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Review #1, by yoana A Watery Task

5th June 2011:
good chapter update soon :)

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Review #2, by HopelessRomanticist A Watery Task

12th January 2011:

Don't be over. I love this story type, and putting him back at 4th year rather than 1st year is new to me. And I like it. Damnit, why do all the stories I like end up 1/2 complete...

I really hope there is some chance of this story being revived in the future...


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Review #3, by speaknow A Watery Task

7th December 2010:
this is truly an amazing story! i have not been as interested in a story as i have in this one for a long time! PLEASE keep updating!

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Review #4, by rose A Watery Task

5th June 2009:
BLOODY BRILLIANT!! please post soon

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Review #5, by Happy Rotter A Watery Task

20th April 2009:
Another brilliant chapter. Now, this may be a fanatic making things up, but was that a very slight Princess Bride reference with the suction caps? Anyway, looking forward to the next, hope you're well, (brilliant, stupid people trying to send me virus's just popped up. Wow, i'm random) hope the next comes up quickly and hope to talk to you again soon.


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Review #6, by Happy Rotter The Yule Ball

20th April 2009:
*Squeals in delight* Discworld reference. I'd hoped you'd stick that in somewhere. as soon as I read 'skeleton of a...' I knew it was the Grim Squeaker. Woah! just after writing the last sentance I checked the chapters and saw I only have 1 to go before I've caught up with this story. Ah well, I s'pose I have to get on with work at some point.

Absolutely brilliant story, love the name (blank slate, it fits well), proper pairing (wouldn't have read it otherwise), embodiment of jealousy defeated. All is going very well so far.

Happy Rotter

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Review #7, by fullmoontonightO A Watery Task

25th March 2009:
one question (for now): what's gonna happen with ron? and, well, the rest of the weasley, i guess. and it's kinda sad about krum, huh? oh, and i loved what you did to vernon. update soon! please! ^-^

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Review #8, by a fane A Watery Task

20th January 2009:
keep going i like the story so far

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Review #9, by .neemo... A Watery Task

13th January 2009:
hey, smashin story, can't wait for the nxt chappy. keep up the gd work... till nxt time

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Review #10, by Terapsin A Watery Task

2nd January 2009:
I really like this story, although I think I read one very similar to this one, is the work written for some kind of challenge?
Anyway I loved this chapter especially the part with dead Vernon (Don't bring him back by the way).
I made a banner for this story, so if you want me to send it to you email me to this address: terapsina @ ymail . com (don't use the free places, I just couldn't post this review otherwise).

Author's Response: Yes, this and the other one (In Time by blackcat05) are based off of a challenge. Incidentally, a challenge that I issued.

I am considering making the omake canon, but I haven't decided yet. I'm glad that you enjoyed it, though.

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Review #11, by CS A Watery Task

28th December 2008:
I love this story so far and will be waiting for the next chapter.


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Review #12, by madeye622 A Watery Task

12th December 2008:
Awsome story so far, so keep it up.

For the Omake you may want to show Mara handling a famous person from the real world as her client.

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Review #13, by madeye622 The Yule Ball

11th December 2008:
Grim Squeaker, I LOVE IT!!! :>)

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Review #14, by madeye622 Coverage

11th December 2008:
The story is great so far, keep going.

Ps. The Resurrection Stone isnt a Horcruxe, what your thinking of is probaly the Gaunt Ring

Author's Response: They're the same thing.

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Review #15, by Green_eyed_gal A Watery Task

11th December 2008:
great chapter!! can't wait to see the next one!

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Review #16, by emeraldeyeslytherin A Watery Task

11th December 2008:
fantastic and dissappointing. i like the story verymuch but you post after a long period of time. i just dont like such a long waits for a fantastc story please post regularly. for the fans at least

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Review #17, by Sorvik A Watery Task

10th December 2008:
Excellent so far! So does the OMAKE deal with just current people? You have the whole set of series dealing with starships, or underwater subs!

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Review #18, by ThePaladin_ A Watery Task

10th December 2008:
okay post the next chappie as soon as possible! I got addicted to ur story :D

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Review #19, by Sam A Watery Task

10th December 2008:
hi just wanted to say that i love this story and was that lara croft in the story or am i imagining things.
10/10 ;)

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Review #20, by ThePaladin_ The Yule Ball

10th December 2008:
Why do u have to be so mean towards Ron?!? I certainly hate u for that! I love what u write though!

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Review #21, by fullmoontonightO The Yule Ball

27th November 2008:
i absolutely positively cannot wait for the next chapter. if you want me to beg, i will. trust me, when it comes to certain things, the word PRIDE hasn't been invented yet.
so, yeah. . . . more?

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Review #22, by fullmoontonightO Prelude to the Yule Ball

6th October 2008:
so harry's definitely gonna live this time? cool! oh, and does he save cedric this time? i like the whole benefits thing: it's funny! keep writing!

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Review #23, by sam Small, Slow Steps

7th June 2008:
odd but i do like the idea and have enjoyed reading it. will you be righting more?

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Review #24, by swimmerfreek63 Small, Slow Steps

6th June 2008:
Love it!
Can't wait for more!

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Review #25, by apAidan Small, Slow Steps

4th June 2008:
very interesting story setup. well written and it should be a good time had by all (except the Weasleys) as the story progresses. Looking forward to seeing where this ends up.

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