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Review #1, by ur 100th review!!!! Epilogue: A Funeral

9th October 2011:
100th review!
Good story, kinda like r&c3 or sonic

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Review #2, by The real harry potter The Final Battle: The Lycan Attack

8th November 2010:
So... Your that guy who Owns Harry Potter righ... AARGH *whack* OUCH *whack* IWASJOKING *Whack* CHRIST... at least it's over now... *Hotdog respawns* *whack* FUCKING HELL *Whack* AARGH IM COVERED IN MUSTARD!!

Seriosly good story though. He says as he wipes mustard from his eyes.

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Review #3, by The Commandant's Office

6th March 2009:
Still don't understand what is going on? Where is Harry and Hermione?

Author's Response: My stories tend to start out glacially slow. They appear near the end of the next chapter.

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Review #4, by Prologue: Beta Aurelius

6th March 2009:
I'm lost what does this have to do with Wizards and Witches and Harry and Hermione? I guess I will find out.

Author's Response: Sorry. This is a flashback-type story. It'll all make sense down the road.

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Review #5, by Phoenix_fire23 Epilogue: A Funeral

25th October 2008:
Great story i can't believe how good it was Bravo, Bravo.

Author's Response: YAY! That makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. :)

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Review #6, by Phoenix_fire23 Triumph of Janus

24th October 2008:
good job on the action sequences i hope you kept it up and possibly uped the ante with it.

Author's Response: I try my best. :)

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Review #7, by Phoenix_fire23 Meeting the Brigadier

20th October 2008:
good first chapters. i like the story already

Author's Response: Thanks. The action might seem slow, but most of my stories start very slow. It'll pick up later on.

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Review #8, by Horcruxhuntersdotcom Epilogue: A Funeral

4th June 2008:

Well Done Man!!!

I'm Ectstatic on for you for finishing your first story. It's a real milestone. You've made it along way down the road of Fanfiction, and if these last chapters are anything to go by...

You're just getting started.

Author's Response: Thanks, man. But, honestly, this story would have never left my twisted mind (or, more accurately, the file on my desktop) if I hadn't read your story. You showed me that guns and Harry Potter go perfectly together.

Prologue of The Hogwarts Deception is up, and Chapter One is in queue.

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Review #9, by Daniel Epilogue: A Funeral

1st June 2008:
now that was just a brilliant story just congratz on your grate work and i hope im going to see more from you :D

Author's Response: YAY! Another positive review! I've got another story in validation as we speak.

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Review #10, by auror_snape Epilogue: A Funeral

31st May 2008:
This was really good. For several minutes, I thought Nathaniel Potter was the one in the grave, not Neville. I will definitely keep my eyes open for your new story. 10/10

Author's Response: Thanks. And that was my intention, to mislead you as to who died until nearly the end. Hehehehe. I'm posting the first chapter of the Hogwarts Deception up right now.

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Review #11, by auror_snape Apocalypse Now

22nd May 2008:
You recognized my work in your final note. I'm so touched. I salute you for writing a fantastic story, and I swear I'll read anything else you write. Just let me know when you post your next stories.

I would give you 1 billion out of ten, but the scale can't go up that high. It just cuts out the extra zeros. So, here: 1 billion/10

Author's Response: Who wouldn't? Your stories are just plain fantastic. Plus, you're one of the few that can tolerate my stupid jokes. I just need to put up the epilogue for this story, and I expect to post up the prologue of The Hogwarts Deception around the middle of next week at the very latest.

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Review #12, by auror_snape The Final Battle: Final Showdowns

22nd May 2008:
So, it wasn't a midnight snack or anything like that. Harry and Hermione asked their friend to do them that favor.

Okay, that battle was fantastic. How in God's name do you do that? Are you in the Army or something? Can you give me some tips on how to write battles like that?


Author's Response: 1. Yep. Or, more accurately, Robert made a joke and it got out of hand. But still, imagine Voldemort's surprise when they're doing the Matrix around him.

2. Thanks. As for the battle scenes, they just come to me. I can't really describe how I do it. It's sort of a gut instinct, I guess. And no, I'm not in the Army, though I do plan to take an ROTC in college.

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Review #13, by auror_snape The Final Battle: The Lycan Attack

21st May 2008:
Okay, you've done some things I don't agree with. McGonagall and Hagrid are dead. But why? Why did they have to go? I understand why you killed Ron and Ginny, but why McGonagall, Hagrid, and Colin Creevey?

But I will say this: Neville was Foxhound? Cool!

Also, my editor, who has already finished reading what you've posted of this one, informed me moments ago that Harry and Hermione are secret vampires. Is it because of the Elysium Tears, or did someone in the Black Guard need a midnight snack?

8/10 because you seem to have killed off my friends.

Author's Response: 1. Again, it's war. You won't be spared simply because you're a main character. At least they went down fighting like heroes.

2. Yep. Neville was Foxhound. Think of it. He's rich, and he's not an awful bad fighter.

3. Actually, its implied that Robert made a joke that got out of control.

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Review #14, by Horcruxhuntersdotcom Apocalypse Now

21st May 2008:

Wow... if i wasn't so incredibly macho i might cry...

But i am. So i won't.

Instead i'm going to review your chapter, which i haven't done in a while.

I congratulate you on almost reaching the end of your superb story. I wonder how you did it. You started writing yours after mine, and in the time which you have written 35 chapters, (Knowing you the next one is in Validation already) i have only managed to churn out nineteen. 13 of which i deleted when i got rid of Soul Suckers! :(

Back to you:

The scale of this entire story blows me away. The Black Guard, the Lycans, the massive offensives and Spartan-level defences, I love the way you have integrated the magic and muggle technologies so flawlessly. I find myself reading many fightscenes in other fics, and i think: "why didn't he just..." or "What did he do that for..." but with your action scenes. I nod along and say: "This guy knows his stuff."

Unusually with this fanfiction as well. It has been consistently good throughout all 34 chapters so far. I never really realised how long this thing was until the other day, because i have seen it grow chapter-by-chapter. I looked and thought, "Wow, to write this much he must really like the story." whereas i usually think: "Wow, to write this much he must be BONKERS!!!" because, usually, stories wear-out after the first 25 chapters or so, but writers persevere, running out of material and inspiration, their stories end, not like yours, and (hopefully) mine. But with a whimper.

i have composed a list of adjectives to describe your story. they follow thus:

Boring, Dissapointing, Unrealisti- No!!! Hold Everything!! that's wrong!!! sorry! can we start that again! I was accidentally reading the review of GTA IV!!!

The REAL list is:

Amazing, Incredible, Awesome, Breathtaking, Astonishing, Brilliant, Superb, Excellent, Explosive, Gripping, and downright Epic.

Soraga, once again.

I Salute You.


Author's Response: Hold crap. Very long review...

1. My secret? I have no life. No girlfriend, few friends to speak of, no sports, anything. But unfortunately, this chapter validated the moment the queue closed, so no updates for a while.

2. Would you believe me if I told you that this whole novel came from a single thought? "What if Harry had guns in the Final Battle?" Then I read Starfist, and the rest is history.

3. Yes, I am insane. In fact, if there was an award for "most psychotic," I'd be short-listed for it. I've always been a fan of military fiction, though this series (yes, it's a series) has been quite an experiment for me. Traditionally, my characters tend to be Navy or Air Force. This is my first foray into a character in the infantry.

4. Hehehehehehe. You had me going there. "I was accidentally reading the review of GTA IV!" Lol.

5. Hey, I can't take all the credit. This story would have never left my twisted mind if I had never gotten bored one day and decided to open up a random story I had faved but never got around to reading, and happened to open up yours.

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Review #15, by auror_snape The Legion

20th May 2008:
I guess Voldemort wasn't able to satisfy Ginny, if she betrayed him at the last minute :)

One thing that would have been really good is if McGonagall or Dumbledore was present at Hogwarts when the Black Guard moved in before the battle. It would have given them a chance to see Harry in the position he's in now.

I have a question though. Do Harry, Hermione, and Ron have ranks in the Black Guard, or are they stuck at Private because they're not vampires?

Anyway, 10/10. This is a really good story, and I'm not just saying that because you're reading/reviewing my work. When your other stories come up, I'll read them, too. And I'll recommend them to my editor when because he likes these kinds of stories as well.

Author's Response: 1. I'd say the slaughter of her family drove her over the edge. But that too.

2. Yeah, that would be good. Except Dumbledore is dead.

3. They're honorary Privates, First Class, but I'd think Robert's at least bumped them up to honorary Lance Corporals by now.

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Review #16, by auror_snape The First Battle of Hogwarts

19th May 2008:
Yeah, Bellatrix wasn't aboard the Emancipator at the time of its destruction. She was aboard Voldemort, or anyone else she can get her crazy claws on.

Why did the Black Ops knock out Aberforth instead of enlisting his help? Don't they know he's in the Order/Resistance?

Author's Response: Holy crap. I just responded to your last review and you already have a new one up!

Heh. Lol. And as to the second question, they're Black Ops. The entire point of their existance is to do things that can't be traced back to them. Aberforth would eventually become a liability if they enlisted his help.

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Review #17, by auror_snape Prelude to the Final Battle

19th May 2008:
My vote is for The Hogwarts Deception. You've dropped enough tantalizing hints for it that I can't wait for it.

And about the Bushedye, I imagined a person saying "You can destroy me but two more will replace me!"

I'll guess those "Elysium Tears" will give Harry and Hermione the power to finally trounce Voldemort?

Wel, anyway, I'm glad Morgan is fine. I like him, confirmed bachelor or not.

Author's Response: Yeah. I really should post that one up first. Just to prevent all the readers from jumping me.

And it would actually be three. There's four Bushedyes, the Chaplaya, the Chinzh, the Sazmidat, and the Bushedeye itself.

And yes, those Tears will give them the power, and yes, Robert is fine.

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Review #18, by auror_snape The Return

18th May 2008:
I have a question. If there's a sequel and a prequel to this story, why didn't you write them in order? It's hard enough writing a sequel to a finished story (trust me, I'm trying it myself), but to write a sequel before the prequel would be just about impossible.

Author's Response: That's what George Lucas did, didn't he? Lol. I pretty much have all four stories of the Black Guard trilogy (three main stories and one spinoff) written down. I just felt like posting them out of order.

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Review #19, by auror_snape Assault on the Ministry

18th May 2008:
I personally never liked Cho Chang. I see her as a brainless bimbo just trying to get with a rich guy, any rich guy. Like how she suddenly tried to use Harry in his fifth year. She tried to find out about Cedric's last moments, at the expense of Harry's feelings.

Author's Response: Eh. To tell you the truth, I'm pretty much drawing these names out of a hat.

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Review #20, by auror_snape Stormbringer

17th May 2008:
I thought the Ministry is gone, as in wiped off the map. Like Hogwarts in my "The Day Ron Weasley Doomed Us All".

Author's Response: No. They just stormed it and took it over. I did leave its fate a little nebulous at the beginning. This will all be covered in The Hogwarts Deception, which will span from just before Harry recieves his letter to just after the Ministry is stormed.

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Review #21, by auror_snape Death of a Brigadier

16th May 2008:
Very well written. I guess Morgan will be found, eventually, since he hasn't told anyone how he was at Hogwarts and he's still "alive" in the 79th century. I had forgotten about that yesterday.

Author's Response: Thanks. And you seem to be the first person to notice that detail. I salute you, auror_snape.

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Review #22, by auror_snape Triumph of Janus

15th May 2008:
I've looked ahead in the list of chapters, and I believe the next one is called "Death of a Brigadier". Why couldn't Harry, Hermione, and Ron have just used the Patronus Charm on Janus? They know it hurts his kind, and if they cornered him with their patroni, they might have been able to take him out. But I guess you had to take Robert out of the picture.

9/10 because I'm not too fond of killing off good characters, and Robert was great. So well written.

Author's Response: They were caught by surprise. It's slightly difficult to do that when he suddenly snaps back up when all your backs are turned.

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Review #23, by auror_snape Dawn Assault

15th May 2008:
YAY! Snape's dead! But how was he caught? Unless, there's a traitor in the Black Guard/Resistance/Order...

I may have never been much good at the hot/cold game, but could you tell me if I got close this time? Pretty please?

Author's Response: Snape just got sloppy, plain and simple. Of course, with all that grease, its difficult for him to do a clean job anyhow.

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Review #24, by auror_snape Winter's Tempest

14th May 2008:
Boy, they sure have found something important. Little Hangleton is rumored to be Voldemort's HQ. I'd say just bomb the shit out of it and be done with it. Hopefully we can get Voldemort and who-knows-how-many Weasleys who were reporting to him.

Yeah, I know a couple of them just died, but I still hate the pieces of vermin.

Author's Response: They don't know that, though. Yes, the seemingly infalliable Black Guard intelligence doesn't know something. Since they don't, the bunker buster is a no-no.

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Review #25, by auror_snape The Resistance

14th May 2008:
Yeah, I figured that out. It's like the inscription on the Mirror of Erised, just not backwards.

Will the Black Guard ever find out about the people the resistance captured? I'd like to see Harry talk to McGonagall while wearing the uniform of the Black Guard.

Author's Response: Yeah. I think Moody needs hearing aids. XD

And yes, they do find out about them. But no, McGonagoll doesn't get that conversation, because she doesn't reappear until much later.

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