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Review #1, by violetriddle Back to Reality

3rd December 2007:
wow this made me feel was wrtten good and isnt lucios in prison.

Author's Response: thank you. Sorry I depressed you!

Yep, he is indeed in prison, but I changed that a bit to suit the needs of the story. He will be put in prison later in the story to get things back right.

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Review #2, by AuburnFair Back to Reality

26th November 2007:
Yay, new chapter!

This was fabulous. Your descriptions were amazing as usual. I love how you personified things, like this:

Turning her thoughts back to reality, she brushed the dust from her skirt and hurried from the house. Number Twelve, Grimmauld Place did not bless her with fond memories. It was a looming reminder of the terrible mistakes she had made and the choices that she couldn’t take back.


I liked how you tied in the Malfoys, and I thought Narcissa was very in character.

Very good job portraying Anastacia's emotions.

Amazing amazing, keep it up!


Author's Response: Oh mylanta! Thanks! I absolutely love your reviews. They always put a smile on my face and make me feel better about the things I have been having doubts about. You are the sweetest.

I am sooo glad that you liked how I did the Malfoys. I know that it was very on the surface, but it's only the first time they come into this story. There will be much more about them later. I was having so many doubts about weither or not they were in character. I am so glad that you think Narcissa was, as Astacia's sister I figured she would be the main point of interest in this chapter. I'm glad you liked it.

Thanks so much for the support, you rock!

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Review #3, by Diandra Prologue: Tears and Make-believe

15th November 2007:
Since you are the best reviewer in the history of great reviewers, I decided that it would only be right to read your stuff in return. I see you write a lot of OC characters; that's interesting. I love OCs when they're written correctly, and yours definitely was. But still, you should write a bit of Sirius/Remus yourself, just to see what you can do. I'll definitely read it! Anyway, to actually review...

This is really powerful, and I haven't even read "Life in the Arms of the Marauders"! I cried as she cried; this passage made me so sad! I don't even like stupid Sirius (as I'm sure you know by the way I write him), and his death still makes me sad when told from the POV of this character. Great vocabulary and everything! It was just perfect.

Now, I promise that I *will* read your other stories, but not today. I have lots of work to complete, so you may have to wait until...Saturday for more reviews from me. Just thought I'd let you know so you didn't think I was blowing you off or anything. Anyway, fantastic job! I can't wait to read more.


Author's Response: Aww. Thank you soo much. I'm glad that you liked my reviews. Yes, I like to give everyone as much honest feedback as possible. Thank you for saying I do a good job with OCs. Actually I do it because one day I want to publish my own work and I think that working with OC in a world that I DIDN'T create is good practice.

Anyways, I can't believe I actually made you cry! I don't believe I have ever done that to anyone. Wow. I'm really glad that you enjoyed it. Perfect???? Yeah, I've been toying around with different POVs and I liked this one a lot too. I don't like Sirius much either (as you can probably tell from my reviews)

As far as having to wait until Saturday... if the rest of your reviews are anything compared to this one then I can soooo wait! Thank you soo much for the amazing support. I promise to read more of your stuff soon to!

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Review #4, by maddybopeep Prologue: Tears and Make-believe

12th November 2007:
it's not a stupid cause!
is she in Harry's house?!?
that's trespassing!!

Author's Response: I KNOW it's not a stupid cause!
Yep she's in Harry's house.
Like as in the Black house.
and it's not trespassing!
I love you maddie!

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Review #5, by weluvjamesandcharlie Prologue: Tears and Make-believe

11th November 2007:
That was a really good start. Leaves you wanting to read more.

Author's Response: Thanks! Yep, I hope to give you more soon!

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Review #6, by aliveinyoureyes Prologue: Tears and Make-believe

4th November 2007:
But that was the beauty of a Black. They could weave fanciful realities that lived inside their heads.

I love your writing style that was definately my favorite line in this chapter. It seems so poetic in all it's lonliness, and seems to describe the Blacks perfectly.


Author's Response: Aww. Thanks for the review and the lovely rating! Yes, Astacia lives a very lonely life, but enough of my spoiling... You will just have to wait and see. :) Thanks for the reviewing!

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Review #7, by NevillesSoulmate Prologue: Tears and Make-believe

4th November 2007:
Lovely writing style, and it fits so well with the story you're setting up. I love that she's his cousin, and I think it will be very interesting to find out more about their relationship. And I have to ask how you came up with the name Astacia, because it's pretty awesome. ; )

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad that you liked it! I hope that you will like the whole story. BTW, I got the name Astacia from a book, only there it was written as Estasia. But the pronunciation guide said that it was mor like UhStaceiuh! So I changed the spelling for better clarity. Well, thanks for the support!

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Review #8, by violetriddle Prologue: Tears and Make-believe

4th November 2007:
omg hun this was great.u never showed me this banner i like it better than the other one though.plz write the other ones to and i was wondering if u had chapter 2 yet,no rush though

Author's Response: Thanks! Yeah, I kinda just made this banner when this story was still in validation. I am still writting on the other ones! Yep, chapter two is already written and typed up on my computer, but it's on the computer at my house and right now I am at my dad's so I can't get to it. Kinda lame. grr. I'm with my dad deer hunting for the weekend, but I should be home tommorow to send ch. 2 of Life in the Arms of a Marauder up for validation. Just be patient until then! :)
BTW, I am almost done with chapter two of Ginny and Draco.

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Review #9, by AuburnFair Prologue: Tears and Make-believe

3rd November 2007:
First review, yay!

I really like this writing style. Its a bit different from your other fics. I especially liked this.

She toyed momentarily with the notion that if he had not died she would have sought him out. That she would have apologized and they would have been alright. But that was the beauty of a Black. They could weave fanciful realities that lived inside their heads.

Wow, it gave me shivers :)

This sounds like it will be very sad, but very good. Can't wait for chapter two!

I really like all your stories, so I'm going to add you to my fave authors!

Author's Response: First of all, thanks sooo much for adding me to your favs. You can not know how much that means to me. I see a lot of people reading A Child of Opportunity and not taking the time to check out my other work. The fact that you do really is the coolest. It is really sweet.
Second, I'm glad that you liked this. I know it is a little unconventional to be writting one story and have another up at the same time that takes place so many years later. It will reveal a whole lot, but hopefully the way I am writing it it won't make much of a difference either way. In fact, if I do this effectively it should just intirgue you more to see how Astacia got to this point when you are reading Life in the Arms of a Marauder. Anywho... I'm very glad that you liked it and I hope that I can get more to you soon! Cheers!

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