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Review #1, by Amelia The Seeker's Challenge

8th November 2013:
Any ideas about when you might start posting the sequel? I'm DYING to find out how everything goes upon his return to England. I simply fell in love with your story and i have started to reread it while waiting for the sequel

Author's Response: I am actually thinking about posting the first few chapters today. I am having serious issues with the title. Mostly because I don't know how long it will actually be. Look for some updates soon.

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Review #2, by dtinch The Seeker's Challenge

31st October 2013:
I read you are having trouble with a title you could go for a book two and subtitle it later i think just a suggestion Or you could since know your story think about what you consider the most important Character (opposite of Harry of course unless he isn't) and use his most important attribute or the most important object like j.k. used the Hollows.

Author's Response: Interesting suggestions. I will definitely think about about those options.

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Review #3, by Brooke Quidditch Practice and Picnics

24th October 2013:
Good story, but sometimes hard to understand without proper punctuation..

Author's Response: I tried very hard to get it as correct as possible. Unfortunately I have an engineer brain not an english teacher's. Grammar was never my strong suit. If I can ever find someone with time and desire I would love to give it a polish.

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Review #4, by Harry1987 The Seeker's Challenge

11th October 2013:
I can't wait for the next part of the series.

Author's Response: Thank you, I'm trying to find an appropriate title so I can start posting

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Review #5, by Leonore The Seeker's Challenge

2nd October 2013:
I love your originality in this story, the way you planned the plot so well. I love the way you developed Amazonis and built up your characters. You have thought it through well and tied up most of the loose ends. An excellent read, well done.


Author's Response: Thank you, and I know there are a few loose ends but I am working on the sequel as we speak. The first chapter will be posted shortly once I figure out what I want the title to be.

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Review #6, by Derek The Seeker's Challenge

24th September 2013:
Awesome Awesome Awesome! SO looking forward to the sequel. So glad you came back and finished the story.

Author's Response: Thanks Derek, you know I could use a beta reader someone to find those annoying mistakes and errors before I post chapters. If you're interested shoot me an e-mail at dondamon40atyahoo

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Review #7, by Jono The Seeker's Challenge

21st September 2013:
Awesome story! I really enjoyed reading it. What's the name of the sequel?

Author's Response: When I figure that out I will post it on this story's description.

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Review #8, by Christopher Weekend in Rio

16th September 2013:
Another incredible chapter, to an awesome story. I can't wait until Harry gets back to England and reunites with Ginny. I also think it would be hilarious for him to appear in front of the Weasleys in his animangus form, that would give them a great scare as they are still unaware of his animangus form. Hope you update soon!

Author's Response: I'm already going toward that direction with the animagus but a little differently. But that will be the sequel. This story ends with his leaving Brazil. The final chapter should be up in a day or two. I had an awful time doing it.

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Review #9, by hpfan Weekend in Rio

2nd September 2013:
Awesome story waiting for next chapter.

Author's Response: The next is the last. A sequel is in the works to reunite the group.

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Review #10, by Derek Return to Amazonis

28th July 2013:
Awesome that Harry will soon meet up with the trio and bring his future diplomats "contacts" with him to see hogwats.

Author's Response: Gonna be a buzzkill Derek, This story is going to finish with his journey home. The next one including going to Australia will pick up where it left off.

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Review #11, by Johnny Nightmare Return to Amazonis

27th July 2013:
You are an excellent writer. keep up the good work. The only advice I have for you is to please write faster.

Author's Response: Lol good news Johnny this adventure ends in a few more chapters. More should be up shortly

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Review #12, by Derek Revelations

24th July 2013:
WOW! Didnt see that one coming at all. The ministers daughter but looking back at it a couple chapters ago when there was really nothing wrong with the ministers daughter it makes sense. Thank you so much for continuing the story and over coming the writers block.

Author's Response: It really pained me to write this chapter. I loved the character of Luciana so much. Mostly because I love the person who she's based on. To turn her into some manipulative witch was horrible.

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Review #13, by Derek Rescue Plans

17th July 2013:
Great Chapter! loved how Harry is using kreacher for his spying and giving him the updates. I can see ron and herm's showing up anyway and helping a friend out and not letting him do this by himself (not really). Re-unite the trio. This chapeter sort of tied up what was going to happen in the next with lots of action. Thanks for continuing the story!!!

Author's Response: Thanks Derek, the trio is going to reunite back home. I love some of my Originals too much to let others take the credit lol. Next chapter coming up tomorrow or day after

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Review #14, by DEREK Rescue Plans

16th July 2013:
Hiatus for two years!!! this was a great fantastic story...

Author's Response: I know :( there are some things that prevented me from being able to post more. But honestly it was mostly my own writers block. I couldn't figure out how to tie all the loose ends together properly. That is pretty well sorted. Next Chapter should be up in a couple of days.

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Review #15, by PhoenixSeeker  Harry's Transformation

4th October 2011:
Really interesting chapter, I forgot how creative you are and I love your style! I had to re read the last chapter to remember what had happened, other than that excellent!

Hope the next one is up soon :D

Author's Response: Working on it big time. I'm trying to make it speak to everyone the way it does to me. Hopefully it will flow and start wrapping up the story nicely.

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Review #16, by Derek Harry's Transformation

18th June 2011:
Been a while. Hopefully the updates come more often. Harry turned into a Gargoyle. Impressive!!

Author's Response: Not quite a Gargoyle. But it is something that is holy unique. Of course the details won't be revealed for another chapter or two.

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Review #17, by Willy_fruhog Answers Maybe

16th June 2011:
Wow...it's a great story:) cannot wait for the next chapter:) it's really hard to tell what's gonna happen from now on...:) love it!!:)

Author's Response: Well i'm cleaning it up and going to post it in the next day or two, and thats the goal.

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Review #18, by Phoenix seeker Answers Maybe

1st April 2011:
Ooo this is amazing! When will the next part be up?

Author's Response: Working on it as we speak. There's only a few chapters total left to go.

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Review #19, by PhoenixSeeker  Pegasus Vs Draco

24th March 2011:
Excellent!!! Love it keep it up

Author's Response: Its been a while but the chapters are coming back up and the story is finishing. I hope you're reading the new ones.

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Review #20, by Phoenix Seeker Halloween

24th March 2011:
WOW! Amazing so far, I am so caught up that I haven't commented yet and even when I do remember there is never any fast Internet. Anyway you have such a creative imagination, this is sooo original while keeping the cannon series slightly linked! Looking forward to the next chapter .
Xxxx keep up the good work

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Review #21, by Mr Black Answers Maybe

13th February 2011:
Ok, so I just read through your hole story with out stopping and I just want to say that it's amazing! I love it, and I can't wait until you update the next chapter because I'm not used to having to wait! So keep up the good work and update soon!

Author's Response: Count yourself lucky Logan. My first 6 chapters were posted about 3 and a half years ago. Some people have been waiting that long for me to finish. Now I'm only 4 or 5 chapters away.

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Review #22, by MrPotter1581 Visitor in the Night

26th January 2011:
Wow. Great story. theres so much to think about when i read it, Especiall once harry will return home. Not only will he leave his new frinds behind but also the new lifestyle he has learned, plus the whole Ginny situation an changes when he returns... Anyway i cant wait till the next chapter. Please hurry because the last chapter was kind of a big cliff Hanger. Keep writing

Author's Response: Good. That was the intention. It's also why i delayed posting it until i had the next one almost ready.

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Review #23, by Mrs HJ Potter Visitor in the Night

20th January 2011:
It read just as great the second time as the first Don. I always love the inuendo that is afloat in this story. Update soon.

Author's Response: TY, You'll see the next one in a couple days at latest.

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Review #24, by Elisabeth Flight of The Head Boy

16th January 2011:
I loved your story and read it three times now and only just found out that anybody can review not just members so now i wanted to tell you that i really liked it and can't wait for you to continue. So please please continue soon.

Author's Response: Thank you. I should have a new chapter or two up soon. I hope you enjoy it. Its about to get a lot more interesting. There are only about 4 chapters left. However I do plan on doing a story arc where Harry and some of his friends return to Hogwarts.

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Review #25, by OrangeCat Back to School

17th September 2010:
""Well unfortunately you won't be learning from me this year. I teach Care of Magical Creatures. That class is available during your third year." Camilla explained. She also answered the thought Harry had about what she taught."

Harry already knew what she taught, it has been mentioned twice in this chapter prior to this point.

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