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Review #1, by Lovehurtssoul "Meet the Marauders, Harry!"

16th November 2008:
That's pretty good, i liked it! Kind of reminds me of Back to the Future in a way. Well, hope you keep it up, it's a good story! Caio!

Author's Response: it was a story that i was thinking of writing for a long time but never got around to it and when i tried to put it in words it just sounded more and more messed up so if it gets confusing let me know! :D thanks for commenting again!

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Review #2, by hypercell "Meet the Marauders, Harry!"

17th February 2008:
write more please. thank you.

Author's Response: oh, you are so polite. I am so writing more for that! :) You're so kind you deserve another chapter and that's what you're going to get!!!
Thank you for commenting!!!
Love SillyLily *Favs*

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Review #3, by random-writer The timeturner, the fall, and a piece of cake!

3rd February 2008:
OMG I love this story! I haven't read the rest yet, but I will soon :)

Author's Response: that's great chels! Read my other stories, and i'll read yours!!!
hey hey you you! Thanks 4 commenting!
youre gonna love the cinderella story!

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Review #4, by James_Girl_Lily "Meet the Marauders, Harry!"

1st January 2008:
It was quite a short chapter. I liked their conversation and Harry's thoughts on the whole thing. He hasn't actually met the Marauders yet; I'm looking forward to it though. Post more soon. =)

Author's Response: I course I will post more soon! Just one more day til I can summit it! Yay! I realize that it was awefully short, my apologies, and he will most definetly meet the Marauders. I'm more than sasitfied that liked Harry's thoughts throughout the story!!! Thank you soo much for your review!!!

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Review #5, by hogwartsdearest "Meet the Marauders, Harry!"

25th December 2007:
i am very much so anticipating what happens when they arrive at class

Author's Response: Im planning on a lot to happen in class!! im planning to write more about Harry and the Marauders in chapter three-im editing it and posting it! Im doing it now as a matter of fact so be on the lookout not for chapter four, but for the other half of chapter three! Thanks for your review, I very much appreciate it!
Love Sillylily :P:P:P

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Review #6, by James_Girl_Lily Mom? Is that you?

16th December 2007:
This is a great fic! I hope you post more soon! 10/10 =)

Author's Response: Dont freak! More is coming i promise!! im sooooo glad that you liked it! 10/10. wow i dont think ive ever gotten that kind of rating-thank you so very much! *Favs*

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Review #7, by SillyLily "Meet the Marauders, Harry!"

15th December 2007:
There's way much more coming in chapter three! (This chapter). This is halfway finished, and I'm going to add to it in a day or so!! NO MORE SHORT CHAPTERS FROM NOW ON!! YAY!!! Hope you all enjoy!

Author's Response: This comment is just a little note to all people that have read this so far.
Don't worry-more is coming! Enjoy!
Love Sillylily :P
Keep reading and writing!

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Review #8, by hogwartsdearest Mom? Is that you?

13th December 2007:
ahhh. interesting. i like this

Author's Response: thank u!!! chapter 3 is being typed up right at this minute so keep on the lookout these next few days!! thanks so much again!! :)

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Review #9, by Epona Mom? Is that you?

3rd December 2007:
Can't wait to read more! Hope he meets the marauders soon. =)

Author's Response: oh dont worry...Harry's meeting a lot of people!! I'm halfway done with chapter 3 so it'll be up soon! thankx for the awesome review!! =)

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Review #10, by Weasley_Wizard_Wheezes The timeturner, the fall, and a piece of cake!

1st December 2007:
WHATS HAPPENING!!! AH. scary :D lol. update soon!

Author's Response: thank u!! i will update soon! ive got like, this much *makes a tiny smidge with pointer finger and thumb* left to correct, then I'll be sure to get it in so you can find out the rest!!! thankx again!

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Review #11, by hprwhggw_hogwarts The timeturner, the fall, and a piece of cake!

24th November 2007:
good going ron. love it. harry gets to meet lily and james.

Author's Response: i kno, good going ron!! but yes, you guessed right!!! i'll have the next chapter up soon! thankx for reviewing!! i appreticate it so much!
Love, sillylily! :P

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