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Review #1, by unknown Mystery man

2nd June 2008:
AWSOME JOB! keep it up! and, please, please, please keep writing, will yah?

Author's Response: i've had writer's block but i promise i will TRY and update soon!

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Review #2, by sam Mystery man

7th March 2008:
i really liked the story... just thought cousins dating is a bit of weird... anyway update!

Author's Response: I fixed that

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Review #3, by DanDash Mystery man

1st March 2008:
Hmmm.since I am also writing a story about the next generation...I had to think really hard about the relationships that are going to be.

I have this HUGE problem with family dating family.even if they are...cousins (which is related enough, thank you very much!) Lily Potter(2) is the daughter or Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley... isn't that right?
And our dear Hugo is Hermione and Ron WEASLEY!!! : AKA...HE IS GINNY'S WEASLEY'S BROTHER!!! (which makes Lily and Hugo COUSINS!!!)

Now, this is not anything bad...when I day that I kinda say sarcasticly, so don't think I'm yelling or getting mad...I kinda thought this whole thing out when I have to par Albus with someone...and then I thought...hmmm...maybe Rose...she fits 2 of the three qualities of marrying a Potter.

1. Total (almost) opposite ( my story at least).
2. A red head. (*retarded grin*)
3. A not related person...which is randomly chosen.

as you can see... Rose didn't make it...and Albus is still single.

AnyWho!!! now that I stopped blabberin about random things...

So short! before i got used to reading it was already over!!! (that makes me sad!!!)

Are you going to explain farther how Dimo and Hugo got to the past? Cuz that's pretty random... yes...yes it is!

So...update soon!



P.S: Ginny got 6 brothers... James is also Victoire's cousin...


Author's Response: SO SORRY, as soon as I read it over I realised my mistakebut it was already updated! SO SORRY!!!

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Review #4, by emlilyevans Mystery man

23rd February 2008:
col awsome but what is up with the cousins dateing?

Author's Response: Sorry, mistake!

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Review #5, by claire Mystery man

22nd February 2008:
why was my review deleted? i got really pissed ya know..
so aren't hugo and dominique james and lily's cousins? that's kind of gross they together, ya know?
i really liked the story, just thought i should say that.

Author's Response: SO SORRY, mistake, I'm gonna change it!

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Review #6, by mare12a Mystery man

22nd February 2008:
isn't hugo lily's cousin? why are they going out?

Author's Response: I realised that once it was update, I'll fix it!

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Review #7, by Tille Marv Droom Identities

20th February 2008:
number 1: Totes lily (who else)
number 2: alot
number 3: good (duh)
number 4: yes

Author's Response: thank you so muchfor the review!

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Review #8, by DanielR Girl Identities

3rd February 2008:
1- Lily
2- The last bit "Does that mean that me and Lily get married?"

Author's Response: thanks so much for the review! next chapter goes to you!

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Review #9, by Nikay Identities

13th January 2008:

Author's Response: I'll definately try

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Review #10, by HPlife Identities

10th January 2008:
you should keep writing it a great story idia soo keep it up

Author's Response: i'm going to update soon

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Review #11, by mare12a Identities

9th January 2008:
Keep Going and post more often!

Author's Response: I'll try and post soon
I'm about 1/4 done the chapter.

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Review #12, by moony_is_mine Identities

9th January 2008:
SNAPE!!! lol okay it's snape or lily...great story 10/10

Author's Response: No, it isn't Snape or lily but good guess!

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Review #13, by mare12a Turning time

30th November 2007:
pos more this story is fun!

Author's Response: thanks. I;m working on the next chapter at the moment.

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Review #14, by HarryGinnyFan18 Turning time

29th November 2007:
Hey. I love it. I was hoping that they will make something like this but in James2 Lily 2 Alubs Rose Hungo Draco's son will go back in time to see their moms dads as their age. Oh Thanks a good story hehe. I think that I have a story in mind. I add this to my favorite. It dose not let me reivw in my long in. ~Jackie~ 10-10. hugs kiss. UPDATE R.S.P.

Author's Response: Thanks for my very first review. I will try to update soon. Do you think a story when the marauders plus Lily go into the future is good?
Thanks again for the review!

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