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Review #1, by HogwartsAlum Chapter 21

20th August 2014:
Okay it took me a week to read all three stories and I know that this won't get a response since its been years since this was posted. But I was kinda disappointed Harry didn't become a teacher and I ws wondering what ever happened to the muggle girl Harry saved.

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Review #2, by LilyEPotter Last Chances

10th February 2014:
It looks like I'm going to have a lot of reading to do and catch up on the first and second story. :)

It took awhile to realize that Harry had died, but that was an interesting lesson that he learned and I like that he's getting the chance to return.

The three other guardians work very well with each other and I like how they also stand up for each other and don't let others run their lives.

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Review #3, by Fahima Chapter 21

4th July 2013:
I forgot to mention one part. I wish the ending was longer to be honest. Like "I love my life" is good and all but yeah... And also I wanted to mention that while waiting for this story to, I graduated from community college and came to a university, got married, and am traveling the world for now.Currently I am in Tokyo! Anyways,I am so glad I stuck with this story, and I am glad that I kept coming back. I want new things to read written by you! So please tell me you are going to write more! I am so glad this story is finally done! :D Great job!

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Review #4, by Fahima Chapter 21

4th July 2013:
Finally done! I came back to this story after a long time now. I have been waiting for it to be completed :) Thank you for a great read! I appreciate the time you took to finish this story. :)

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Review #5, by Hollett5 The End or a New Beginning?

23rd September 2012:
Any plans to finish this story? I absolutely love it!

Author's Response: planned to for a long long long time. Just didn't have the ending. I'm glad you like it and I ended it now.

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Review #6, by Diannika The End or a New Beginning?

28th May 2012:
Um.you ever going to finish?

Author's Response: Yes. I did just a few minutes ago.

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Review #7, by JammyTheJellyFish4321 The End or a New Beginning?

16th May 2012:
I loved the whole story, and thought it was great that Harry got his parents back.

Author's Response: I'm glad you like it.

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Review #8, by harryhermron Last Chances

6th January 2012:
I am wanting to know when are we going to here from
you again. I have enjoyed all your stories

Author's Response: You will here from me today. 12/12/12. I'm glad you like my stories.

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Review #9, by Whiteguy Wizard no More?

26th October 2011:
It has been great so far, just one thing i had to point out. Harry used a portkey to go to the hospital the first time for therapy, but now he cannot... kinda odd.

Author's Response: That was a mistake in my writing. I need to fix it. I meant he could use them. I just screwed up writing basically.

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Review #10, by Chika The End or a New Beginning?

10th September 2011:
Where is next chapter this is from 2011?
Love this chapter though btw

Author's Response: finished the story with the last chapter 12/12/12

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Review #11, by xXxMissGinnyPotterxXx The End or a New Beginning?

14th July 2011:
:D i've never lost faith in this story and i absolutely love the fact you haven't changed the characterisations of the characters one bit :)
[=Miss Ginny Potter=]

Author's Response: I'm glad to hear that. As far as charaterisations, I cheat a bit. I write out character profiles based on each story, and when I wonder how they'd react or do something I just look at that and put it together from there.

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Review #12, by Amitabh The Next Adventure Begins

14th July 2011:
Fast and a good foundation.

Author's Response: Thank you. I really appreciate that. I'm glad you like it.

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Review #13, by Amitabh Harry's Last Visit

14th July 2011:
Gripping ,packed with the sense of impending adventure.

Author's Response: I try to do that on occasion.

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Review #14, by Amitabh Last Chances

14th July 2011:
A good fast paced-one.

Author's Response: I'm glad you like it.

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Review #15, by heheeh Chapter 18 (FINALLY!)

11th July 2011:
hey lopie wonderful harry potter stories read trial of darkness, the final countdown and Harry Potter and the Heart of Eternity more that five times and it is really good please keep going and please could i ask how you thought up a really perfect stories and could you try and give harry a very happy ending

Author's Response: In truth, my original idea for the stories was a lot darker. I am glad so many people like them so much as it means my last minute changes were good ones. I'm very glad you like the story.

To tell you how I thought it up is easy. I'm heavily inspired by writers on this site, music, movies, and anime with deep and twisted plots. As I let my mind work with those things stories come. That's the best answer I can give.

Now, will Harry have a happy ending. Wouldn't we both like to know? I won't know till I get to the end. I hate spoilers as much for my own stories as for someone else's. I think that's why I have trouble when I lose the plot.

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Review #16, by xXxMissGinnyPotterxXx Chapter 18 (FINALLY!)

4th July 2011:
wow it was a long wait but at least this chapter was longer than your last couple :) I really do love the friendship you have between Harry, Kei and Ron :)
[=Miss Ginny Potter=]

Author's Response: I know the wait was a pain, especially for me. I've been wondering what was going to happen myself for the past year. I'm glad you like there friendship and the story. The next chapter should be back to normal lengths as I'm getting back to what I know best: action. I just had to put a bit of Harry's personal life in since I realized that I had him getting married and doing nothing about it other than saying 'When I have time, I'm on it.' so I had to do something.

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Review #17, by Blazeroth Chapter 18 (FINALLY!)

4th July 2011:
Great story(ies) so far!! However, I was disappointed in the last action scene (I wanted longer or at least more descriptive), especially since the story has moved to more slash.

Also, I've noticed nothing has been said about a chocolate card for harry. Maybe have a second one come out too with all the Order. Just my thoughts.

Finally, any chance on an animagus form for harry?

Author's Response: No animagus form for Harry in this one. I've made him more powerful than I wanted to in this one as it is. The last action scene was a bit of a letdown, but I plan to fix that severely with the next one, which is already being written.

As far as a new chocolate frog card, I like it. I'll make sure to credit you with the idea as I've never thought of that myself. But that's something that will have to wait a little while. Lots of things are needed to be covered first.

I'm glad you like my stories, and I hope you keep liking them.

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Review #18, by weird hair Chapter 18 (FINALLY!)

1st July 2011:
Thank you so very much for updating again !
I really love this series ! and i do hope that you are plannign to bring back Lilly , James and Sirius

Author's Response: I spent a lot of time thinking about that. I've still not figured it out completely. I hope I can, but I won't if I can't put it in without making it look like too much.

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Review #19, by Allycat Chapter 17 part 2

10th May 2011:
PLEASE UPDATE THIS STORY! I absolutley LOVE this story!!!

Author's Response: Just updated today. July 1st. Took forever and I almost ended up abandoning it. Finally figured out where its going.

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Review #20, by expectorubberducky Chapter 17 part 2

1st February 2011:
hows it goin.. just reread this trilogy and i still love it. please finish this one there are still people wanting to read it!

Author's Response: I am. I wish I knew how many chapters were left to it, but I know I'll finish it up as soon as possible since I know where this story is going again.

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Review #21, by Fahima Chapter 17 part 2

20th December 2010:
Gr...You realize...Only three more months and then it'd be a year since my last post? =_= Come on, pleasee writeee, don't tell me you got sick again :(

Author's Response: Not sick again. Just couldn't figure out where it was going. I lost this story completely until today. But more is up now, and it only took a year and 3 months since your post before this.

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Review #22, by heheeh Chapter 17 part 2

2nd November 2010:
hi plese can you tell me if and when the next chapter is coming i really like reading it and would love to know how it ends

Author's Response: July 1st 2011. I wanted to finish this so long ago but I couldn't figure out where the story was going to go until now. I had so much I want to put in that I couldn't figure out where it was all going to happen or if any of it could happen.

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Review #23, by sarah Chapter 17 part 2

2nd November 2010:
hi can u tell me when the next chapter is

Author's Response: July 1st 2011. Sorry for taking so long.

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Review #24, by Thebooktheif Chapter 17 part 2

29th October 2010:
I Love this trilogy!
please write more soon!

Author's Response: Not exactly soon, but I did. I'm already working on the chapter after the one I just posted.

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Review #25, by sarah Chapter 17 part 2

23rd October 2010:
hi just wondering if you are doing anymore chapters for this story

Author's Response: Yes I am. I just posted the next chapter.

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