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Review #1, by fish The Things worth Fighting For

24th July 2009:
kay constructive criticism here:
i don't like the way lily can be demanding sometimes like when she didnt wait for an explanation, it works a bit but there's something weird about it


didn't think i'd say this of seeing another side to LJ but it is quite good, the best bit being the end, that sort of heartbreaking scary.

Author's Response: i can see where you're coming from, this is a very old story of mien, so it's definitely flawed... thnak you for the critique.

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Review #2, by Lilyput The Things worth Fighting For

24th May 2008:
Oh I like it!
You could do one that starts like this...but she's pregnant!!!

Dun dun dun!!!

There could be so many different sees her when she's pregnant and is like "oh crap, what have I done"

Or...she has the baby and James sees her walking around with it...

Hmm...maybe I should write one...

Author's Response: lol, glad to hear that the fic turned out to be so inspiring :blush: thank you!

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Review #3, by zEthHPfrEaK The Things worth Fighting For

19th April 2008:
aww! this is so sad!

Author's Response: yeah, i guess it is...

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Review #4, by wicKeDwitch1316 The Things worth Fighting For

12th March 2008:
That was the most depressing thing I have ever the most amazing way! :)

That was really really wonderful...I have no criticism for you.


Author's Response: lol, that's some oxymoron there... i like it

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Review #5, by mocha_witch08 The Things worth Fighting For

25th February 2008:
Absolutely loved it!

Author's Response: v. glad to hear it
thank you for reviewing

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Review #6, by Louise The Things worth Fighting For

23rd February 2008:
So welled up at the end.

Such a beautiful story, and so well handled. Life isn't always a fairytale, and you showed that so well. Loved it.

Author's Response: exacty my point! thank you

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Review #7, by NeLLyRaE The Things worth Fighting For

23rd February 2008:
that was extremely depressing, but very well written! i've been readin like all your stories lately, and i love them! your such a good writer!

Author's Response: well i'm sorry that ti was so depressing, but very glad to hear that you thought it was well written lol

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Review #8, by hazellily The Things worth Fighting For

23rd February 2008:
That was good but perhaps u could write more i mean u cant really leave it like that can u? i mean we all know they end up together and it was written very well... but i think a bit more would make ur readers alot more happpy! great story!

Author's Response: well... they dont actually end up together. this story is about love lost adn how certain thigns can come betweeen even two people that are soul mates ever being togather

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Review #9, by henryjones The Things worth Fighting For

3rd February 2008:
oh! how sad! i spent the entire thing thinking they would end up back together in the end, and then instead...well... this was really depressing. that might actually be an understatement. its that its already a sad story, but then the fact that theyre lily and james makes it even worse, because theyre normally such a sweet ship. and i suppose more importantly, we normally know that theyll end up together in the end. and in this, they never did! :'(
thank you for writing it though. just because it made me sad, and for that reason i will probably never return to read it, doesnt make it a bad story. just a really sad one, and the world is depressing enough as it is to get depressed by fiction. i suppose that makes this story good though, that it actually makes me sad, instead of just being vaguely nice, like a lot of fics.
anyway! thanks for writing this! ;)

Author's Response: yeah i know it's really sad, idk what even led to it really, as im not sually one for the sa fics (reading them or writing them- unless they have a super happy ending). but i'm so glad that you liked it to some extent regardless, thank you for the super sweet review!

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Review #10, by luvinpadfoot The Things worth Fighting For

10th December 2007:
That was kind of strange. Lily and James have to get together sometime, don't they? I think you should write a sequel explaining, like, what happens.

Author's Response: i may consider a sequal but as of now, no they dont end up together

i just... i wrote this fic as a play ont eh whole idea of james' confusion, one which is very common among fics, and every time u see lily forgive him, so i was wondering: what happens if she moves on? if being one another's true loves isnt enough

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Review #11, by fawkes_feathers The Things worth Fighting For

23rd November 2007:
Aw! That was so sad! But really well done! Good job! Tess

Author's Response: lol, very glad to hear it, thank u soo much for reviewing!

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Review #12, by abc The Things worth Fighting For

17th November 2007:
um this is great and all. but theres no harry. so. yeahhh. this isnt working out very well for me...

Author's Response: lol, well in my defense it IS an AU fic, but the main reason for it was b/c i just wanted to try a fic in which they didnt end up together. u see so many fics where jjames screws up and she just forgives him, i wanted to try and see what'd happen if she didnt-- if she moved on w/o him

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