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Review #1, by Ana  I'm Back Baby!!!

4th June 2010:
ooo i like this please write more. i think ill die if u dont and im dead serious (no pun intended) but i do love this so far.

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Review #2, by Ana Awkward? Never...

4th June 2010:
looks like harry has a little problem and by little i mean HUGE i mean wow who woulda thought

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Review #3, by Ana Saying Goodbye And Purple Eyes

4th June 2010:
ooo this IS like a secret mission james bond my favorite james bond is diamonds are forever i LOVE that one! well by

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Review #4, by Ana Victories, Losses, And Purple Pickles

4th June 2010:
HEY SHE HAS MY NAME!XD im starting to like this story and she seems a lot like me! so long!

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Review #5, by lucygoosegirl  I'm Back Baby!!!

9th June 2008:
omg! i l.o.v.e it it is da bomb lol :D update asap please

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Review #6, by IloveNeville  I'm Back Baby!!!

5th June 2008:
Poor Harry. I’m glad he lied for James about the bag. Maybe they’ll trust him now. And you’re really evil, hinting about Harry’s seventh year and withholding the details, just cruel.
Oh Merlin Ana showed up!! See I told you that would be good. Great minds think alike. Haha Sirius Black had a fan club in 2nd year. I love how Ana calls Dumbledore 'Big D' that's funny. Isn't that what Dudley's friends call him though?
And the quote of the chapter...
"Hey, dimples! I always wanted those!"

Loved it. Great job and update real soon okay? :D


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Review #7, by IloveNeville I Wouldn't Talk To You Even If I Could...

5th June 2008:
How did Dumbledore know about Harry from the past though? Like how did McGonagall contact him. And why do James and Lily need help falling in love? Is this like a cycle so that after James and Lily have Harry and he grows up and defeats Voldemort, will he have to do the same thing and go back in time again? Haha, he’s mum has a crush on him..awkward!! Really awkward. I would have been SO tempted to tell them who I was. It’s Sirius!! *places hand to heart and sighs* I don’t want them to hate Harry. He didn't even do anything!! Poor Harry. I think he should just take it as a joke and laugh it off when they turn his hair hot pink. And he should tell James that he has no interest in Lily in that way at all. I reckon you should get Ana to show up. Just to spice things up. But then again, you're the author.


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Review #8, by IloveNeville Saying Goodbye And Purple Eyes

5th June 2008:
Yay, Voldemort's dead!! Yay!! But Harry's lost his voice. Devastated! Ana's pretty cool, she's a bit of a smartarse...I like it. Tomikins haha nice touch. Now, the thing with this is, it says Harry's going back to the 80’s but wasn’t Harry born in 1980 so shouldn’t it be the 70’s? And another thing that confused me... Ron and Hermione have to go meet Lupin?? Which Lupin is this because Remus was already killed by now. It even says it in chapter 2. I love the Sleeping Beauty/ Rapunzal thing. It's really cute. And I love all Ana's little lines.

To name a few...

"if life rains on you, bring out the slip and slide!"

"the name’s Potter, Harry Potter. And I like to be surfin’, not stirred."

And I love the nickname M&M. priceless. It was a really good chapter. I'm falling in love with this story.


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Review #9, by HarryPotter is my LIFE  I'm Back Baby!!!

2nd June 2008:
eh, honestly i'm not too excited to have ana back. i definetely enjoyed just have harry chill in the marauder era. but, it's totally not my story, and i still enjoy reading it, so it doesn't matter too much.

your writing is getting much better; better flow, less typos. the only thing i wanted to point out was the A/N in the middle of the chapter was a bit distracting. but that's it.

okay, so i was thinking about your summary problem, and i think that i've come up with something that'll suit you:

If Harry thought defeating Voldemort was difficult, he was in for a suprise. The savior of the Wizarding world obviously never tried to travel back in time to get his parents together while being mute, hated by James Potter, and followed by his crazy twin sister. Follow Harry and Ana as they attempt to get their parents together, or risk not being born.

maybe something like that? nice chapter, looking forward to more!

oh, and it would be in the 70s not the 80s.

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Review #10, by HarryPotter is my LIFE I Wouldn't Talk To You Even If I Could...

2nd June 2008:
ahaha. i totally shouldn't be laughing at Harry, cause this sucks for him, but i am. man, i defintely wouldn't want james potter mad at me.

you're getting a lot better at pacing your chapters at this point, which make them much more enjoyable to read. however, you still might want to think about drawing scenes out a little more, and even though this 3rd person point of view isn't omniscient, you might want to at least include the outward responses of the marauders.

"you're a a really good teacher." and winner of the corny line award goes to -lily evans!

good chapter, they just continue to improve!

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Review #11, by HarryPotter is my LIFE Awkward? Never...

2nd June 2008:
good chapter, i'm liking this story quite a lot now that it's set in the marauders era. i've got a fetish with that era.

i'm still wondering where ana comes in getting their parents together, but i suppose she just hasn't arrived yet.

aww, poor harry, he can't talk and he's already being persecuted by his fellow classmates.

okay, to request a banner you need to go to the home page, scroll down, and there's a link to a place called the dark arts. there you can register and request a banner. if you don't want to go through the hassle, you could give me a description of what you're looking for and i could make one for you. i like to think i'm a fairly good banner-maker.

as for the summary, it's not too bad, just a little out there. you might want to include a few more details. oh, and speaking of the summary, i'm definetely excited for those yoda fans! (cause i'm one too!) :D

good chapter, i liked it!

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Review #12, by HarryPotter is my LIFE Saying Goodbye And Purple Eyes

2nd June 2008:
i love the idea of the slip and slide; i seriously might try that next time i'm feeling a little down.

just the picture of harry chillin with a white board and an eraser makes me laugh a bit; lovin' it.

poor harry, still a mute. is he ever going to get his voice back? or be cursed without talking forever. i think i might have killed myself already had it been me.

again, i have a few qualms with ana's charcter. i still can't see any bad traits in her, and mary-sue's just tend to get on everyone's nerves. her ability to get whatever she wants from anyone is annoying, and it's just totally improbable that minnie (or M&M (kickin nickname, by the way)) especially would just give in.

not a bad chapter overall! on to the next!

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Review #13, by HarryPotter is my LIFE The Mission And Tickled Pink

2nd June 2008:
haha, poor ana. i think i would cry if i had to make my hair pink.

the only thing that bugs me about her is her insubordination to old voldie pants. it's one thing to mock him with the order, but it's another to leave this power completely unacknowledged. however horrible he is, his power is great and her messing around while in a duel with him is something that would never her worked with voldie in the books.

other than that, there are were much few typos in this, and it got better even as if progressed through the chapter.

and iris; just another thing like the whole harry's twin. sirius' long lost daughter is a big cliche, but as long as you write it well it should be fine.

so, kudos, and i'm super excited to see these two in the marauder era.

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Review #14, by HarryPotter is my LIFE Victories, Losses, And Purple Pickles

2nd June 2008:
not bad. i like the story idea, just a few things i wanted to point out.

there are a few typos, not so many that it gets annoying to read, though. i don't know if you've ever read a story like that? it's pretty bad. but don't worry, this wasn't like that. (okay, rambling now.)

also, the chapter was paced a little quickly, and slightly jumpy. if you took a little more time to extend the scenes, it would flow a lot better.

harry's twin is a big cliche, and a little mary-sue as well. you might want to consider adding an AU warning because of the twin, and also try to balance Ana out with some not-so-great traits.

in all, not a bad start for your first fic, i look forward to reading more!

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Review #15, by Harrys_gal  I'm Back Baby!!!

4th May 2008:
absolutely awesum!!!
terrific...keep it up n update ASAP!

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Review #16, by rowenaravenclaw94 The Mission And Tickled Pink

3rd May 2008:
so can he talk now or what? good job!

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Review #17, by rowenaravenclaw94 Victories, Losses, And Purple Pickles

3rd May 2008:
good job! ana seems like fun! poor harry the mute!

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Review #18, by x Michelle x  I'm Back Baby!!!

30th April 2008:
luv it plz update soon.^_^

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Review #19, by DR_CHICK909  I'm Back Baby!!!

1st April 2008:
Really Funny!!!

Love It
Cant wait till next chapter!

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Review #20, by DR_CHICK909 The Mission And Tickled Pink

30th March 2008:
Isn't Harry mute?

Why can he talk?

Author's Response: he's not talking.. he's thinking.. Ana can hear him think

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Review #21, by Siobhan  I'm Back Baby!!!

30th March 2008:
This is an AMAZING story! Keep wrighting!!!

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Review #22, by fourthtriomember  I'm Back Baby!!!

5th March 2008:
OMG this story is soo cute!!! Keep going!!

Author's Response: thank you i try... love the reviewers

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Review #23, by jan137  I'm Back Baby!!!

4th March 2008:
dude! this story is freaking awesome! i love ana!!! she's is really random and funny! by the way, where did you think up a person like that?!!! anyways keep up the great work! update soon

*Janelle* :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Author's Response: ana.. thats a mixture of all my buds from school... thank you for the awesome review

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Review #24, by Lightning_Gurl  I'm Back Baby!!!

4th March 2008:

i just lurv ANA!!!

u better update ASAP!!!

Author's Response: ill try... i just am writin this as i go and its hard ya know

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Review #25, by mes2draco  I'm Back Baby!!!

3rd March 2008:
haha. i like anaxandra.
awesome plot :))

Author's Response: i know i think she rocks and so do others apparently.. thanks for reviewin

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