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Review #1, by Beth Weddings and Disagreements

18th August 2011:
Haha, this is awesome! I think Harry and Ginny should get paired together now since they're both single parents - they'd just have two kids :D Anyway, I look forward to reading more :D

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Review #2, by cat The First Morning.

24th April 2009:
I did the same thing as ginny

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Review #3, by hottied1234 Weddings and Disagreements

9th January 2009:
i luv it i wish that the books had stories like yours please finish soon

Author's Response: owhh thanks. I just got bad from ho.idays and have been re inspired. I will add a few more chapters. I promise. Thanks for the review.

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Review #4, by miss hiss Weddings and Disagreements

28th October 2008:
Ok, this is one of the strangest stories i have ever read. very different, but good! its like one of those really crazy things you think about in dreams

Good job and update soon

Author's Response: Umm.. thank you. I think. I sort of wrote this as something, i would enjoy writting and reading with out fussing over too much. It is Tres wierd though!

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Review #5, by luvdraco87 The First Kss

29th May 2008:
I loved this chap. I really enjoyed reading it. It was really interesting.

Great Chap


Author's Response: :) thanks. im gladyou liked it. it was only part of the chaoter but the chapter got long enough to be two, so i cut it in half! :P

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Review #6, by wheresmyedward The First Kss

29th May 2008:

They kissed.

Its epic. ANd Uberly Cool.

Lol my fav coz its Harry/Ginny and u just gotta love them. Oh yeah and cause Snape is like GRAW evilness and then you full think hes going to like kill them all (slight exaggeration) but then *shock unexpected twist* he actually pairs him up with ginny and sends him out to spend the day next to the Quidditch pitch haha.

xxx D.V

Author's Response: haha. Yes that is exaggeration abit! i thought it was alright, they do get on brooms next chapter! ops im giving away secrets lol


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Review #7, by wheresmyedward The First Morning.

29th May 2008:
Hahahaha a bath. And then they have to sleep in the same beds.

Awkward! Well it would be.

This one was the funniest haha.

Xxx D.V.

Author's Response: haha thanks. im glad you liked it!

thanks for reviewing

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Review #8, by wheresmyedward The First lesson.

29th May 2008:

I seriously don't know why I havent read this yet its awesome!

okay well first i read it and im like oh yeah they get a fake baby and then im like omgosh they're real! and its so much cooler coz they're not babies n don't just squawk all the time they have personalities and stuff. its quite cool.

anyways yer as u can tell my fav part is the part with little pansy although its funny how malfoy is like they had an . accident. and that hannah has two daddies that would be a toughie to explain.

my only critic is that every pansy is like pansy not Pansy. lol dont mind me im fussy.

great chapterer! onto the next one :)

xxx D.V.

Author's Response: yer i was trying fix that but it never work. my comp auto fixes it. i hate spell check yet love it at the same time! thanks

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Review #9, by australia_kelpie The First Kss

25th May 2008:
LOVE IT!!! update soon!

Author's Response: Thanks. i have nealry fiinished the next chapter so it will be done as soon as the line opens again ( i hope :P)

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Review #10, by mattie_gibbons The First Kss

24th May 2008:
so cute! u need 2 write more!

Author's Response: thanks. i just updated 3 then so your the first to review. and the validation line is closed, so it just gives me time to write more!

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Review #11, by mattie_gibbons The First lesson.

24th May 2008:
wow! This is a really interesting idea! I like it though. This is so weird!

Author's Response: oh thanks. haha it is abit wierd. even i think that and im the writter!

thanks for the review!

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Review #12, by shade_of_lovely The First Morning.

1st May 2008:
That's hilarious! I love the idea for CAFS and I can't wait for this story to continue! Minor spelling/grammar mistakes.

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Review #13, by canadian_wolf The First Morning.

23rd March 2008:
Update soon! Love it!!!

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Review #14, by luvdraco87 The First Morning.

4th December 2007:
lol, that one was even funnier than the last chap.

keep up the good work


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Review #15, by luvdraco87 The First lesson.

4th December 2007:
Omg, I laughed all the way through it. Poor Harry. LOl
Another great chap


Author's Response: thanks. im glad you laughed the whole way through as that is the point of the story.

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