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Review #1, by purple_psychopath 

27th June 2009:
when does the next chapter appear? ever? PLEASE!!!

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Review #2, by blimey 

10th May 2008:
this is so funny! Please update soon!

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Review #3, by lothlorien 

7th May 2008:
great chapter. very funny. please continue soon.

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Review #4, by crazybibliophile 

7th May 2008:
That was James. He just woke up. We never did get him off the torch bracket.

Sirius and I are now in hysterics.

priceless... I am totally in love with this story, it's brilliant.

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Review #5, by crazybibliophile It says I am creating chapter 11 of this story. I assume it is right.

4th April 2008:
ha ha hah I love the charades thing...

Author's Response: I really like your screen name! It's so cool - I went and looked up what bibliophile meant and laughed my head off!!! Thanks for reviewing - here, have virtual chocolate.

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Review #6, by blimey Chapter 10

29th March 2008:
Tee hee.
There's not much else to say - this piece is intensely funny.

Author's Response:

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Review #7, by lothlorien Chapter 10

20th March 2008:
yet another great's just a bit too short. could you write longer chapters perhaps?

Author's Response: Any complaints, take it up with management.
HEEEEEEEEE HEEEEEEEEEE HEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! I love that phrase. Read it in a book once and thought it was great!

I will try and extend my chapters. If you like long chapters, though, try some of my other stories: especially Retorts for Dummies, that one has a REALLLLLLLY LOOOOOONG chapter. You'd LOVE it!!!

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Review #8, by crazybibliophile Chapter 10

20th March 2008:
Lily agreed with Siruus??!! Oh my gosh!! The world as we know it is falling apart!!!


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Review #9, by lothlorien Chapter 9

13th March 2008:
this chapter is hilarious!!! i love it. she is soo evil! lol, they got their professor sacked. i wish i could do that :D
please continue soon.

Author's Response: Yes -- verrrrrrry evvvvvvvvilllllllll...
LOVE u 4 reviewing!!!

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Review #10, by crazybibliophile Chapter 9

12th March 2008:
Oh this story's hilarious, I love it so much!! Jay is so funny!! And you're an awesome writer, this is fantastic. :D

Author's Response: Haha! Yeah, I like Jay too, she's awesome!!!
LOVE ya 4 reviewing ---

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Review #11, by blimey Chapter... er...

5th March 2008:
"Helen just returned and she has lipstick smudges all over her cheeks.
I find this very disturbing.
Why was James wearing lipstick?"
^^^Tee hee. This chapter is very funny.

Author's Response: *Smiles*

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Review #12, by blimey Chapter Seven

5th March 2008:
Poor Sirius! Jay is definitely giving him a hard time.
Very funny.

Author's Response: Yep! *Gives million dollars to blimey*. Sorry, but these dollars are VIR-TUUUUU-ALLLLL

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Review #13, by lothlorien Chapter... er...

5th March 2008:
i really like this chapter. it's great. i like this style of writing, but i told you that already. please continue soon.

Author's Response: I LOVE getting reviews! *Such* a morale booster. Honestly, I love reviews. They rock, and thanks for reviewing! *Loveheart*

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Review #14, by lothlorien Chapter Seven

28th February 2008:
so she is still evil. yay. such fun. i like this style of writing. basically just random thoughts. it's very nice. please continue soon.

Author's Response: :)

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Review #15, by blimey This is chapter six.

25th February 2008:
Oooh, what writing style is this? I'd just like to say you pulled off Eoin Colfer's style very well. This story is great - please update soon!

Author's Response: I think this one is Sarcastic Git style. But wait, *inhales dramatically*, there's more! Coming up next: Innocent Child style (lot better than it sounds, seriously).

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Review #16, by blimey It says I am creating Chapter 3 of this story. I think it's right.

24th February 2008:
This story seems very sarcastic. I love it!

Author's Response: Oh good. Sarcasasm is the HIGHEST form of wit.
I love sarcasm. I think it's great and really funny, so it's very flattering for you to say my story's sarcastic!

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Review #17, by unicorn_magik This is chapter six.

21st February 2008:
I need the next chapter! I love the random thoughts! She makes me laugh out loud!

Author's Response: Coincidentally, I'm just about to put up the next chapter! Cya!

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Review #18, by lothlorien This is chapter six.

6th December 2007:
oh please make her write lines! please!!!
i really like this chapter. but where is all her previous evilness? that was a lot of fun.
please continue soon.

Author's Response: Where is all her previous evilness? I have no idea. Absolutely none.

Although Fiji is very nice this time of year.

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Review #19, by lothlorien Chapter 5

2nd December 2007:
lol! great story. i love artemis fowl so it's very nice that you're writing a hp fic in colfer's style. please continue soon.

Author's Response: Thanks! My sister loves Artemis Fowl too and I really enjoy his style of writing, so I figured I'd give it a go.

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Review #20, by DestinyPrayer Artemis Fowl Style Of Writing

9th November 2007:
So, are you going to continue this? Well, anyways, I just love Jan- excuse me, Jay's personality. She reminds me a lot of myself actually. I really like this style to me, although I don't really know how to describe it. You put the perfect amount of information in this chapter; not too much and not to little. Over all: great job! It's going in my favorites! Update Soon!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I'm glad Jay reminds you of, well, you. I like this style too - but Jay scares me a little sometimes. Remind anyone of Voldemort?

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