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Reading Reviews for Reason
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Review #1, by Muggle Born 12 Reason

10th February 2010:
It was very well written



Author's Response: Thank you :) glad you like it.

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Review #2, by Clair Clementine Reason

18th August 2009:
Aaaw, that was sweet! You did a really good job at the end of showing their family's closeness. And even after all the pain Percy caused their family (Molly the worst of course) Bill still wanted him to be there. That was really good!

The flashback was good too, but one thing I was a bit confused about was how Percy actually gave Bill a reason to join the Order? I don't know, perhaps I missed something, but that seemed a bit blank...

Anyways, your characterization was really good. I picture Bill and Percy exactly as you wrote them. You did a nice job with that as well. Also the flow of the story worked. I think it was nicely sized!

Thank you so much for the request! Erm, maybe I'll take a look at your crossover, you know just in case it's something I may possibly be familiar with? Hehe, I never want to turn down a story. The only reason I said no crossovers was because there's nto a likely chance I'd know the other thing other than Harry and wouldn't be much help. But just for enjoyment I'll take a look. :)

Clair :D (EvelynCullen09 on forums :)

Author's Response: “Is it irrational to put your trust in those you love?” Bill finally turned to his brother. He was the older son here and felt only right in putting his younger sibling back in his place, “or is it more irrational to turn your back out of blind devotion?”

Percy was doing the later, following the Minister who was going around saying Harry and Dumbledore were lying about Voldemort being back, but Bill was trying to tell him that he should trust his family. As far as Percy was concerned Bill just wouldn't "listen to reason" so Bill joined the Order in affect to show Percy "reason". Its like...what do you do when someone refuses to see the truth? You have to prove it to them. But I will try to make that a tad bit clearer when I do a bit of rewriting on this :)

Anyways, I am glad you liked the story and thanks so much for the review! :D

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Review #3, by Banba Reason

23rd October 2008:
Blood is almost always thicker than water. Very realistic no matter how mad you get at your family they are still your family even though we often forgrt until it is to late. I really like the analogy about his torn skin hurting less than his heart, it's a great line.

Author's Response: I couldn't agree more! Thanks for the review, glad you enjoyed it :)

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Review #4, by CrazyForYou Reason

22nd January 2008:
hey!! very interesting story!!!
okay, so i was kinda confused as far as why you used Perce. lol like it seems like its a nickname, but if they've fallen apart, then why is Bill using a childhood nickname?
the ending works, but it kinda seems like its an emotional roller coaster ride. Like he's mad at Percy, and then he's hurt, and then he's mad at himself, and then he's grateful. is that what you mean to convey?

Great job though!!


Author's Response: Perce was used in the book as Percy's nickname and I had Bill used it cause Percy is still his brother and he wants them to stay close but as you saw, Bill ends up calling him Percy after he makes Bill angry.

He is not grateful at the end. He simply does not regret his actions on joining the order, However he still feels very said that his brother is not there with him.

Its not so much of a roller coaster ride because the only emotions he is feeling are angry, pain, acceptance (by not regretting), and sadness. Those emotions pretty much go together.

But anyways, I am glad you think I did a good job though :D

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Review #5, by dracoslover1 Reason

6th January 2008:
I found a couple of grammatical errors.

"That would mean giving his younger brother a greeting he did not deserve." I would suggest changing the word "a" to the word "the"---it would give more of an impact that Bill did not like was Percy was becoming.

"I am on business here you know." The sentence seems a little out of sorts. Perhaps changing it to "I am here on business you know." or even "I am here for work too you know."

"She’s mom..." It should be mum.

Again, you don't have to change these parts if you don't want to. These were juts what I noticed when I looked over the chapter.

Overall it was good. You were able to take a character that we really don't know and add more to his character. Overall, I thought that it was very well done.

Author's Response: I like the suggestion for the first one but mom and mum is really just preference lol

I am glad the characterization all came out good and that you thought it was very well done woot! :D

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Review #6, by nana_banana_xx3 Reason

2nd December 2007:
Hey, nova!

I don't know if I mentioned this when I did my quick beta, but I really like this story line. It's very interesting to see this missing moment between Bill and Percy, and I think you did a very nice job with it.

I think I found a few things that either I missed or you didn't correct... or something. ;) I probably just missed it, lol!

1. “Hello Bill.” There should be a comma between hello and Bill. There were a few other places with mistakes like this, so whenever you feel like going back and correcting those, I would do that. :)

2. Bill said rather shortly, There should be a period here instead of a comma. You always put periods or other ending punctuation before beginning a new bit of dialogue.

Those little places are probably my fault, so I apologize. Anyway, I really did like this story! It was well written and a bit sad. Keep up the good work, nova, and have fun!


Author's Response: It could be your mistake or mine lol who knows, who cares :) I'm glad you liked the storyline too, I always thought of the family as very close and could see Percy leaving affecting one of the kids in a deep way (not mad like the rest of them hehe). Anyways thanks again for a great review :D

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