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Review #1, by NothingMoreThanHate chapter 11

13th August 2012:

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Review #2, by merope The kiss

10th May 2009:
once again, amazing chapterer. i was just wondering whether this story is happening before the war, after the war, or you decided to not relate it to the war.

Author's Response: it was set in the summer before harry's 7th year, aka Callie's 7th year just wen voldemort takes over the wizarding world

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Review #3, by Merope Old and new faces

10th May 2009:
I love the way you have created her dad. Exemplary pure blood who hates muggles. I really love this story, it's original and ...amazing.

Author's Response: thank you x

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Review #4, by Merope Goodbyes and Memories

10th May 2009:
in three words...i love it :)

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Review #5, by stian from norwayg chapter 11

14th March 2009:
thanks for a god positive story

Author's Response: anytime ;)

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Review #6, by stian from norway The kiss

14th March 2009:
i love this story kep up the god work!!!

Author's Response: glad u like it :)

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Review #7, by Miley Lestrange chapter 11

11th March 2008:
oh, that was so cute at the end i hope you write another one.

great story and thanks

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Review #8, by MauraLestrange chapter ten

8th March 2008:
Very very goood(H) You really got talent for writing!

Author's Response: thank you. glad u enjoyed it xx

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Review #9, by Miley Lestrange chapter ten

29th February 2008:
yes, I have been waiting for this update forever. I could so see Bellatrix act like that even though that is her daughter. Thanks you so much for another great update. Hope it is up soon

Author's Response: heya, thanks again miley. yeh i have to agree: bellatrix is a nutte rof the highest order and yet for some reason i like writing about teh badies of teh HP series
oh well im glad you liked it and sorry for teh late update. ill try and make the next one quicker. :) xx

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Review #10, by Miley Lestrange Chapter nine

18th February 2008:
I love this story, one of my favorite. Can't wait till you update. Hope it is really soon!

Author's Response: thanks a lot. updates wont be long i promise xx

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Review #11, by Crystle A wired beginning

5th February 2008:
Very good. I really enjoyed the first chapter

Author's Response: thank you. hope u enjoy the rest

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Review #12, by hElen Goodbyes and Memories

27th January 2008:
it was good, i like seeing more into the lestrange world as the harry potter books are focused on the good characters. i would suggest Marcus rather than Ralph for rabastan's and rodolpus' dad

Author's Response: thanks :) yeh marcus does sound more...pureblood than ralph doesn't it? thanks a lot

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Review #13, by _amzy_ Taking the mark and Aunt Andromeda

27th January 2008:
this is an awsome fan fic!! i only just started reading it but i really like it!!
cant wait for the next update :)

Author's Response: thanks a lot :) the next update is waiting in line for validation so should be up in a few days or so

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Review #14, by Kat Tales Taking the mark and Aunt Andromeda

22nd January 2008:
Very interesting idea, I am intrigued. But, the timing is a little confusing. Does this mean that Callandra has only known her parents for two years? Because they went to Azkaban when she was very little, and escaped when she was 15...anyway I like the story! Keep writing!

Author's Response: hey, sorry about the timeing. the story is set in the summer hols before callandras 7th year. her parents have been out of azkaban for 2 years but shes been only living with her father for so many months as hes been in hiding from the ministry but now with voldermort taking over the ministry Rodolphus and rabastan are now free to roam free. anyway, thanks for reviewing ill b sure to make the time clear at the top of teh next chapter

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Review #15, by timetraveler360 A wired beginning

19th January 2008:
great beginning, i can already see the story-line plot: A LESTRANGE falling in love with a MUGGLE??!! what is the world coming to??? (dramatic sigh)...

Author's Response: yeh i know lol. thanks a lot for reviewing; glad u enjoyed it *give virtual cookie*

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