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Review #1, by Thestarlitrose Like the Deserts Miss the Rain

21st March 2011:
ahh! Amazing but so sad! It takes a lot to make me cry while reading but this is just so wonderfully sad.

Author's Response: aw i'm sorry you cried =( but i'm glad my story was that effective! =) thanks for reviewing!

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Review #2, by kaitlinn Like the Deserts Miss the Rain

9th March 2011:
That was soo beautiful *tear* I absolutely loved it. I love reading one-shots because I love the idea of an author capturing a reader in such a little chapter and your story is heartwarming and sad and all around lovely.

Love it :)

Author's Response: thank you!! i'm so glad you liked it! and thanks for leaving the comments on my gallery at TDA as well! =)

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Review #3, by PygmyPuffle Like the Deserts Miss the Rain

20th November 2010:
I like it when, (and this is going to sound demented sorta, so please forgive me) people who didn't actually die.. well, die. It adds new depth; showing that although they didn't die in JK's series, we can manipulate them and choose their destiny because not everybody lives, right? Haha. Sorry if I totally botched that. :P

i loved it! x's&o's, Puffle.

Author's Response: That's why I love writing these stories! I love how I can change my favorite thing in the world (Harry Potter) and make it anything I want to be! =) Thanks for the review Puffle! =)

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Review #4, by RonIsLife Like the Deserts Miss the Rain

7th June 2010:
omg that was so sad! poor ron! very good!

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing! ^^

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Review #5, by Tora Like the Deserts Miss the Rain

17th March 2008:
This was really good. Very poignant. You mixed the lyrics in well, too.

Author's Response: thnx for the review i really appreciate it glad u liked it! :)

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