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Review #1, by tone reactions and consquences

18th January 2006:
its really really gd.its just a bit sad like harry dies n malfoy n ginny not loving harry its sad but gd imagination.x

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Review #2, by pinkgurlkm journal entry

3rd August 2003:
wow! this is REALLY GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Review #3, by Jay B journal entry

1st August 2003:
Omigod!!! (hehehe)(marke hemi styles) that was soooo wonderful you are so talented. keep it up.

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Review #4, by Hannah journal entry

28th July 2003:
oh wow...i love this story!! it has my favorite person in it..DRACO MALFOY!! hehe but anyways..your story is sooo nicely detailed and grr im so jealous of you hehe ^_^ i like it a lot..keep writing !

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Review #5, by SilverMirror journal entry

24th July 2003:
It really good, of course it would be easier to read if you fixed it up a little bit before you posted it... sorry, I know you already know that, lol. :) Anyway, I like the plot, the story has feeling, and journal entries are always cool. It\'s probably your best serious yet. Please keep writing it, I can\'t wait to see what he\'ll do to Harry *evil grin* lol :)

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Review #6, by SilverMirror journal entry

23rd July 2003:
This is a really interesting start. I can\'t wait to see what will become of Draco and his obsession.

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Review #7, by shannonpotter journal entry

22nd July 2003:
this is more like a poem than a story, lol... a very good poem though!! I like it, I think it\'s going places... keep going!! check out my fics The 6th Year(h/d) and Harry\'s Choice(h/g) and good luck!! love always shannonpotter

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Review #8, by chuckler journal entry

22nd July 2003:
your story is interesting. I like it. You do need to edit and revise though, but hey I spell more words wrong then einstein, so you\'re better off then me..hehehhehehehehehehe.

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