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Review #1, by LilyFire This is Hope

9th March 2010:
Wow. Another great chapter.

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Review #2, by blackkitty1337 Something New

9th February 2010:
and to add on to all the things i listed before. you quote new moon.i feel that you and i are pretty close to being the same person.its kinda weird...

Author's Response: Twilight is one of my favorite series, third to Harry Potter, the Pride&Prejudice (which isnt a series, but whatever)
I think we'd be very good friends, because apparently we have Pride&Prejudice, Jonas Brothers, Twilight, and Harry Potter in common =]

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Review #3, by blackkitty1337 Stuck in Memories: Confronting Remus and Planning a Dance

9th February 2010:
okay so im pretty sure that we would be best friends... i mean jonas brothers, alan jackson, and pride and prejudice???

Author's Response: ...Whos Alan Jackson? lol
Pride & Prejudice =

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Review #4, by blackkitty1337 Part 2: Stuck in Memories

9th February 2010:
ummm okay sooo the jonas brothers + james and lily potter = love to the extreme! i really enjoy this story.just check your typos...there are a lot of them!

Author's Response: lol. although I cant quite recall anything having to do with the Jonas Brothers in that chapter, you've captured my interest and I'll look into it.
Sorry about the typos. At the time when I wrote this, I was younger, and my word proccesser wasnt working. I'm a terrible speller, so I depend on that program. When I find the time, I've been re-writing all my chapters to this story, so they'll get fixed... eventually.
Thank you for your review!

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Review #5, by LilyFire Rendezvous

28th January 2010:
I must say this is one of my favorite fanfics. I cannot wait for the next chaper (though I suppose I'll have too). You've done a great job, but I only have one problem. I don't see Lily letting anyone beat her like you had happen with Snape. Oh, and you never did anything with their wands being stolen. I guess thats two. Still, this is a great story(: one other thing, I noticed you threatened not to write anymore until you get reviews. That is agains ToS, I wouldn't do it again.

Author's Response: I'm thrilled that you consider my story one of your favorite fan fictions. Really, having given it a lot of thought I realized I dont really see Lily letting Snape treat her like that either. But I started this fiction a few years ago, abandoned it, then picked it up again. I went through and edited the chapters, but figured I shouldnt alter the story like to terribly. The validators did warn me against threatening, and I swear not to do it again. I just get frustraited. No reviews gives me little incentive to keep writing.
Thank you for your review, its greatly appreciated! =]

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Review #6, by Mary As time flies by

14th July 2009:
I think you have a little to much. Sirius and Lily just makes the plot even more complicated and you really don't need more complicated.

Author's Response: yeah, well.thats your opinion, and I appreciate it, but seems right to me that Sirius should want Lily, or think he does, becuase he's jealous of James, and what James has with her.

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Review #7, by April Letters

1st July 2009:
OK YOU HAVE TO WRITE MORE...LIKE KNOW! AH YOU CAN'T KILL THEM! ok sorry for the rant. I seriously love the story but you need to type the nxt chapter like ASAP!!

Author's Response: awww, yay! I was so excited to log on and see your reviews! you just made my day (I just got home from a 3-hour long car ride from a week long vacation that was really boring XP) I\\\'ll try my hardest to get the next chapter posted today, tomorrow, or the next day. It depends, because my aunt\\\'s about to pop, and I just love babies! hehe. Thanks for your great reviews! they brightened up my day considerably~

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Review #8, by April Wedding Bells and a Bright Green Spell

30th June 2009:
He can't die he isn't allowd to die... no! Oh by the way I think I like Lilly's view better. Though that may be because I am a girl. Well thanks for writing and you better write more!

Author's Response: =] thanks so much! I love your enthusiasm! keep reading!

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Review #9, by April Some Things Unwanted

30th June 2009:
i love it love it love it I wish I could write like you and have to admirt i am a bit jealous. Oh well, please keep writing. I don't want to have to hunt you down and force...J.K.!

Author's Response: you give me much more credit then I\\\'ve earned. =D thanks so much! But if you hunt me down, I may have to do something about that.

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Review #10, by April Post Proposal Rejectonal Depression

30th June 2009:
You canm't kill her no! Sorry I had to have my freak out moment. I seriously think this is one of the best fan fics ever!

Author's Response: mwahahahaha

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Review #11, by April Fallen

30th June 2009:
aww you defenatly caught my attention and I love all the love Please please please do the world a favor and keep writing!

Author's Response: =] =] =] =] =]

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Review #12, by IloveNeville The Order Strikes Back

16th May 2009:
OH MY GOSH! That is SO cute. I really really liked this chapter, like every one before it :)
It's good that you're showing how James and Lily defied Voldemort. Some people just forget that Harry parents had defied Voldemort three times before that faithful Halloween. Great job, and I really liked how you mentioned Fabian Prewitt, sort of telling his story as well as James and Lily's. Amazing chapter, keep it up!!

Author's Response: Awww, you're sweet! I'm sad to say though, that it has come to the end of another school year, and with exams, projects, and sports to juggle, I'm having a hard enough time getting on the computer for a few minutes. But I'll do what I can, and I'll try to at least post the next chapter by next week.
Thanks for the review!

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Review #13, by oboeroy Reunions, Bad News, and a Traitor

1st May 2009:
Sorry if you thought I was going to stop reading your story. I only recently found out about Fan fiction in fact this story was the third fan fiction I have read and I think it is the first one that I figured out how to submit the reviews.(on the other stories I didn't realize that you have to preview your review before you leave the page or it won't be submitted) Anyway my point was at the time when I read your last post I didn't know that the status of a story ( wip, completed, or abandoned) was stated so I figured that since it was the first chapter in a while that had a happy resolution rather than a cliffhanger of some sort that you were done. Needless to say I was happy to see that you had posted a new chapter.
Now that I have jabbered on so much I forgot most of what I was going to say as far as a review went. Did you leave the information of what Lupin's job was blank on purpose or did you just skim over it? Oh and in case I forgot to mention it before I really like the idea of Harry being a "miracle baby" I think it makes Lilly's sacrifice even more understandable thanks for writing I can't wait till next time.

Author's Response: Awww. I actually just got on intending to start the next chapter. This story is my oldest HPFF, but i'm in love with the story line, and I think the James/Lily stories are my favorite (besides post-war Harry/Ginny)
I find it hard to choose which of my James/Lily stories I update first. But I have reached a writers block for that one, and I know where I'm taking this one.
So, once the new chapter 4 for this story is validated, I'll post chapter 19 of this story.
Wow...I never thought I'd get this far.
thanks for reviewing! I really appreciate it.

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Review #14, by IloveNeville Reunions, Bad News, and a Traitor

27th April 2009:
Awww, the sun will come up but she won't be around to see it *sob*
I was so excited to see that you've updated. I think I may have actually squealed :S Haha
This chapter was so cute but so sad all at the same time. I love your James and Lily, they're so SWEET! I liked the little look into Peter's mind. Alot of stories simply ignore Peter and make him out to be a creep right from the start, rather than giving him a chance to voice his thoughts. Though I truly HATE Peter, it was a refreshing change :)
Great chapter once again.
Keep it up!

Author's Response: I know what you mean. I despite Pettigrew. However, I dont believe that he betrayed his friends in school, where they were around to protect him. But once they're out of school, and are all starting their new lives, he grows a bit paniced and looks for a way to make himself feel important.
But anyway, all that will be explained upon further updates. thanks for reviewing!

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Review #15, by oboeroy Perfect

17th April 2009:
Good job you were able to create the emotion without making it awkward to read.

well thanks for all the fun reading you story.

Author's Response: Its not done yet! I hope you dont give up on it. =[

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Review #16, by oboeroy No More fun and Games Mister Snuffles

17th April 2009:
now that you have clarified that Alice is not Mrs. Longbottom yet I think you might want to take a look at the scene where she walks into the Headquarters and notices Lily's ring because i think you may have called her Alice Longbottom and understandable mistake in fact I though mybe she had just gotten married even faster than Lily and James
still fun although the prude in me is a little terrified to start the next chapter
Well Onward!

Author's Response: lol. thanks for reviewing all these chapters. It means much to me

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Review #17, by oboeroy Something New

17th April 2009:
I love the scene where James gets into bed with Lily it is so endearing.

Author's Response: I am a hopeless romantic. I like making things dramatic and gushy.

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Review #18, by oboeroy I Love You

17th April 2009:
that was terrifying for a second I was scared you were going to kill off Lily would have really screwed over the entire wizarding world. thank goodness for the power of true love.

Author's Response: I was actually considering it, you know, writing an AU. but then I realized its not harry potter fan fiction if theres no harry potter. lol

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Review #19, by oboeroy Stuck in Memories: Dances Can Be Fun

17th April 2009:
man that first sentence is extremely confusing it took me three times of reading it to finally understand. There was another sentence that was confusing too, but since I can't remember which I can't tell you where it is. Still fun fun fun

Why did she have to wake up when James was out of the room?

Author's Response: Just more dramatic. I like dramatic. hehe

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Review #20, by oboeroy Stuck in Memories: Confronting Remus and Planning a Dance

16th April 2009:
I like the nickname for voldemort it is even better than Fred and Georges You-no-poo
If Snape loves her why would he hurt her?

Author's Response: Snape is a very complicated person. I fully intend on writing some snape scenes. Maybe in the next chapter I post, as he is essential to this story.

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Review #21, by oboeroy Stuck in Memories: We All Fall Down

16th April 2009:
wow well if I continue to review your stuff your going to get sick of me. Oh well. fun fun fun. the time transitions are very intersting and I am definitley enjoying them however they sometimes they seem to take me a little offguard. Also I thought that James and Lilly were still living at Headquarters because by my count it has only been three weeks since they went into hiding and Dumbledore made it sound like they would be there for at least a month possibly two. other than that fun fun fun.

Author's Response: nah. I love that your reviewing my stuff. I'm editing all my chapters because I realize that it may not all be perfect. I think I started this story in '07 and just recently picked it back up. I love that you arent scared to hurt my feelings or anything in your reviews. It really helps me realize what people really think about my story so that I can fix it. =]

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Review #22, by oboeroy Part 2: Stuck in memories: Sirius the Dog

16th April 2009:
wow you make it sound like you are literally starving for reviews once again I state that it is really fun to read you stuff I guess the only criticism I can think of the fact that your spelling is atrocious but since it is so fun to read I really don't care.

Author's Response: I know my spelling is terrible. All my earlier chapters are, because until recently I didnt have microsoft word, and those chapters are considerably old. Thanks for reviewing though!

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Review #23, by oboeroy Part 2: Stuck in Memories

16th April 2009:
it is really fun to read however i am wondering how Lilly got a CD in the 70's oh and i thought you said Lilly's father died when she was kidnapped but when i was reading the wedding scene she seems to make mention of her father walking her down the aisle if he were able to get better but all in all very fun

Author's Response: hmm...
I'm going back and re-writing the first few chapters, so when I get to that chapter, I'll be sure to check on it. thanks for the review!

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Review #24, by IloveNeville Perfect

11th April 2009:
No, I liked the description of the house. It helps the readers have a visual of it. Haha, James tried to pay in Galleons and Lily tried to pay in Pounds. That was good. I liked that. Wow, that was an intense scene. Bit uncomfortable to read these scenes for me haha, I'm immature what can I say. Was it awkward writing it. I'm going to have to write one eventually for my story but I think it's going to be way uncomfortable. Anyway, I really enjoyed this chapter. It was amazing and I can't wait for the next one!

Author's Response: I really debated with myself how descripted I was going to get, and I was really jumpy whenever anyone would walk into the room when I was writing it. I was embarassed writing it, but it's an essential point in ther relationship, that one thing that they were waiting for to make their relationship that much more special. I dont think I'll ever have anything like that in the story again however. It was too much on my nerves. lol
At the moment I'm at a sort of mental block about where to take the story, but I'm trying, and I'll try to get the next chapter up ASAP.
thanks for your amazing reviews!
PS. I'm doing MAJOR revisions to the first few chapters, so if you need somethign to read, I have the first three done. =]

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Review #25, by IloveNeville No More fun and Games Mister Snuffles

11th April 2009:
I love the joking between James and Lily about his secret relationship with Sirius. That made me laugh. Haha, and Mr. Broomhumper, that was funny :D
I like what Sirius said about love.

"Falling doesn't take that long."

That was good. And I think it's very true. I used to think that falling in love took time but after alot of thinking about it I realize that you can't put a number on love. This chapter was really good, I like the comic relief alot. It was a nice change. And I'm really excited for the honeymoon! Yay!

Author's Response: I felt the need for comic relief, because writing this story was making ME sad sometimes, but it's a sad story essentially. So many of their friends died, as we all know, and Voldemort was terrorizing everone. But I realized that doesnt mean they cant enjoy themselves a little, even in a hospital.
The funny thing about that line I wrote, "Falling doesn't take that long," is that I've never actually been in love (sad, yes I know). I've had (at the moment actually) am epiphany that I really REALLY like someone, like it hits me like BAM! so thats what I've based it on. Love? not entirely up my ally in reality. Dreams however.
And now I sound like a sap, so I'll stop

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