review #4, by Slytherinlover How magical Hogwarts fairytale began...

1st November 2008:
cool chapter although it was a little confusing as to who sandra is. You should make the characters more clear as to who they are. Good story though.

Author's Response: i guess youre right, what with me being the writer and all, i know who sandra is. im going to make that a little more clearer, so thank you for pointing that out for me!
Thank you again,
~SillyLily *favs*

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Review #5, by Lovehurtssoul How magical Hogwarts fairytale began...

24th October 2008:
Brilliant, chapter, I've seen the film! Going to read it all and put this story on my list of WIP FICS. Keep writing!

Author's Response: oh my gosh thank you for such a great comment! i've seen the movie too and it just seemed like a great movie to make a story about lily and james after! thank you again!
~ SillyLily

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Review #6, by scorpy_4_evr Chapter Six-to the dance! and back again!

8th May 2008:
wow! nice story but i really dont like how its so like the real movie it takes out the fun in L/J if we know whats going to happen

Author's Response: well, I did think of that too. I just finished up cleaning through the yucky parts of chapters, like with what you said, the whole, "we might know what the ending is"...I'm getting rid of all signs of that and hopefully, when I'm done fixing that last chapter (6 i think it was) and when I post chapter 4 to my other story (not based off of a movie) I will give you guys a lot more of what you've been asking for: hopefully.....a real Cinderella Story. *favs* I cannot thank you enough for your comment!!

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Review #7, by hasitha Chapter Six-to the dance! and back again!

18th April 2008:
hey nice story but im a little confused. ive watched d movie like a million times. bt how does she get a call from sandra in d end if she dropped her phone???

Author's Response: OH MY GOSH! Youre so right!! I was just about to fix the story when I read your review and I guess now I'm really gonna have to read my own story from now on!! Maybe I should have Severus pick it up and just forget the whole Sandra called thing, and just stick to James trying to find Miss Anonymus from now on!!! Hey thanks for pointing that out and thanks for your review!! *favs* :)

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Review #8, by astronomy71 Chapter Six-to the dance! and back again!

1st April 2008:
OMG I love this story please please please write more! :) 1000/10

Author's Response: 1000/10?????? WOW!!! *favs* I know, I really really really really really want to write more but I have to make BIG DECISIONS (did I spell that right? haha) about adding more or not. Like.....debating almost you could say. On whether or not to write more and with a comment like that, I couldn't help but smile!! You made my night!!! Thank you. Based on what comments say (including yours!!!) I think I will keep adding more if I can fix the story. :) Ps is the story too confusing????
:) Peace. ~SillyLily

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Review #9, by cosmopiltan411 Chapter Six-to the dance! and back again!

3rd March 2008:
so here's the thing. i'm noticign the fact that a great majority of these lines are from the movie, and pretty mcuh word for word. this is a nice idea, but i think that you shoudlnt be so afraid of makign it your own, doing your own thing with it, you're a talented author and shoud use that to your advantage!

Author's Response: thank you for reviewing. I do realize that too, and I did write another story. This one is not based off one single movie. It completetly came from my own head!!!! YAY! It's called "Ruining my parents past with a timeturner" if you wanna check it out! This is my first time basing Harry Potter off of the movie and now I realize that it's way too rough. I'm going to try and work on my other story for now, and then see what I should do with this one!
:) Thanks again!
~SillyLily *Favs*

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Review #10, by kat potter Chapter 5-my fairytale awaits

11th February 2008:
Another great chapter and i can't wait til da next one. u really have adapted the movie into a harry potter story. 10/10

Author's Response: oh, thank you! You are so nice you deserve some cake or something! I really love your comment and I will be sure to add more soon after these quizzes at school (uh!)!!!
Thanks again!

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Review #11, by astronomy71 Chapter 4

31st January 2008:
Please write more I love this story.

Author's Response: oh my gosh! I most definetly will! *favs you as fav author* thank you!! Chapter 5 is in the queue!!!! more is coming your way!!!!!

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Review #12, by Mrs X Chapter 4

29th January 2008:
No. Just no. For a start, you forget that Hogwarts is in Britain. Not America. There are no diners here.
For jeebus's sake. You could at least pretend to make it English. Mom? Eugh. We say Mum.

Author's Response: I'm sorry! You're right-I did forget! I didnt know that there arent diners in Britian! I guess I was so caught up in getting the story written right based off of the movie. Again, I'm sorry. And i'll be sure to change it to mum, instead of mom. Now that you point it out, i do remember that from the Harry Potter movies. Thank you, even though I did make some mistakes, for letting me know.

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Review #13, by Divine_Till_Night Chapter 4

26th January 2008:
Wonderful! I read all of it! You have a terrific story going for you here. Is it based off of the movie Duff did? Anyway, way to go! Keep it up! 1000/10

Author's Response: 1000/10? WOW! I think thats the best rating ive got yet!!! *bounces in seat excitedly* And yes, it is based off of the one with Hilary, after watching the movie all i could think about was Lily and James in that same situation! You read all of it so far? THANKS!!! More is most definetly coming your way for that!!!! :):):):):)

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Review #14, by Pika Chick Chapter 4

25th January 2008:
The Story is good and this is the first time i've actually read it. The only thing I would suggust is making it more of your own story in stead of Hollywood's. Besides that it's awsome! Keep up the good work!
(P.S. Love the movie you took it from, Great Choice!)

Author's Response: thanks for the great advice! I will most definetly take it to heart!:) I do try to make it my own, but at times, its hard. But I will keep trying in the next chapters to make it more my own! Thanks a million!!! :)

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Review #15, by ProngsPadfootMoony Marauders Chapter 4

25th January 2008:
love it. lily is a little more out going. sav is cool, and james sirius and remus love them.

Author's Response: I will be sure to make her a little more outgoing! Im so glad you love remus sirius and james. they were my fav charactars to write about (Severus included)!!! Thank you for this and the other review on here!!! Its greatly apprecited!!
Just so you and everyone knows, Im re-wording chapter one a little more so it wont be so word for word-i know how annoying that can get!!!
Thanks so much again!!!

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Review #16, by MissJessx3 Chapter 3!!!

22nd January 2008:
I LOVE IT! please post more! I defff. wanna continue! its very original.

Author's Response: Thank you!!! :):):):):)
I just sent in Chapter 4! its here! its here! YAY! im sooooo glad you love it!!! I will most definetly continue!!

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Review #17, by ProngsPadfootMoony Marauders Chapter 3!!!

21st January 2008:
what james going to when finds out its lily love it.

Author's Response: i wondered too but I got it all figured out! I am so happy you love it! Chapter four is on its way!

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Review #18, by anoymus Chapter 3!!!

21st January 2008:
I can't believe you left it at a cliffhanger(i'm on the edge of my seat wanting to find out what happens net!) i hope you write another chapter, if so i can't wait!!

Author's Response: oh im so going to write another chapter!! I didnt mean to leave it at a cliffhanger, but with the next chapter having lots of important things (smiles happily) I decided it was for the best!!!! Glad you liked it, anoymus!!! i hope you keep reading! it should be up soon if I stay on task :)

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Review #19, by harrypotter13 How magical Hogwarts fairytale began...

3rd January 2008:
I enjoyed the actual story line in here so it must have been fairly easy to just replace it with Lily etc...
Great story so far!

Author's Response: Yes! Thank You! *favs*. I know it can get kind of annoying for other readers that I just change the names, so I might switch things up a bit, but with out ruining it for people who like it like this like you!! Thanks for the comment!!!
Enjoy chapter 2!!!

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Review #20, by hazellily How magical Hogwarts fairytale began...

12th December 2007:
i cant wait to read more its really good and based on my fave movie i liked recited what you were saying lol i love it

Author's Response: thank u i appreciate ur comment!!!!!! :P:P:P

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Review #21, by xTimexTurnerx How magical Hogwarts fairytale began...

12th December 2007:
This is really interesting. And I wicked love this movie so I'll be looking out for the updates. I think it would be good if you deviate from it a bit though, undoubtably you will eventually. Anyway, can't wait to see where this goes!

Author's Response: i know i am gonna stop copying it word from word now since everybody wants me too...*smiles* I am so happy that u love this, i love the movie too and i had to keep watching it so thats why it sounds so word for word. im sorry!!! and dont worry, im trying my best!!

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Review #22, by biggestHPfaneva How magical Hogwarts fairytale began...

12th December 2007:
okay this is so taken from a cinderella story - the movie and do u no thoes lines of by heart cause it is almost the same thing!

Author's Response: no i dont know those lines by heart so i had to keep rewatching the movie and some people really dont like it when i do that so im most likely gonna change it cuz its crashing as a story in my opinon so far. but im glad u like it!! dont worry im putting chapter 2 in now!!

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Review #23, by Smith_Babe_1 How magical Hogwarts fairytale began...

12th December 2007:
Kol :D Its like you know A Cinderella Story word to word Lol Keep up the hard work

Author's Response: honestly, i am trying to do it a little kinda word for word!!! Sam, in the movie's best friend is turning out to be Severus, Lily's best friend!! Chapter two just got submitted so it should be up any minute now! thanks so much for the review im glad u like it!! i love A Cinderella Story too!

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Review #24, by crazywrita123 How magical Hogwarts fairytale began...

11th December 2007:
haha i like it. a lot like the movie! u did a really good job with that actually- getting all the details and stuff!

Author's Response: THANK U!! Chapter 2 should be up soon!! I just finished!! so happy u like this!!! hahahaha!!

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