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Review #1, by RemusLoverTG Chapter Three: The Plan In Motion

5th May 2008:
This plot is brilliant! Who knew Harry can be so...mischievous! I love this new personality of his!

Author's Response: Thanks so much!! I don't know when I'm going to be updating this, but I will certainly keep you informed. :) Expect an owl when I update. Yes, his character is taken beyond the realms of canon for this story, though I can actually imagine him doing this! Thanks again!!

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Review #2, by rosai_gryffindor Chapter Three: The Plan In Motion

30th March 2008:
oooh! getting darker and deeper into trouble, harry is! lol! you wrote this chapter extremely well indeed, all the tension, the action and the feelings. Harry acted being drunk perfectly! haha! but i wasnt expecting his plan to go like that... and thats another thing i liked about this chapter, it was full of surprising twists. like where was draco through all this? i thought hed show up at some point to enhance harry's plan, but he didnt! lol! and it serves ginny right for what shes doing to harry, to have to see all that, and be shocked by harry 'drunk' lol! but that emoz guy is such a creep! and i love how you have created his character, that hes all a fake, and a slytherin. not quite sure what harry was thinking when he connected pansy and emoz in his thoughts, but maybe you wanted the reader to feel that, so the suspense is more! and the last line was perfect, a nice mini-cliffie and a typical harry potter line!

you really should continue this at somepoint, i am interested to see where you take it!

and fantastic writing as usual!

Rose )

Author's Response: Ooh! Lolll. I know, Harry is in trouble, but he'll get out of it, somehow, or maybe he won't? You'll have to see. Thanks so much for all these wanderful comments. Hee hee. I liked writing the part where Harry was drunk, as it went completely out of his character, but he had to do it for a reason. Surprising twists? Wow, thanks. Yes, that's exactly what I wanted to do. Manipulation of the reader is really important, (not in a nasty way, loll) in an effective way. It's more interesting if you have twists and turns, as if the reader is wearing an eyepatch, or blindfold. Eye patch!! Loll. That sounds like a pirate. Anyway, what I wanted to say, loll, was you should always keep your readers on a leash, but with enough leeway to let them run amok, but never leave your side. Does that make sense? :) Yes, I leap around a lot. I know. The thing is (feels bad, but can't help the way she feels), I don't like Ginny as a character, but I think that stems from my envy because she's with Harry! I'm so pleased you like Emoz. He was a complete leap. It's essential to me that he comes across as raving, because his character is going to be completely, well, mysterious, let's just say.

Oh, I will! I think I might finish writing chapter four in a minute, actually. I think this is going to be a short story. I'm not sure.

Thanks again!

Rachel :)

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Review #3, by rosai_gryffindor Chapter Two: First Moves

29th March 2008:
LOL! this. is. bloody. fantastic. !!! :D it really is! i am loving the deceit and the dark humour and the whole idea of it all! and the harry and draco sexual stuff was really funny! i loved how draco was so serious and so into him, yet harry was so disgusted! LOL! and a good passionate fic is always something i enjoy to read occasionally! not that im like some sex mania or something... just makes a change from the fluff to have something serious!

anyways, am loving reading it! and i thought again that you have everyone very much in character, although id have thought that Ron would have been a bit more protective of Ginny than he was, as thats always been in his character. but never mind, the whole ideas crazy anyway, so having him agree is no biggy!

hermione on the other hand, was perfectly hermioneish, as the ootp film says in her words, 'its rather exciting, isnt it, breaking the rules?' haha, that is totally her rebellious side coming out! :P and you have that perfect!

i so cant wait to see harry's plan put further into action! and i can just imagine the look on Ginny's face... *smirks* the catch of the potion lasting 8 days is also good, makes it not as perfect a plan as it had seemed! and as for pansy, well she is just creepy...

will be having to read on now! as you have me thirsty for more!

brilliant job once again!

Rose :)

Author's Response: Loll, thanks so much rosai. :) I'm so pleased you loved the deceit and the darkness that I strive to convey in my fics. Oh yes. The Harry and Draco slash parts were just so cool to do, and I can't wait to write it again. I had to show the contrast between them, and Harry's disgust was a good way of showing humour. Draco's infatuation with Harry is a wicked thing to write, because it's so out of his character, and yet we know why he's acting like he is: The potion. Thanks so much. You're so nice about this fic. I honestly thought people weren't liking it, but you proved me wrong. I really want to write more of this now, and make a better banner! Lolll. I know you're not, don't worry! Yes, I agree. It does. I'm just so relieved you like it.

I can't actually remember what you're talking about..... lolll. It's been so long. :) This means, that I need to write more! Yes, Ron..... I agree, although I still can't remember exactly where you're talking about, but- yes, he should be really overprotective.

Hermione, yes, phew! I got her right. She is a character I absolutely love to write, because of her mannerisms and the fact that I- yes, The Order Of The Phoenix. Maybe subconsciously I thought about that line, when I was thinking.... yes, I was. I remember. :)

Lolll. Harry's plan was so good to write. I had a really wicked time with it. Ginny is not going to be happy, but how will she react? Will she be angry, upset, accepting, disappointed? Only I know! Lolll. Thanks again, Rose. Pansy was freaky, but that's the way I wanted her to be in this fic (the complete opposite to how she is in 'Decimated Dreams.')

Loll, thanks again. This has made me smile.

Rachel :)

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Review #4, by rosai_gryffindor A Potion Made For A Malfoy

29th March 2008:
hey there!! tis me back to read some more of your wonderful 'reccomended' work! and this story is just as good as the other! i love the idea, despite not liking the ginny cheating on harry thing, as it is different, and i love that harry is going to get her back via making malfoy think hes gay! haha! genious! :D

you had harry's voice really well, i like it that it is from first person point of view, it makes it more interesting and engaging to read. you had his feelings really well too. and snape was perfectly in character, just as sneering and evil as he should be! hermione also, was very well written, her concern and sharpness of thinking is just like how she is. and as to the plot content, even the harry hiding under the table part, it was wonderful! and no flaws at all really! also your descriptions and style are all enriching to read, and i thoroughly enjoyed reading this first chapter!

only one thing that bugged me slightly, and that was this sentence:

'Unless the potions teacher doesn't spot me, I'm fine.'

im not sure if its just me or that doesnt actually make sense... shouldnt it be something like, 'unless the potions teacher catches me at it, i'm fine'. or, 'IF the potions teacher doesnt spot me, i'm fine' as it is, its like he needs snape to spot him in order for his plan to suceed, which, of course, is not the case.

anywho... you are a fantastic writer, but of course you know that! :D i will be reading on shortly!

until then!

Rose :)

p.s you have now encountered one of my 'long' reviews. i can do 'essays' too... but that i will save for another time! ;)

Author's Response: Rose, what are you doing? This is amazing. How come you're treating me like Royalty? Lolll. :) Thanks so much, oh and I've only just seen your compliment: 'your 'recommended' work' Hee hee. Thanks a lot. I'm sorry you don't like the whole Harry seeing Ginny cheat on him, but it had to happen in order for the story to work, lolll. I'm so happy you decided to check this out, but please, don't feel like you need to or should ever feel inclined if you feel uncomfortable reading, as it does get quite dark. Loll. I honestly love writing that. It's such a twist, and would not ever be seen in canon, but then I guess you could say that it might happen because a love potion can do many things. :)

Thanks so much. I love writing it in Harry's first person point of view. Snape was written well too, and Hermione? Wow, thanks. The bit with Harry hiding under the table was so cool to write as well. Listen to me going on and on. Sorry! I just really appreciate the time you obviously spent on this review, and want to reply to it with as much kindness as you gave me delivering it.

Oh yes, that sentence was a mistake. Sorry! Lolll. It should be exactly as you say it.

Thanks so much for saying I'm a fantastic writer...... Merlin no, I don't know that. Lolll. I actually think I'm one of the worst. Hee hee.

Until then!

Rachel :)

PS- Wow, you do essays????? I look forward to reading them. Thanks again, so, so much.

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Review #5, by marauders_xx A Potion Made For A Malfoy

22nd January 2008:
I like it. :) I really like your stories as well. By the way, would you be willing to make a banner for my story?

Author's Response: Thanks. :) Thanks also. I think so. lol. Sure. Email me at chocfrog@btinternet.com, and I'll see what I can do for you.

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Review #6, by xhardcorebulletsx Chapter Three: The Plan In Motion

6th January 2008:
wow. this is.. different.

I said I would read another one. and read and review I am doing. This is VERY uncharacteristic of Harry. VERY, very much. maybe it would have been better to change him to an OC? I think that it's getting a bit out of hand..

Author's Response: Lol.

In my writing, don't expect to see straight canon. :) I love to explore all sorts of ideas, so maybe I wouldn't be the best example author to look at? Yes, it's uncharacteristic of Harry, but I wanted to go with the flow and well, see what I came up with. Thanks for enjoying, even though you didn't enjoy it. :)


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Review #7, by meezy A Potion Made For A Malfoy

27th December 2007:
I'm sorry Harry is going to pretend to be gay why?

Author's Response: If you read chapter one, you'll see why. Can't say more here. If you would like to, all will be revealed in the first installment. :) Thanks for the review.

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Review #8, by KeevinLover_9216 A Potion Made For A Malfoy

19th December 2007:
very well written, i read on the thingie that you make banners...could you e0-mail me at urstoopid13@hotmail.com with what you need to make one, because i'd love one!!! thanks

Author's Response: Thanks. Of course I will. On it right now!

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Review #9, by Tommy Cap A Potion Made For A Malfoy

19th December 2007:
I just want to know how Harry could have possibly thought that whole plan up in about 3 seconds, lol! It's pretty elaborate! And, Malfoy, of all people. As a male myself, I'd probably want revenge, but dang...I don't know if it's worth...that. Lol, haha, pretty interesting story though, gotta admit.

Author's Response: Lol. I don't know. He's definetely got the whole thinking fast thing well. I know! Oh cool. I am so pleased you like it. Hope you enjoy the rest. This is my first short story, and your comments are really supportive. Thanks so much! **--:)$$ (Santa Man!)

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Review #10, by Cassidy Black Chapter Two: First Moves

12th December 2007:
Rachel! *gets her gun* You did not tell me there was a SECOND CHAPTER!?!!! I love it, as usual...i have this feeling something big is gonna happen, I have sixth sense. We haven't talked for long.anyway update asap. This time tell me girl! Or maybe I'll put this as my favs...


Author's Response: Lol. I'm sorry. You got my owl, right? I feel so bad. I'm not deserting you!!! I promise. I've just been really busy, and have only just registered at the new forums, so no chatbox for me in ages. Lol. I'm really so pleased you like this story, and the next chapter might be up tommorrow, I think. Sorry about not catching up, we will, we'll make 2008 great!!!!

1000/100 to you for being so supportive!


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Review #11, by Dracana Chapter Two: First Moves

11th December 2007:
Hahahah, poor Draco. You know love potions are um, illegal, right? Or at least Amortentia. I'd love for Harry to get caught *cackles*

Once more, great chapter. Love this story, Rach, and the small scenes we get of Emoz - it just makes us desire him all the more :D

Author's Response: Um, whoops. I kind of...........forgot. Lol. No matter.

Thanks Helen. Lol. I've just been reading through my reply to your review, and I do babble a lot, don't I?


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Review #12, by Dracana A Potion Made For A Malfoy

11th December 2007:
Right, finally I am here to review. Now, let's start from the beginning. That opening was stunning, Rach. Since when did you become so talented? Seriously, darling, your work has improved SO much and through the opening paragraphs I was grinning. You've gotten more daring with your writing style, and the description was utterly gorgeous. Emoz seems a bit of a, erm, stereotypical name, lol - but he sounds yummy!!

Loved seeing the anger there. It was written well and clearly presented. Revenge, eh? 'Tis always great for a storyline. One thing I would say is that in the middle, I skipped through it, just skimming. It didn't catch my interest in the middle but that's only because I'm not one for enjoying trio fics, so that's my fault not yours.

Can't wait to see more of this gorgeous Emoz (even though his name makes me laugh everytime, haha), and keep writing, Rachel. You're doing wonderfully. Sorry I haven't been around recently to show my support - stupid work been keeping me busy and fanfiction therefore suffers neglect.

Author's Response: Lol!! You didn't have to. Thanks Helen. You think I've improved, loads? Oh, that's fantastic. I'm grinning now. Thanks so very very....... Well, I'm happily shocked. Thank you. I learnt from the best. **Bows.** You deserve all the credit, not me. Thanks again. :) My description is better? Wow. Emoz has a secret, so right now, I can't comment too much on the name...........

Lol. Cool!! Anger where? From Harry I presume. I haven't written this for ages. In fact, this review has made me smile, and made me want to write more. Lol!! I completely understand. I know you don't like that aspect of it. Sometimes I skim yours, when I'm like, 'Woh, this is too clever for me!' Lol.

Haa haa. I'm so pleased you like it. I will, don't worry! You've been such a help, Helen. You really have. I wouldn't have got this far without reading your inspirational stories. I mean it. :)

Oh, don't worry!! Lol. I know what it must be like. You don't have to apologise.

Thank you ever so ever so for this wonderful review!!!


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Review #13, by I_Love_Hp707 Chapter Two: First Moves

5th December 2007:
Wow.its definitely an interestin plot line, and very unique, but its definitely good, cant wait for more!

Author's Response: Lol!! Yes, someone else likes it! :) Thanks. I'm putting up the next chapter in the next week.

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Review #14, by Lovely_Slytheriness A Potion Made For A Malfoy

5th December 2007:
Hi there Rachel, I thought I’d stop by to leave you a review for this one! So, I read it awhile ago, and it is just so GOOD! I was hooked instantly. I think Emoz sounds very delicious -(lol)- and intriguing. And I'm so pleased Harry is showing, err, some hostility towards Ginny. Because I hate her. I sincerely do hate her. I'm sorry, but I do, lol. I don’t know why but I just never understood what’s so great about her… ^__^

Being the silly little fan girl of slash that I am, I can't wait to read on to see how this whole plan Harry has (involving making Draco think he is gay) will work out; I'm very much looking forward to read more.

Oh, and of course, I love your writing. You have a way of making the reader roar with laughter one second, and the next, sit on the edge of the seat. You combine humour and drama wonderfully!

Can't wait for the update, so post the next chapter as soon as you have time! =D


Author's Response: Hi there, Linnea! I love your name. Lol. Thanks for the review. Sorry it's taken me ages to get back to you, been so busy with University! Very pleased you were. Lol. I like Emoz too. :) Oh, god, no, I'm in the same camp as you! I really don't like Ginny either. (But it's probably got something to do with the fact that Harry's with her!!!) A rather biased view. Points to me.

I am too a fan of slash, so don't worry there! I know exactly what it's like. Oh yeah, I loved writing that bit. Oh, don't worry again. I'm waiting for it to be validated, and as the queue is so short, I think it'll be up quite soon.

Thanks! I'm really pleased. Im doing Creative Writing at University, don't know whether or not I did tell you, but if I did, blame my memory. It is the poorest of the poor!!! That is so cool.

Oh, and off topic, I'm beteaing your chapter, but am taking my time with it, so it's perfect. :)

~~ Rachel ~~

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Review #15, by yourstruely A Potion Made For A Malfoy

2nd December 2007:
yay, another story, lol.

i like this one already! it sounds so...dramatic. lol, i love drama :) correction: i love reading drama, real drama isnt fun..

anyway, terrific job on this. i like being in harry's head. XP

Author's Response: Thanks!! Um, you might want to know that I'm working on a sequel to 'Luke' which I've already written ten or so chapters for. I don't mind if people really don't take a care to it, but I thought I might as well let you know, as you seemed to really enjoy that!

Oh yes. The thing is, it was meant to start off as a mild romance, and humour fic, but I know, from being on like chapter six now, it's not going to happen! Lol. Drama is in the air.

Oh, thanks. That's great.


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Review #16, by tomfeltonisdeadsexy A Potion Made For A Malfoy

24th November 2007:
Ooh, I love your banner. Could you make me one? E-mail me at amazingbewilderment13@hotmail.com. Thanks.

Author's Response: Thanks very very much! I will do. I have an account at The Dark Arts, but it disappeared when I looked for it. Lol. So, yes, I will do you a banner. I'll send you a request form.

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Review #17, by morgana67 A Potion Made For A Malfoy

23rd November 2007:
Ok, I have just discovered ths story and the idea is certainly very good. I was in slight fear that you wouldn't tell us just yet what the potion that Harry gives to Malfoy does. It's going to be hilarious! At first I thought that Harry wasn't completely in character when he swears to kill them. I thought he is not that evil even if he has been hurt but yeah, the Malfoy thing is primarily funny and Harry is mischievous after all, so yes, good idea! Now, I can't wait to see whether Harry is actually able to pretend around Ginny like if nothing had happened. I think he will find this hard. I mean, will he be able to kiss her and be nice to her? I can certainly imagine Draco doing something like this, but Harry? Ok, I'll have to wait and see... Because of the title also I presume that something will backfire on Harry, but what was Ginny thinking of? Don't get me wrong, your OC is probably very good looking and charming, but she is with Harry for goodness sake! She has the boy she always wanted, silly girl! I also find interesting the fact that you mention that her new boy is not particularly popular, so he is complex... Well done and post some more soon! Hugs x

Author's Response: Oh thanks! I was just thinking of you actually. I haven't spoken to you for ages, and was about to owl you! ^ ^ I hope you're well. Anyway, to the review, yes, that's what I was going to do, and then I thought if I was the reader of that fic I'd be really frustrated. Lol. I put it in, and I'm glad I did. It explained things. Of course, exactly! That's why I thought....... **smacks head** (mine) Lol! You'll have to be patient, and read what happens next. There won't be an update for a while though, because I've yet to post chapters for the rest of 'Luke', and 'Conscience.' However, decided that it's time to share the updates for all three, otherwise it's not fair on the others. Lol. Sounds as if I'm treating my chapters as if they're real people! Backfiring? Maybe you'e right, maybe you're wrong. In time, you'll know. Oh, I love Emoz. I don't know why. There's just something about him. ^ ^ **is biased as he is an Emo** Complex he is, and I ain't sayin' nothin' more! Hugs x I'll catch up with you over owl post. Thanks so much for the review, it rules! Rachel

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Review #18, by Cassidy Black A Potion Made For A Malfoy

23rd November 2007:
Heya Rach.it's good. A well done, Emoz is a hot name haha...I'm happy that Ginny came to her senses and is seeing someone else. I hate the Ginny/Harry pairing.go Ginny/Emoz. Update soon! Cass

Author's Response: Heya Cassidy! Thanks so much. Emoz, yes, I am in love with him. Even though....... well, not saying anything. My lips are superglued. Really? Lol!! Don't you think, poor Harry? I do, but then I am a Harry lover! However, I too hate the Ginny/Harry pairing..... and it's not because I'm jealous of Ginny, it's really not! Lol. I will, and thanks for reviewing! Rachel

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Review #19, by mirrormask A Potion Made For A Malfoy

23rd November 2007:
Heya Rachel Tis me MirrorMask[call me Montana actually Tana ^___^] First of this is a very unique idea I find that this plot is going to be a very entertaining read =D excellent imagery and descriptions to Harry's feelings. oh and btw I found the "blond" haired part, hehe ^_- I like the way you've portrayed Harry's character, Snape seems more leniant with Harry though =P Which is also good as it is a different interpretation of his character. I like the idea of Harry seeking Draco's help and bloody hell the whole 'I snuck Malfoy some potion that will make him think he's gay, so that your sister will think I'm with him!' that was just hilerious! I can't wait to see what you write up for chapter 2 =D You just made a few grammatical mistakes, sorry, I'm just a bit iffy when it comes to things like that ^^ “Oh, um, Quidditch. My team are doing so badly.” instead of 'are' it should be *is well actually more prefarable would be "team's ^_^ I'm adding this to my fav's tis a completely awesome story, oh and the name Emoz, couldnt be more perfect for and "emo" hehe^_- nice going Rach 8.9/10 xoxox Mirror

Author's Response: Hey Mirror! Thank you so much for coming round to review. I'm glad you like the idea. I was toying with it for quite some time, though I'm smiley that you thought it was worth it. ^ ^ I really do like description now, so that's why a lot is in there! Yes, you read right, I used to hate it. Now though? I love to do it. I think it's got something to do with the fact that I'm now a lot older then I was back then. Lol. I know. Snape wasn't too bad for a first. Though, threatening to put him in detention for a whole year is! Oh yes, I loved to write that whole thing. It really added to the whole comedy aspect that I wanted to get across. Uh oh, not more grammatical errors. Oh well. I'll go back and fix them, thanks. Too be honest, I didn't know it was 'My team is doing so badly', I thought it would be 'are', show's what I know! Lol. Really? Thanks so much. I'm glad that you liked it that much. Nice going for the review, Tana. 10/10 for it. It really helped me, and thanks for my high rating! xoxoxoxox Snitchsista

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