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Review #1, by Amber My 'Mione

15th March 2010:
that was freakin' amazing. ^.^

Author's Response: Why thank you :)

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Review #2, by Shelby Weasley My 'Mione

12th August 2009:
It was great :) I loved it. I thought I was gonna have to get all upset and demand that you change the story, but you finished exactly how I hoped :)

I loved it!

Author's Response: Oh, I'm so glad you liked the ending! You're so sweet to review. Thank you.

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Review #3, by Shelby Weasley Somethings change...

12th August 2009:
Oooh, well thats not good. I don't like Krum anymore. He's cut from my next story. Haha :) well maybe not.

Anywho, this sounds interesting... oh what fun that should be... :D!

Author's Response: ^_^ Yeah, I guess I wrote Krum as bit of a bad guy... You'll see in the next chapter how that is not completely true. In all actuality, I have nothing against Krum. I'm glad you think it sounds interesting.Thanks a lot for reviewing!

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Review #4, by writergirl8 My 'Mione

25th July 2009:
yay! i loved that :) great writing, great storyline, as well. -writergirl8

Author's Response: Really? You liked it? Wow, thanks.

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Review #5, by Daphne 13 My 'Mione

3rd June 2009:
LOVEd it!! Very aweasomemantastic!; )

Author's Response: I'm glad. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #6, by MizzWeasley_o My 'Mione

3rd June 2009:
read both chapters and love them. i loved ron's speech especially. It makes me want someone to say something like that to me! haha. its soo good and you should be proud of yourself

MW :)

Author's Response: Oh, thank goodness that you've read it later rather than sooner. Earlier, it was SUCH a mess and now, while this story is not my pride and joy, I am not as embarrassed as I used to be about it. But yes, Ron's speech is something that I also wish someone would say to me, though all of the guys I currently know would never say anything that honest/cute/intimate. (Though they are nice people. Really. I swear.) ^_^ Thank you very much for reviewing!

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Review #7, by RonsGirlFriday My 'Mione

5th May 2009:
Yay! I'm glad Ron got the girl. I love him! I thought you made him very sweet without being totally OOC. I especially liked this line:

But thats it!? He is sympathetic towards house-elves and he likes to read? Mione, if thats all it took to get you, we wouldve been married years ago.

Such a perfect thing to say. And the part where he was asking her whether Krum knew all those things about her. I have to say, I think I enjoyed that a lot because something about how you did it reminded me of the scene at the end of When Harry Met Sally, where Harry tells Sally, "I love how you get cold when it's 70 degrees outside. I love how it takes you an hour and a half to order a sandwich." Maybe because it showed how much attention Ron pays to Hermione's little mannerisms.

A fun read!

Author's Response: Oh, wow I can't believe you actually read this story. It's been awhile since anyone has reviewed it, but thanks! I'm glad you liked the ending... You know, I've actually never seen When Harry Met Sally, odd considering I love chick flicks, but now I want to! ^_^ But thanks, once again for reviewing.

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Review #8, by crazygurl17 My 'Mione

28th January 2009:
aw thats sweet nice story

Author's Response: Thank you!


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Review #9, by daydream_it_to_life My 'Mione

24th January 2009:
It was really good! There's some things I'm sure you've heard a million times...
I think that Hermione might have been a little upset for hurting Viktor. She's a really good person at heart, so I don't think she would have been so happy that she just hurt him, you know? And I think Viktor might have been upset; his heart was just broken. Then maybe he would've broke down and sort of pleaded those things of Ron. He still loves Hermione. =) I'm sorry if I seem rude or anything! This is just how I sort of see the characters.
This was really good though! I'm so glad you let those two be together! And I think the part where Ron was asking Hermione if Viktor knew her was adorable. XD

Author's Response: You don't seem rude at all! You're pointing out completely valid points. This (if I may say so myself) is probably my worst story. I liked writing it but it was over a year ago and my writing skills have improved since then. Every time I go to read it, I flinch and I have to stop. The POV is all messed up, the spacing all over the place, the words used...Well, to say the least, the single best part of it is the part you pointed out, when Ron was asking Hermione how much Viktor knew her. One day, I'll sit down and that thing apart from top to bottom and improve it.One day...

Anyway, thanks for reviewing. You weren't rude; you were honest, and sometimes that's the same, but in this case, it isn't. I appreciate all the constructive criticism!

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Review #10, by lily and scorpius 4eva My 'Mione

12th January 2009:
oh so cute!
almost as cute as bella & edward
(mega twilight & hp fan)

Author's Response: Thank you! I can't possibly be as good Stephenie Meyer's work (I'm currently re-reading Eclipse) but I appreciate the compliment and the review!


Mrs Roonil Waslib

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Review #11, by Ghost Chicken My 'Mione

5th December 2008:
Maybe I am projecting Rupert onto Ron and Dan onto Harry in a lot of ways, but not all. Rupert gives Ron the dopey "Aw Shucks" kind of look, but I see Ron as a veritable MOUNTAIN of a man, but not like Hagrid--more like a walking skyscraper. Ron is very tallJKR repeatedly says so in her canon. Harry really isn't that tall, but he's no runt either. That scrawniness they both had as kids is long gone in adulthood. After playing quidditch, all they'd been through and all the hard-scrabble living they did for all that time, then fought a vicious war, and then Auror training, those two have got to be pretty buff. So...I rest my case for a HOT Ron...and Harry...

Have you ever read "Never Enough?" It's a fan-fic on another site that has got to be the most amazing tale about Ron and Hermione I've ever read. The author of that one has painted Ron as I see him in my mind's eye. I also have a weakness for blue-eyed, red-haired Celts and that's Ron...and my husband, who is blond, but with red highlights. And there must be Weasley charm...look at the size of that family!

Author's Response: See, I totally get where you're coming from but my problem is that the first movie came out when I was seven, before I started reading them. So I either saw the movie first or read the book at such a young age, that I didn't really develop a character in my mind over time because I saw the movie soon afterward. When I think of Ron, I see Rupert, but when I see pictures that are probably more realistic than Rupert, I'm like, "That looks nothing like Ron," when Ron, to me, is really Rupert. Same with Dan - I think he's kinda scrawny, because next to Rupert he looks...unmanly.


I haven't read Never Enough, though I'd like to. If it's on FanFiction . net, I could find it. I'll go look now!

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Review #12, by Ghost Chicken My 'Mione

3rd December 2008:
She couldn't marry Krum! It would have been a disaster! Besides, all Ron had to do was turn on that Weasley charm and flash those baby blues a long time ago! Even Viktor knew it wouldn't have worked. Yay, RON! He's such a god...

Author's Response: It WOULD have been a disaster...A very, very bad disaster! I think that Ron in the book and the Ron actor have two different appearances but we associate them as the same. Rupert is GORGEOUS!! But Ron is...a little more awkward and to Hermione, looks aren't everything. YAY, Ron, you're right!

Thanks for reviewing both chapters!

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Review #13, by Ghost Chicken Somethings change...

3rd December 2008:
Do you realize how bit 10 carats is? How can she lift her hand?

Author's Response: Yeah, I wanted it to be VERY big...


Thanks for the review!

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Review #14, by SpringTime My 'Mione

13th November 2008:
Well I have to say that I really enjoyed that. I felt my heart break and leap all in this one chapter. There are some grammar and spelling mistakes that you might want to go back and fix, but it really was very good. The only things was that Viktor was a little too nice, I almost would have preferred that he punched Ron in the nose before saying all the nice things he had. Don't get me wrong I don't want Ron hurt, but Viktor did love her enough to propose. Also I think Hermione would have felt a little bit worse to have to break his heart, after all she is a very compassionate person.
But I still did really enjoy it. :)

Author's Response: I'm glad! As far as the grammatical/spelling mistakes goes, I think this is my most beta-needed story.

I think that Viktor would've wanted to punch him in the nose, but then how do you punch a guy who has blood all over his face? It wouldn't have been very "fluffy". Hermione, I think, was so happy to actually have what she wanted and to stand up for it that, yes, she would feel terrible, but at the same time, look at what she's getting- Ron!

I'm glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the review!

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Review #15, by SpringTime Somethings change...

13th November 2008:
Very cute first chapter. I so love Ron, and you have really got him down good here. 10 carats now that is insane, that would be the biggest ring ever (I mean I think two carats is pushing it), but that is just me, I am a simple jewerly wearer, but I've got to be honest I can't even picture ten. I cant wait to see what you have in the next chapter. Hope she ditches Viktor. ;)

Author's Response: Thank you! I agree that 10 carat is ridiculous, but we're dealing with an extremely rich Quidditch player, and I think we both know that he wouldn't give her a 2 carat ring.

I hope she ditches Viktor, too.


Thanks, again!

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Review #16, by Shlesha My 'Mione

11th November 2008:


Author's Response: Wow! Thanks! I thought you'd like it. So much enthusiasm! Wow! Thank you for your AMAZING review!


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Review #17, by Shlesha Somethings change...

11th November 2008:
AH NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! Off to the second chapter *Cries*

Author's Response: I think you'll like the next chapter if you didn't like the first one. But then again, I wrote the next one, so I'm hoping you'll like it.


lol, No, I'm pretty sure you'll like it. Thanks for your review.

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Review #18, by Adrien My 'Mione

8th November 2008:
LOVE IT it so awesome

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you loved it!

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Review #19, by Georgia Weasley My 'Mione

1st November 2008:
Story is great, but there are a few issues. You started out the chapter in first person, with Ron telling us his POV. Then suddenly, you went back to third person like the first chapter, using Ron's name. It was a bit confusing. And again, a few little grammatical errors. But---moving on to the good stuff!
Having Percy be the voice of reason? I love it. I think if anyone knows what it is to make a big mistake, and then dig himself in further just because he was afraid to say anything, it would be Percy. And the place where Ron is asking how well Viktor knows Hermione is just brilliant. I loved that part. I think investing in a good beta would be a great idea, because a good editor can help you turn this story into a fantastic little creation. The bones of it are all here, just needing to be polished up and fleshed out by putting those professional touches to it. Well done!

Author's Response: Thanks! If fixed the first person/third person issue. I'm glad you liked that part; it was really fun to write. I'll think about a beta, thanks!

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Review #20, by Georgia Weasley Somethings change...

1st November 2008:
Bloody hell! Sorry, I just had to say it for him. There are a few little grammatical errors hear and there. Nothing major, though. Meanwhile is one word, not two. And this was a slightly awkward sentence: " Her hair, tamed immeasurably from her Hogwarts years, was down and soft chocolate tendrils of hair framed her angelic features. " You could do without the words "of hair" in the last part and be fine. Other than a few misspellings, it wasn't anything terrible in that department.
On to the fun stuff! I adored Ginny's cheeky comments to Harry. The part about not grabbing her ass had me laughing out loud. The dialogue was very well done, and I could hear the conversation in my mind. It is so true that you can love someone and still not get them. Good chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you! I enjoy your kind of reviews, where's there's constructive criticism as well as the parts you liked. I went back and corrected all the things you suggested and it seems much better! I'm glad you like that part! Very helpful review!

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Review #21, by casa_bella_2 My 'Mione

1st February 2008:
hey again!
yes I am a writer, I have two stories up, (check casa_bella) and I'm going to put some chapters up for my newest and longest story up, but only when I find a name for it, I thought about calling it "Loving Lupin" but it sounds so good, I'm sure someone has used it already... have they?!
I really like this story, I've just re-read it.
I love when Ron rattles off all the things about Hermione,
'“You say he knows you, but how much does he really know you? Does he know that when you’re about to cry, you blink a lot? Or the bushier your hair, the happier you are? Does he know that you always like to be in control? Or when you disapprove of something, your nose crinkles just the slightest? And in the morning, does he know that you like to curl up in front of a fire with a cup of cocoa and a good book? Does he know about Quiggles, your teddy bear that you’ve had since you were a baby? Does he know that peanut butter cups are your favorite, but you only like them frozen? Does he realize how much he annoys you when he mispronounces your name? Or that your favorite quills are the cheapest ones, only 10 knuts? Does he realize that the tiniest compliment like, ‘Hermione, you’re the smartest witch of our age.’ can really boost your self confidence? Does he know that you don’t like short courtship like, for example, the one you two had? Does he know that, sometimes, you pretend to be scared just so I’ll put my arm around you? Or that the only reason you’ve read “Quidditch Through the Ages” three times is because you wanted to impress me with your knowledge of the sport and not so you could learn how to fly? Does he even notice that your hair is the exact color of your eyes; brown flecked with gold? Does he know,” Ron whispered, “That your favorite nickname is the one I gave to you, Mione? And even more importantly, is he aware of how hard it is for the both of us to be in the same room because of how much we love each other?.” He paused. “If you can answer yes to one of those, he’s a better man than I thought he was.”'
I really love this, it seems you took a long time to write it, and people like this.
I KNOW! I sucks that you don't get to see what they rate it! I looked around for ages!
I still haven't figured out how to see how many people read my stories, :(
anyway, 10/10 again, :P

Author's Response: Thanks again for reviewing; I must say you're probably my best reviewer (is that a word?). I'll be sure to read you're stories today, and I'm not sure whether or not "Loving Lupin" is already a fic here, but you could still call it that; it's probably different from the other one. Also, that's probably my favorite part of my whole fic, right there, where Ron really shows how much he knows Hermione...I guess I kinda wish that if I were in the situation Hermione was in that my "Ron" would say something like that. And the part about not being able to see the rating, I was actually wondering if I could like send an e-mail or give a suggestion to them asking them if we could see the rating. But, you're in luck, there IS a way to see how many people have read your story: go to your account and Click "Manage Stories" and next to "Add Chapter" it should tell you how many reads you have total for the story. Anyway, Thank You SOOO Much for your review!!

Mrs Roonil Waslib

P.S. Don't tell anyone, but I love peanut butter cups frozen too! Coincidence that Hermione does in my story...I think not.

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Review #22, by casa_bella My 'Mione

30th January 2008:
Oh Wow,
like every day I've been checking to see if you've updated (don't apologize, but I thought I'd warn you that it sort of puts people off when you take months to update,) and it's well worth the wait! (if I may suggest...I find it easier to write most, or the whole story before you post it, that way people can think you're a very fast writer :P)
but, I'd like to be the first person so say "Congratulations on a very well written story, it was worth waiting."
And don't take much care to the people who say "it was too rushed," or "Viktor should have been more angry, he loved her after all!" as to the first one, maybe it was a tab to rushed, but better a little rushed than drawn out five chapters, and as to the second, I see Viktor as one of those bubblegums, hard on the outside, but when you get to know them (i.e chew them.) you find they're actually gooey on the inside, I know J.K portrayed Viktor as a tough-guy, but I love the stories where he's a big teddy-bear.
this is a story I know people like me will read over and over again,

Author's Response: Thank very much! I've been waiting for some one to leave a review for a couple days. Also thanks for the suggestions on updating my stories; good idea! And, I'm assuming you're a writer, so thanks for tell me "10/10" because they don't tell us that, even though I wish they did! Anyway, thanks again!

Mrs Roonil Waslib

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Review #23, by casa_bella Somethings change...

6th January 2008:
aww come on, we've been waiting for ages! please put the next chapter up!

Author's Response: I apologize for the long wait; I should've updated over winter break, but I was really busy. I hope to update very soon-like in the next two weeks. Again, sorry for the wait, but reviews keep me typing, so thanks!

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Review #24, by Amelia Somethings change...

9th December 2007:
ha ha, poor ron, I feel for him...
oooh! can't wait for the next chappie, it's going to be great, is ron going to freak out? or be a silent mourner? tee hee..
btw, I'd add this as a favorite story, but I don't have an account... but I suppose i'll have to get an account when i put my story up, i'm thinking about calling it 'learning to love, and using love that was always there,' but I think it's too long..
oh well, 10/10!!!

Author's Response: Ron is...well you'll have to read the next chapter, when I finally update. I really appreciate the reviews that you left for both my stories! Thanks!

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Review #25, by XxescapingfatexX Somethings change...

17th November 2007:
i like it so far! hmmm...Hermione Krum...doesn't sound too great... i really can't wait to read the next chapter! ;D 9/10

Author's Response: Thanks!! Updating chapter!!

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