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Review #1, by Fanatic!!!! A Change for the Better?

28th February 2008:
That really wouldn't work coz Albus wud hav 2 kill harry 2 b da 'true' master of the elder wand...please don't tell me harry's gonna b killed in this!!

it's gd really, it's constructive critism!!


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Review #2, by ant2009 Chances for a change

4th February 2008:
hey why dont u hit me up some time i have a question for you

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Review #3, by Owfio One Last Thing

3rd February 2008:
Nobody can speak to snakes now... Harry couldn't after the part of LV was split from him so his children wouldn't be able to.

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Review #4, by Owfio A Change for the Better?

3rd February 2008:
This story gets worse every chapter...
Wands don't recognize new owners just because a new person has them, Albus would need to defeat Harry for the Elder wand to recognize him as its master.

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Review #5, by Owfio A different Dad

3rd February 2008:
Its a good story, I like the plot. But you need to have someone proof read it. Gregorovitch's shop? He was killed by LV in DH...

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Review #6, by Brennen A Villian Revealed

25th December 2007:
This was a great chapter, definitely the best. It deserves a great review! ;)

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