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Review #1, by Somber Snow Angel

4th November 2008:
England hardly snows anymore anyway :O
Forget a white Christmas, it's a grey christmas.
every. single. year.

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Review #2, by KiTkAt14 Snow Angel

7th June 2008:
i love this one
i love my marauder too
i would really like to see this story continue, filled with the little extras that you don't find necessary for my marauder
i like to make snow angels too

Author's Response: This is a sort of companion one-shot to MM, so they go together and stuff...
Yeah i have a bunch of 'outtakes' and random spoofs that just didn't fit in with the plot line for MM, and i would love to continue writing those and then add them as one-shots.
Everyone loves snow angels!
Thanks for reading and reviewing!!~Cady

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Review #3, by Clarebear*random chick* Snow Angel

29th April 2008:
don't worry i do cout do too yay!!!
I'm hungry need cookies *go to get cookies* NO! no cookies i think i might die need cookies :( :( B+C=P look at this side ways on your right in other words turn your head sidways on the right side of your head (all ways look and the bright side of life ) sorry random moment anyway i love this and my maruder please write more on my mordy
P.S my mordy short for My Mararuder

Author's Response: WOW! I almost couldn't follow that! That takes talent!
Um...mental note never still your cookies...
Thanks for reading and reviewing!!~Cady

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Review #4, by I_Love_Sirius_Black Snow Angel

7th April 2008:
Hey, hey! I was re-reading your story when, to my surprise, I saw that I never reviewed! I don't know what I was thinking, shame on me. But anyway, here I am.

So let me just say that I loved it. And I think that your characterization of Sirius was great. If he was in love, I think that's how he would act around Rory. I've always been afraid to write from his point of view.

And I love that idea! I was actually thinking about writing my story again from his POV, for a little while, but then the fear of writing Sirius Black took over, hahaha.

So again, loved it, 10/10, keep up the good work and all that jazz.


Author's Response: THANKS!

I was always afraid of writing from Sirius POV but somehow I weirdly got over it to write the one-shot.
I am now too afraid to totally do his POV, i am experiment and we'll see (but i have SO much more for Rory!)
Thanks for (re)reading and reviewing!!~Cady

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Review #5, by marieluz Snow Angel

1st February 2008:
cute one shot!!! GREAT!!!

Author's Response: THANKS!!

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Review #6, by doglover Snow Angel

15th January 2008:
i love it! keep up the good work!!

Author's Response: Thanks!

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Review #7, by littlebitcalifornia Snow Angel

26th December 2007:
I loved it!
great job

24578442590776432 outta 10

Author's Response: THANKS!!
Your ratings make me laugh-but i love the high numbers!!

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Review #8, by My Marauder Story Lover Snow Angel

9th December 2007:
Yeah, me again... I seriously need to get an account. But anyway, I loved this one-shot. I usually don't like one-shots, but since it went in with My Marauder I loved it! Definetely 10/10

Author's Response: I love hearing from you, no worries!
Yeah get an account!
I may be putting out more companion one shots along the lines with My Marauder, that's only if i get inspiration that doesn't fit into the story.
THanks for the support!! Love~Cady

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Review #9, by jameslily1313 Snow Angel

9th December 2007:
NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! UV GOT IT AL WRONG!! they were supposed 2 kiss u meanie! u make me go thru all the bad my marauder stuff and now this? r u tryin 2 torture me 2 death? cuz if so its startin 2 work! 10/10 tho dunno why... ya i do cuz i still luv it!

Author's Response: Yeah sorry for the torture!
My Marauder is bad? or just the thing with Rory and Sirius not being able to realize anything?
No not to death, just slowly starting to pick at you and make you want to read more! I know i am evil!
Thanks for reading and reivewing!!~Cady

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Review #10, by jamie_and_fred123 Snow Angel

24th November 2007:
It COULD snow first in December, it just depends ya know? The parts from Sirius's point of view was great! Since it coordinates with My Marauder though it felt a bit foreign, but you did him amazing. I mean, he's serious (okay now it's my turn for the stupid puns) somewhere inside, and more than likely it's in the area of the heart. People usually do think more seriously (again with our stupid puns!) when they find someone they truely love so it was just amazing.

I could personally relate because I feel the first snow is magical too. My heart just reached out and grabbed at this story. It really did. Oh and, OMG!!! HOW did you know how to make me jump and say, "THAT'S HOW I WRITE!!!". It is. I think that's another reason I can really feel this story.

Another thing: I have, so no, the countdown thing is NOT sad. just desprate.

Love Forever,

Author's Response: i was so scared to do Sirius' POV! i didn't want him to sound super mushy and, pretty much, out of character, i hate when i read things like that.
I LOVED snow-just not the cold!
it is not desperate to count down! just wishful thinking!!
Thanks for reading and reviewing!!~Cady

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Review #11, by hjplover Snow Angel

23rd November 2007:
this was so cute, and i love this! it's adorable! i really liked how in depth it got with their feelings and you really were able to understand them more. it was so adorablely cute!! i understand how this doesn't fit in with the story because it was definitely different, but it went well with it as a one shot!

Author's Response: Thanks! It's a sweet moment that I really just wanted to write.
Yeah just the way i wrote it didn't fit in with My Marauder style. But thanks for the support for a one-shot!
Thanks for reading, reviewing, and just being totally awesome!!~Cady

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Review #12, by Book077 Snow Angel

23rd November 2007:
Great one-shot I like how it intertwines with My Marauder

Author's Response: thanks! when i was writing one of My Marauder chapters all i could think was about the snow and Rorys and Sirius' relationship and BAM! Snow Angel was written...thats how most of my chapters go! if i think about something for too long it goes on into a chapter!
thanks for reading and reviewing!!~Cady

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Review #13, by Gred Snow Angel

23rd November 2007:
even i haven't started a countdown yet (although, i don't think any countdown can top the 110 ring paper chain countdown that i made last year) anyway, love it, as always. blah blah blah. keep writing. blah blah blah. oh, and it is surprising that any form of understandable anything comes out of your head! (come on, you didn't think that you would get away without me comenting on that, did you?)

Author's Response: yeah that countdown was pretty amazing i have to say!
I know amazing that My Marauder has reached 20 chapters! I duh i knew you were going to say something to it, half the readon i put it there
Thanks Gred you rock my socks (extra 2 points!) ~~Forge...only for u

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Review #14, by full_moon Snow Angel

20th November 2007:
Aw. I love it. I think telling some of your My Marauder story would be awesome. I Have also started a countdown until Christmas, well i count to Christmas Eve but you are not alone.
Loved it hope you update the marauder story soon. It's awesome.
=0P megan

Author's Response: thanks!
Yeah I was really putting up another chapter but I used too much Sirius POV and thought I try it as a one-shot. But I actually have a bunch of side stories that go with My Marauder.
Yes I am not alone! Thank you!
Next true chapter to My Marauder should be up by Friday, hopefully!
Thanks for reading and reviewing!!~Cady

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