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Review #1, by Erin Chapter 74

2nd April 2017:
This plot is interesting, but all the same captivating. I've had a lot of fun reading this "book", and it's been a great way for me to pass time. I just wanted to thank you for taking time to write this whole book for the pleasure of other people, and that I will definitely be looking for some of the other books you have written:)

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Review #2, by Lisa Chapter 73

21st October 2014:
Hi - me again! I hope you're doing well. I hope you're able to add another chapter soon. Your story makes me happy and I'm missing it :(

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Review #3, by Lisa Chapter 73

4th February 2014:
Yay - you're back! I've missed this story a lot!!! I hope you've been doing well :) as always, I look forward to the next chapter! Thanks for mentioning my name - I'm really happy that you haven't given up on this!

Author's Response: I'm so sorry I've left it so long - but I WILL update as soon as I have the chance :) xx

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Review #4, by Lisa Chapter 72

10th September 2013:
Hi - it's me again. I hope you're doing well. I'm looking forward to your new chapter!

Author's Response: Hi! I'm so sorry for neglecting you - and the boys ;) I've been so mentally busy but I promise that I'll work on this asap - thank you so much for all your lovely messages xxx

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Review #5, by Lisa Chapter 72

29th July 2013:
Yay, you're back! I'm very happy to see a new chapter...I was worried the story had been forgotten! Remus and Sirius make my heart feel super happy! I hope to see another new chapter soon.I'm feeling a little greedy :)

Author's Response: Oh thank you so so much :D xxx

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Review #6, by Lisa Chapter 71

27th May 2013:
Hi! I hope everything is going well. I'm looking forward to the next chapter :)

Author's Response: Hi! How are you?? I am so sorry it's taken me this long to reply :( things have been so busy at my end but I have finally written the next chapter - it's awaiting validation now! Really really sorry for being so rubbish :/ xxx

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Review #7, by 80 Black Chapter 71

6th May 2013:
I've really enjoyed this whole story so far! I have to say, I am a bit nervous in regards to whether everything will get better with Sev! I so want this to end well, I really do. So, yeah, awesome!

Author's Response: Wow thanks so much :D I've finally written the next chapter so it should be up in the next couple of days. Thank you so much for reading and hopefully for your patience!! :) xx

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Review #8, by Lisa Chapter 71

9th April 2013:
Hi! Thank you for taking the time to add a chapter, I know you're super busy! I'm selfish and could read a new chapter every day! I really do think your writing is incredible and I never grow tired of reading your work. I hope Remus is ok :( And I liked how you included another POV - you're very good at that. A sirius POV would be awesome while all of this is going down with Remus. I love it all! Keep up the awesome work!!!

Author's Response: Haha thank you for always taking the time to send me messages! I'm really really sorry that I don't have another chapter ready yet, I've got so much to do at the moment but as soon as I get a spare moment I'll post another one! Will try and find a one-shot or something that's waiting for me to upload for the meantime :P Sorry I'm being so rubbish at the moment :( Hope you're well :) xxx

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Review #9, by Lisa Chapter 70

3rd April 2013:
Hey - so I'm starting to worry that I did offend you with my review. If I did, I'm sorry - I really think you're an amazing writer and I enjoy your story SO much. I hope you're alright.

Author's Response: Oh no, I'm so sorry for not replying for so long, literally just had mountains of work!!! I'm SO sorry you thought I was offended! DEFINITELY the opposite - I was so flattered haha :) Hope all is well with you and again sorry for being so rubbish at replying! x

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Review #10, by AisforAmy Chapter 13

31st March 2013:
Why is James apologizing? He has every right to be furious at all three of them.

Author's Response: Do you think so? I meant it more in the way that they were waiting for a good time to tell him, but thanks for your opinion :) I always find it really interesting to know what other people think about my writing haha
Thanks for reading :) xxx

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Review #11, by Lisa Chapter 69

13th March 2013:
Oh my gosh, no! My poor Remus! Sirius is gonna be PISSED! PLEASE update as soon as possible - I NEED to know that he's ok! Great chapter but I'm super stressed out now!!! :(

Author's Response: Sorry to stress you out!! Will update as soon as I've got the next chapter ready and I can add another one (got one for a different story in validation now)...Thanks for the review!! xx

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Review #12, by Lisa Chapter 68

11th March 2013:
Ah OH MY GOD I LOVE IT! This is my favourite chapter ever! I can't stop smiling like an idiot! Remus is so cute! I'm nervous about some drama but I love everything you write - I can't wait to read more! Thank you for the special mention :) You're the best!

Author's Response: Yay :D I'm so happy you liked it! And you're more than welcome, thank you for all the amazing reviews and encouragement :) xxx

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Review #13, by Lisa Chapter 67

4th March 2013:
Ah! Oh I'm so happy! Not that Severus is an ass - but about how much Sirius loves Remus! Great chapter. I feel some drama coming and I'm very excited about it (as long as nothing happens to my guys)! Amazing job :)

Author's Response: Hehe thanks! Looking forward to posting the next chapter although it seems to be taking a while for validation :P Hope you're having a good week! xx

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Review #14, by Lisa Chapter 66

22nd February 2013:
Hi! Very Cool! I love it when they are carefree and there's no drama! Is there going to be more with the party? If I could make a little request.I'd love some Remus/Sirius action. It's been a while and I need a fix :)

Have a great weekend!

Author's Response: Hey :) I've left the party at that...toyed with the idea of another chapter but didn't want it to go on for too many!! Haha Got a couple more chapters already written but I'll be sure to put some more Si/Rem action in for you soon! :P

Thanks for your message! Hope you're having a lovely week :) xxx

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Review #15, by Lisa Chapter 65

19th February 2013:
Ahhh I love the idea of a band, it's kinda sexy! I'll have to read that story. I'm so looking forward to the next chapters with the party...I'm secretly hoping it will get a little wild :) Love your work!!!

Author's Response: Hehe thanks :P Can't promise anything too wild - it's not just Gryffindors after all :P (tbh it's a bit mushy...) but things will get interesting after the party haha xx

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Review #16, by Lisa Chapter 64

14th February 2013:
Yay! Thank you for the shout out - that made my morning. I'm looking forward to reading about the party! I love the idea of it being in the Great Hall. I hope you're able to add another chapter soon - but I totally get what its like being super busy.

PS If I knew how to 'favourite' this story, I would. Sadly I don't, so I'll just tell you that it's my favourite!

Author's Response: Hehe thank you :D and you're welcome, I love getting your messages and you always give me such good ideas that I'd never have considered - so thank YOU :) x

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Review #17, by Lisa Chapter 63

14th January 2013:
Happy New Year! How are you? My poor Remus :( I don't know how I want things to turn out??? I liked that they were all friends.I look forward to finding out what happens. Keep up the great work!!

Author's Response: Happy new year to you too! :D I'm well thank you, yourself? Thanks for another amazing review :D xxx

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Review #18, by Annajam Chapter 63

13th January 2013:

Author's Response: Wow thanks!! And thank you for reviewing :D xx

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Review #19, by Madison Harris Chapter 2

28th December 2012:
Ugh is remus no he's tonks! that is a messed up story.. and james was chaser not seeker and james and lily started dating in their 7th year

Author's Response: Hey,
Sorry the story isn't to your liking, I just wanted to play around with the idea. Thanks for the information though. Hope you enjoy whatever you read next :)

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Review #20, by Lisa Chapter 62

18th December 2012:
Holy shit that was sad! I used to hate Severus - because I love Remus and Sirius SO much, but then after reading the last book I loved him. I'm sad that he's sad - however - I'm looking forward to seeing how things are going to play out now that he's all angry and hostile!!!

Great chapter and quite interesting reading someone else's POV. You really are a great writer and I look forward to new chapters...which you are spoiling me with lately! Keep up the great work!

Author's Response: Aww thanks so much! I thought I'd have a go at writing a few other POVs recently, so it's nice to know that you like it! :) I know I always say it but thank you ever so much for reviewing so much, it's brilliant :D xxx

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Review #21, by Marauder12 Chapter 62

16th December 2012:
Amazing! Best fan fiction I've ever read! Please continue to write until you've finished! I need to know what happens!

Author's Response: Wow, what an amazing review! Thank you so much :D I'm really happy that you like it, will keep uploading chapters as fast as possible, although of course over the holidays it will not be possible. Thank you every so much :) xxx

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Review #22, by Lisa Chapter 61

14th December 2012:
I can't wait to see what's going to happen! I love how the teachers were so easy on Remus, I don't think that would have happened it had been Sirius. If I may make a request.some more fun scenes with the boys would be great. Maybe a fun party (engagement) or something. But I've loved what you've done so far, so keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Oooh, I love the idea of an engagement party, will definitely work that in somewhere :D Thanks!

Also, I'm really pleased you like the story so far, thank you so much for all your lovely reviews, I really look forward to reading them! :P xxx

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Review #23, by Lisa Chapter 60

12th December 2012:
I'm so happy you decided to go that way. I think he'd have an angry, aggressive, possessive side due to his furry little problem. I love all of these new chapters coming!! Have you thought about taking the tour through the set where the movies were filmed?? My sister and I want to do that so badly, but living in Canada makes it a bit of a pipe dream :(I have however, been to the Wizarding World in Orlando Florida! It's amazing!

Author's Response: I'm really pleased you like it!! :) I wasn't sure so it's good to have someone to tell me that it was ok! I've uploaded the next chapter but I'm not sure if it will get through validation before the staff go on holiday - fingers crossed! :P Ahhh I would absolutely love to do that, I think it would be sooo much fun! I'm jealous that you've been to the Wizarding World :P I bet it's awesome :)

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Review #24, by Lisa Chapter 60

10th December 2012:
A bad ass Remus...I like that very much! We need more of that...and it's funny that he punched Sirius! I'd love another chapter before Christmas...I'm a little selfish!

Author's Response: Yay! I'm glad you like it! I wasn't sure whether this was the best way to go with it so I'm happy that I've had a positive review :D There is another one awaiting validation and then I've got another one to upload if there is time before Christmas :D Thank you so much for all your reviews, it really means a lot :) xxx

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Review #25, by KuroHikari Chapter 6

9th December 2012:
and now i'm thinking about the 'Never let The Man get you down' thing...i blame Parle Productions' Xenophilius Cosplayer for saying that to their Sirius after he was hit by Obliviate...

Author's Response: Haha ah ok, I don't really know a lot about Parle Productions myself!! But thanks for your review :) xxx

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