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Review #1, by CloudsAreMadeOfCandyfloss The Three Precious Gems

6th September 2009:
I like it :) Update soon? please?

Candy x

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Review #2, by Missoni005 The Three Precious Gems

30th August 2009:
I love the start of this story please write more!

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Review #3, by Musically_Challenged The Three Precious Gems

18th January 2009:
Ooh!!! i like it..though i am slightly confused why Sam would rather have ruby eyes than brown ones??! Ah well.. i am sure i will get that question answered soon enough! haha also, i love that you have a character from Holland in your story...it makes it more original!=D i really like your story, and when i first read the title i was like...havent i read this before?! it sounded fimiliar..but then i was like Well if i did then it would have more chapters so i must be imagining things...then i read your authors note and i was like Ah-ha! i knew i read it before..or else just glanced at it..basically what i am getting at is that i am glad you didnt abandon your story and i am very happy that instead you just started it again! XD i gets really annoying when people abandon stories that have great potential! right well i think that is enough of me and my ranting for one day! Can't wait for the chapters to come!! =P xx

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Review #4, by Mrs X 

9th June 2008:
Ok...just from the description:

She has red eyes?
Thats creepy. Really creepy. She Voldemort's daughter or something?

If she's anything other than that change it to amethyst eyes or something. Then at least whenever I picture her I won't see pure evil.

Nice idea though. Did you base it on "The Prophecy of the Gems"? By that french Kiddie.

Love From
Mrs X

Author's Response: Alright, I'll use other words. Wouldn't want you to have nightmares or anything.

I didn't base it on that story. Truthfully my sister gave me the idea.

Thank you for reviewing by the way.

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Review #5, by My_Loves_Forbidden 

23rd April 2008:
I really like your story and can't wait till you write more! Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Thank you so much. I will.

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Review #6, by DestinyPrayer 

19th November 2007:
Wow. That was such a good chapter. I could really feel the emotions coming from the characters. And you described the characters so well; it was like I was them (ha, I wish I could be a part of the Harry Potter books :). I wonder what's happening with Sam? Well, anyways, like I said earlier, this was an awesome first chapter. Aside from a few spelling mistakes, the chapter came out really well. And by the way, the summary was really eye catching. I knew from the second I read the summary that I wanted to read it and that I would like it when I did. This is definitely going in my favorites. Expect reviews from me on chapters to come. Please update soon and good luck with next chapter! :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'll try my best. I hope you keep reading!

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Review #7, by tragicYETmagic 

19th November 2007:
Magic: well done to youu
Tragic: Pftt isnt she sooo. whats the word??
Magic: intelligent
tragic: well i was gonna say stuck up but what ever floats your boat i guess
magic: your charming really you are
tragic: why thankyou kind sir
magic dont you mean miss ??
tragic: No cuz thats what you call giRLSZ lol bahahaha
magic: your gonna pay for that, anyways this book is very good , i think sam should take out the contacts ruby eyes are beautiful
tragic: yeah sick as!! i hope you write more soon and it would be great if you used more detail and humour

muchlove TragicYETMagic

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing. I'll keep that in mind!

(By the way very cute review!)

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