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Review #1, by Larry Dotter Bonding Time

29th June 2011:

I was interested in this story because my name is Lesley.

Your story is the only one with my name

and i felt at home in it

Reggie if you finish this story i will dedicate my next story to you

please, i gave you your b-day reveiw and you now have to give me my present because today is my b-day

Larry Dotter

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Review #2, by ddd Bonding Time

16th November 2010:
you going to update soon?

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Review #3, by ddd Bonding Time

16th November 2010:
you going to update soon?

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Review #4, by Hopes Mom Bonding Time

13th October 2010:
I have just come across your story. It is a lot of fun! I notice it hasn't been updated in a long time - too bad! I would have really enjoyed wahtching it develop.

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Review #5, by MeteorFreak Bonding Time

8th January 2010:
Ahh. you cant leave it like that! loving this and hope you continue it. pretty please!!

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Review #6, by y phantom Bonding Time

25th August 2009:
wow...this was really good...there arent much stories with Teddy time traveling to his father's days at Hogwarts and i was really glad to see this story...please update soon!!! i cant wait to know what will happen next and what James was doing in History of Magic with the papers and the whispering...i love this story so far!!!

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Review #7, by anna Bonding Time

6th August 2009:
oh my god, why haven't you updated in so long? you haven't abandoned it, right? please, say no! this story is so wonderful! it's just so amazing.
keep up the good work!

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Review #8, by RandomRyter Bonding Time

1st May 2009:
I love this fanfic! there aren't alot of FanFics like this, and I love the twin thing. Though I wonder why Remus treats them differently, I mean, he's a werewolf, and they don't even know if Les and Ted are. I also loved the whole apple game thing at the end of the chapter. Update soon please!

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Review #9, by duckgirl Bonding Time

11th April 2009:
I love this time travel concept, please update soon.

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Review #10, by jake2490 Bonding Time

12th December 2008:
Hi! I just discovered your story, and I absolutely love it. It's such a unique and interesting idea for a time travel story. And now, having read all the chapters you've posted in one sitting (while ignoring my impending finals), I can't wait for more! Please update soon. Pretty please.

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Review #11, by x_pOliJuIcEjOe_x Bonding Time

17th October 2008:
come ON please..!! ive been waiting for YONKS for u to update PLEASE do it soon b4 i snap! it is SUCH a good story!
and update soon okaii!

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Review #12, by keys_701 Bonding Time

16th May 2008:
Wow, that was really good. Lesley is so funny with her kick-butt attitude. Update soon please, I can't wait!

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Review #13, by Aber4th Bonding Time

23rd April 2008:
I hope that everyone (well, really only Lily, her friends, and the marauders) end up liking the twins! And about that mysterious note from Sirius about meeting him @ 7:00-- will the marauders end up learning about and accepting the fact that they are werewolves? It would seem kind of silly if they still feared the twins...

Was James comparing the handwriting, or someting, of the twins to Remus? I wonder if he is cetching on about how similar they really are to Lupin; I mean, its about time someone has.

Anyway;I want Lesley to play quiddich! Teddy is SO not being nice to her when he tells her not to play qiddich!

Are they going to meet their mother? Or is she not at Hogwarts yet in this story? Love your story! PLEASE UPDATE SOON!

Author's Response: Okay, so you win the prize for longest review yet, which means you get a speacil place in my heart.

i'm glad that you got the handwriting thing, we'll just have to see what James does about it.

I don't know if their going to meet Tonks, she deffinetly isnt at Hogwarts yet, i'm going to stick with her real age, which i think is around 3 at the time. but she could come up in conversation at some point....

So thank you a million for the review and please continue to tell me what you think!

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Review #14, by hothoney111 Bonding Time

15th April 2008:
not fair. i hope the marauders and lily won't be mean anymore! did james figure out something about teddy and remus? oh, and i love how you portray the twins. more soon! i love this story! ;)

Author's Response: Hmm, all depends on how smart Jamsie Boy is.... Thanks for the review! = )!

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Review #15, by Gryf_Queen Bonding Time

14th April 2008:
Good Chapter!! Update soon! Love it!

Author's Response: Thanks.= )!

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Review #16, by crazybibliophile Bonding Time

14th April 2008:
YAY you updated!! But... aarg... I want to read more... I love the whole apple thing, it's hysterical. But I must say I'm a little disappointed in Remus, he does seem to be acting like quite a bit of a hypocrite... and Lily and the rest of the Marauders aren't much better. Tut tut. Can't wait to see where you go next with the plot, this fic is SO good. Please update before I wither away and die from not being able to read your fantastic story...

Author's Response: Wow, thanks so much. I really hope you don't die. It's a good thing I don't use my real name on here or the police could hunt me down for murder... haha.... cheesy humor... = )!

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Review #17, by Gryf_Queen Transfiguration

27th March 2008:
Awesome Awesome Awesome. I can't wait to read more!! Upadate soon. Are they werewolves? That would be cool. well update fast!!

Author's Response: Thank You Thank You Thank You. you'll just have to wait and see...

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Review #18, by Supposedly The Swan, the Duck and the Pigeon

21st March 2008:
It was magnificent.
(“I did like my perfectly white feathers though.” Lily choked out. )
(“EVANS HAD A FOOD FIGHT?!” Sirius asked with wide eyes as his jaw dropped, “Why didn’t you invite me?! Are there pictures at least!? My Merlin, this will go down in the record books!” )
That crazy Sirius. ^^

Author's Response: Glad you liked it so much! THank you for the review!

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Review #19, by Supposedly Mistakes

21st March 2008:
I really like this chapter- as you are, I am quite intrigued with Regulus' character.

Author's Response: Thank you for the review!

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Review #20, by Supposedly Sorting

21st March 2008:
Quite interesting- and fairly light, which I am happy about. ^^

Author's Response: Great! I'm glad to know that someone likes light! Thanks for the review!

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Review #21, by Amelia Bellerose New Kids

17th March 2008:
Loved it!! Are they really twins--Remus and Lesley??

Great start on your first fanfic! Amazing!

Author's Response: Umm, no, Teddy and Lesley are twins... not Remus. And that's just in my little world if that's what you mean. Thank you a million times for the reassurence!

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Review #22, by tashhh Transfiguration

17th March 2008:
O and the plot thickenss :O

HAHA. woww i really like it and i totally cant wait to read more.

one of the coolest fics ive read :)

PLEASE update sooon haha im so impatient

Author's Response: gag. Thank you so much for the review. As previously said, my life got busy about a month ago, and hasnt calmed down since... but it's my birthday tomorrow! So I'm taking a break, and maybe getting some more writing down...

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Review #23, by hothoney111 Transfiguration

9th March 2008:
oh! can't wait for the next chapter! explanations are coming! :)

Author's Response: Okay, so heres the thing, for anyone waiting for the next chapter... Im sorta on vacation now... as in I have gone to a country that barely has internet, and I didnt think they would even have it were I am now... so the next chapter wont be out for longer than I intended... and then when it does get out I have a bit of badish news.... the explanations arent in it... But they are in the chapter after! and I tried really hard to get chapter 9 out before I left... but my internet crashed. I know, I´m full of excuses, but the good thing is that once chapter 9 does come out, chapter 10 will be right behind it!...

And thank you so much for your review hothoney111! = )! The explanations ARE coming... just not yet. = /

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Review #24, by Lily 4 Potter XX Transfiguration

6th March 2008:

really good. xD

cant wait for the next chapter.

Author's Response: Thanks, I try. = ) Thank you for the review!

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Review #25, by aberforthisababe Transfiguration

6th March 2008:
yes i so love! keep it up!

Author's Response: Thanks a bigillion! = )!

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