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Review #1, by Narcissamalfoy394 Chapter Ten - The End

12th August 2014:
You are a complete and utter genius . God I've been in stitches for the last ten minutes reading this. It's amazing !!! Have you written any more stories ???

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Review #2, by hpfflover1 Chapter Ten - The End

27th June 2014:
Bloody brilliant! I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. All of it was simply amazing.

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Review #3, by Lia Chapter Eight - Snape's Revelation

16th January 2014:
What? And I repeat... WHAT?!?! Weirdest story I've ever read.

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Review #4, by Lia Chapter Seven - Draco's Quest

16th January 2014:
Just plain WEIRD!!! Lipgloss shopping with Draco Malfoy. Granted, I'd want him to taste my lipgloss...

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Review #5, by Lia Chapter Six - Research

16th January 2014:
Sorry, Hermione was a bit despicable. Still loving it though. Still, what is the deal with the chart. What is her motivation, really. Is it just a lie spinning out of control?

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Review #6, by Lia Chapter Five - Snape's Bad Hair Day

16th January 2014:
Pansy too!?!? These girls are relentless, and Snape is a fool.

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Review #7, by Lia Chapter Four - Hermione's Chart

16th January 2014:
Oh no! Hermione is acting rather scandalous, among other things. Great idea, very original to say the least.

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Review #8, by Lia Chapter Three - Narcissa Visits

16th January 2014:
Didn't see that coming... Really. Still funny. Hermione is OOC but I really love her...boldness.

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Review #9, by Lia Chapter Two - Girl Trouble

16th January 2014:
Hermione got game. Snape knows it too!!! The story is very ridiculous but I love it.

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Review #10, by Sarsh Chapter Ten - The End

11th June 2013:
this story was absolutely HYSTERICAL! i mean I was in tears from laughing! seriously 100/10 for your hilarious story! loved snape and the wierd sisters

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Review #11, by Debra20 Chapter One - Snape's Christmas Gift

13th December 2012:
Hey there!

Well, taking into account that this was intended as a fluff/humour I must say that it was very fun to read. The whole concept of Snape washing his hair and being completely oblivious that it was in fact him that made all the female teachers go wild, and not some stray potion the students put in their goblets is golden. I had a smile all the way through the story.

Reading a Snape story is always a pleasure for me so when I spotted yours I had to give it a try. I am glad I did! Even though I must admit Snape felt a bit uncomfortable with the image I have of him, even in a humorous context. I have always viewed him as being the sour type, who is more of the silent person on the outside but richly talkative on the inside. You captured this very well but I am not so sure about the way your portrayed the relationship between Snape and his fellow teachers. At least Dumbledore. I've always imagined Snape having some sort of deep respect for Dumbledore and as much as he hated being dragged to cheerful Christmas feasts, he would not call Dumbledore "bloody" or talk back to him. Of course you are entitled to your own view of the characters, these are just my two cents.

A very lighthearted piece that makes you smile all the way throughout it. Just what I needed!

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Review #12, by FallenAmaranth Chapter Ten - The End

18th July 2012:
I go through stages of reading fanfiction. I'll leave it then come back after a while. Then stop reading it again etc. But every single time I simply have to read this story. It's the most hilarious thing since...since, chocolate philadelphia.

Makes me chuckle every time. And it really needs a sequel. About bengal tigers or the results of Hermione's lipgloss/chart - whichever.

I loved the part where Harry had the 'sudden urge to eat some oats' - made me LOL so much('scuse the abbreviation) - and Severus and the Weird Sisters? CLASSIC.

Ahhh.. Might actually re-read it now. I'm feeling the urge.

- Fallen x

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Review #13, by Lisa Chapter Ten - The End

11th July 2012:
Omg! I laughed through this whole thing! Simply amazing!

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Review #14, by Angelica Chapter Ten - The End

6th February 2012:
This was a very odd story, but for some reason I kept reading. And the ending was quite bizzare.

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Review #15, by anheaven Chapter Ten - The End

18th July 2011:
Man i fricking love you! this is the most hilarious fanfic ive read EVER! had me laughing the whole way! ur other stories are amazing too!

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Review #16, by redherring Chapter Ten - The End

19th February 2011:
Loved it! Completely. Flipping. Genius. I just read this all in one go and it's two in the morning, so that's saying something x) Laughed my head off pretty much the whole way through, of course. "I fricking hate it when you do that name repeating thing!" he shrieked. - hahahahaha! Amazing, amazing work! Funniest thing I've ever read, no doubt about it xD

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Review #17, by meggo94 Chapter Ten - The End

2nd January 2011:
You. Are. AMAZING! This is my favorite story now.

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Review #18, by Lovebone Chapter Ten - The End

15th December 2010:
"Harry Potter suddenly stood up.

“Look at me!” he cried. “I’m a pretty pony!”
Lawl xD Best part. Thank you xD

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Review #19, by starr.smiles Chapter Nine - The Ministry of Magic

21st October 2010:
Draco glared. “This has caused me great emotional trauma. How am I supposed to go about shirtless and display my fabulous physique, now? It’s a bloody tragedy.”


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Review #20, by starr.smiles Chapter Eight - Snape's Revelation

21st October 2010:
this is hilarious! LOL

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Review #21, by starr.smiles Chapter One - Snape's Christmas Gift

21st October 2010:

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Review #22, by PhoenixHarmonyMusicalLovesDramione Chapter Ten - The End

14th September 2010:
First of all, those are my fave words ever. Second, this story IS SPECTACULAR!! Third, make a sequel. Pretty Please? And lastly, Snape and Draco really made me LOL. I was literally ROTFLMFAO in Chapter Nine.

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Review #23, by _Meghan_Jessie_godsister Chapter Ten - The End

15th July 2010:
Seriously. I loved this so much more than the original. Truly a work of art. Loved Draco and Hermione, by the way. Favorite characters in all of literature. :)
Why isn't there a choice of 108/10? :)

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Review #24, by Kenna Chapter Ten - The End

12th April 2010:
Oh. My. God. I think this is actually the funniest thing I've ever seen. Actually. My God. I think I'm a bit traumatized now. Wow. I feel.speechless. And that's quite a feat.
I've just sat here for the last half an hour, laughing my butt off, expieriencing some acid reflex and staring at the screen-frozen-in shock. That mixture right there is truly the formula for a perfect story. Wow.
Anywhoo, nw that I've rambled incoherently, I'd like to thank for creating this work of-erm-art. It's pretty darn awesome. I hope you write something similar in the future too. A sequel perhaps? I'm kinda wondering what would happen if the discontinued Snape's shampoo brand...and does Hermione finish her chart? I'll be keeping an eye out for it!

Again-OH. MY. GOD. (!)

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Review #25, by Canadian Chapter Ten - The End

22nd August 2009:
loved this story, it was funny as hell :D it's my new favourite...

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