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Review #1, by Anthea The Notebook

14th March 2011:
This is such a sweet story. I like the idea of a notebook bringing them together.

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Review #2, by potterwatch The Notebook

3rd November 2009:
'Perfectly and Incandescently happy!' I know that entire scene by heart, great movie! And this story was very cute too. It seems realistic that this would be the way they ended up together. After years of nagging, she finally realised everything he ever said was genuine. Nice job!

Author's Response: Yeah the movie is brilliant! Thanks for the review; I'm glad it's believable. The hardest part is making it realistic

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Review #3, by jameslily1313 The Notebook

11th June 2009:
awww... so sweet!!! i was so engrossed the hole time, i didnt notice my dinner was ready, andd iv been starving 4 the past like 3 hrs. haha. well its really good and sweet and fluffy and not so cliche which is good, cuz im kinda an anticlicheist if that makes sense. 10/10!!! xP

Author's Response: Thanks! And I definitely know what you mean by "anticlicheist" I'm probably one myself. I'm so glad you like it. I'm always afraid that it won't be believable

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Review #4, by purple_roxs97 The Notebook

26th May 2009:
I so TOTALLY love this!It's so sweet...

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Review #5, by prongs.lover The Notebook

2nd March 2009:
So sweet:)
...I admit that you are a good writer,
you captured my heart(corny?)..The ending was simply cute, and your Lily and James are really depicted well...

Thumbs up!

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Review #6, by Lemon Drop 616 The Notebook

24th February 2009:
Oh! this is so cute! it made me 'aawww!' I love how you put them together. You wrote this so well, I had to shake myself to remember that this was a one-shot! And then I was sad, because there was no more to read. You made me feel like i was i the middle of a novel! Definately one of my fav stories. . . .

~ Lemon Drop 616 =]

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Review #7, by EvansPotter The Notebook

6th February 2009:
beautiful story. Lily and James were truely in love.

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Review #8, by _Puck_ The Notebook

30th January 2009:
This made me cry. You are such an amazing author omg this was soo sweet, I LOVE them together. Ahh 11/10 x x x

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Review #9, by sreduaram The Notebook

30th January 2009:
aww thats adorable. i love it :)

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Review #10, by LilyMaria The Notebook

12th January 2009:
Aw! So cute! I really like how you wrote this! Towards the middle, I was confused ,"Where's the notebook?", but then I understood perfectly towards the end. I really enjoyed your story! And James is adorable. Best wishes and Happy Writing.

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Review #11, by Crookshankers The Notebook

11th January 2009:
Awww that's soo sweet! I love how it all just falls together with minimal drama!

Author's Response: Minimal drama is always best! :] Thanks for the review!

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Review #12, by mileycyrusfan101 The Notebook

13th June 2008:
didnot like it that much

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Review #13, by australia_horse The Notebook

3rd June 2008:
OMG!! that is so sweet! i absolutely adore it!

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Review #14, by mollzersTHEmarauder The Notebook

1st June 2008:
that was great i love it

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Review #15, by maraudersmap The Notebook

31st May 2008:
This was so beautiful! I love the way you portray Lily's feelings - they're neither exaggerated nor shallow, just very, very real... The way it's supposed to be. Both the characters seem so alive, so in love. The thing about Lily's notebook was just... beautiful. I think that's the best word to describe this fic, actually: Beautiful. Great job! :D

Author's Response: Ahhh I love this type of review. That is what I was trying to protray; a real quality, like it would actually happen in the real world. I'm so glad it worked!

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Review #16, by RitaaSkeeteaa33 The Notebook

31st May 2008:
THIS IS SO CUTE! I love it! It's great, you really should write a longer fanfic, I think you could do a great job.

Author's Response: Thanks! I actually have a couple of longer fics that I am in the process of writing. I'm not sure if I should post them or not because I have a bad habit of not finishing things. = /

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Review #17, by GinnyWeasley447 The Notebook

31st May 2008:
thats a really good story. It was really well written.

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Review #18, by Wizzo123 The Notebook

31st May 2008:
This is really good x

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Review #19, by jamespotterfan27 The Notebook

31st May 2008:
I really liked this one- short and sweet, and it felt more real than some stories. good job!

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Review #20, by katey The Notebook

6th May 2008:

I loved it.amazing amazing.
i feel like i should be hugging someone
and making them feel better lol

i have a song fic about lily and james
you should read it and see if it's as good as yours
don't know if i could keep up though, ha

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Review #21, by norapotter The Notebook

4th May 2008:
Well! This was very good indeed! You may not remember but you made a review request for me a long time ago. I've finally gotten around to reviewing for you! Sorry it took so long.

Anyways I thought that this was really great. You write with a style that really keeps your story going well. Its hard to explain but you get your characters emotions across perfectly. Not only through your descriptions, but through your tone and the sizes of the sentences (that probobly didn't make much sense but what i mean is the sentences in proportion to one another and how they bounce of one another. If that doesn't make any sense forget what i said sorry i can't put it into words.)

There were a few places, however, that i thought you described the emotions but not the ones that I felt the tone of the piece was saying. As if your writing style and flow was contradicting what you said. (that probobly didn't make much sense either, i'm terribly sorry.) For instance: I thought that when James asked "I assume you're not going to the common room." The fact that he smiled was a bit awkward. He is still trying to get Lily to tell him what's wrong. Smiling just doesn't seem to fit for me (that's for me, you're the author and i have no idea, maybe if you changed this it wouldn't have the same feeling that i love about this writing). But i just feel like, maybe if you added a sad smile or a smile that didn't fit his eyes like "James smiled but his eyes were still filled with a worried curiosity."

Obviously not that, unless you want to, but something your style because I really think that its your writing style that made this piece what it is. You write with a flow that works very well. You describe the emotions of the characters in a way that really works. Keep on doing what your doing cause its working!

One example of your style that i'm talking about is the simple end to the paragraph "He didn't go to dinner that evening." It explained itself. That was wonderful, it gave a perfect mood to the writing. Its little decisions like that that you make that really benefit your story. I can't get over how good your style is.

Also at the ending where you say that she decided she didn't care that he had taken her heart, that was a lovely conclusion to this story.

Overall this was a great story, i don't think you could write it much better than you did. It was a very sweet idea and you wrote it wonderfully. Keep up the great work! I really wish i had gotten around to reading this sooner, if i had known what i was missing i wouldn't have been able to wait as long as i did. Oh and i rated this a 10/10 for excellent flow, description and overall good work!


Author's Response: Thank you so much. This is exactly the type of review that I need; you gave me the good and the bad. Don't worry about the wait, I really don't mind.

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Review #22, by Iloenchen The Notebook

29th January 2008:
I liked this one-shot. At times, it felt a bit rushed to me, it would have been nice if you included a few more details, and I think that Lily cried too many times, but besides that, I enjoyed reading it very much. I like Lily/James and this is such a cute story! You did a great job at portraying Lily's emotions, and James' reactions seemed very authentic.

Well done!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review and definitely thanks for the pointers. I love when people tell me what's wrong then I can fix it! = ]

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Review #23, by marauderluverz The Notebook

25th December 2007:
Oh!!! I LOVED IT! Can't wait to tell my friends about it!

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Review #24, by u no poo The Notebook

18th December 2007:
wow that was nice,,, good job

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Review #25, by ginny_weasley_54 The Notebook

10th December 2007:
awww. i love. amazing story.

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