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Review #1, by busybusybeta Epilogue: Our love

22nd September 2011:
i can't believe i just read this whole story in one sitting.
i loved it! it was full of nonstop laughter, and COMPLETELY insane situations and decisions.
onto the sequel!! =D

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Review #2, by sagitariangal Epilogue: Our love

12th April 2010:
heyy i jst found this yesterday...n today m done with the story without evn a wink.omg...its so gripping n nice.i just loved it!!! sooo original n beautiful n amazingly written!!! i really wish Grady ws a JK Rowling i dnt wanna tke away ur credit.jst tht i cud hv read more stories on him!!! im sooo in love wid ur characters! ok nw m goin off to sleep b4 i hve stick tapes to keep my eyelids frm next thing i do whn i gt up is go n chk the sequel!!! keep writing! loads of good wishes n love!!!

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Review #3, by Reader Lover Epilogue: Our love

9th June 2009:
AH! you were freaking great! I love this story!!
I don't know how to express myself about it, I think I'll sing!!

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Review #4, by ClearCutDiamonds Epilogue: Our love

22nd May 2009:
This is definitely one of the best stories on this site. I love Grady.

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Review #5, by pipps My Embarrassment

11th June 2008:
hahahah scorpius :D

btw i love how in the story we see grady having conflict with himself like between who he thinks vs.he is who he really is vs.what people think he is

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Review #6, by pipps My Wedding

11th June 2008:
:) :D grady surely isnt lying he does have a truck load of family . their reaction shud be hilarious !

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Review #7, by pipps My Obsession

11th June 2008:
i am loving this story its so UNIQUE!

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Review #8, by utterly confused Epilogue: Our love

21st May 2008:
awww so good! :]] i love it! ill go read the rose one now!

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Review #9, by lilyevenspotter My Resolution

19th May 2008:
you really should get someone to edit this

Author's Response: I would love to. I really would, but I've a job chasing children, two stories to write ,four books to read, college essays to write, a trip to plan, clean a house, errands to run, three movies unopened that I have to watch, get my wisdom teeth out, all the while having a social life. And don't take this in the wrong way... but it's just not my top priority.

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Review #10, by lilyevenspotter My Christmas

18th May 2008:
Iceland is not cold!

Author's Response: oops.

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Review #11, by lilyevenspotter My Embarrassment

18th May 2008:
no that was sooo cute!!!

be carfull about Fred(1) he is dead!!! the other twins name is gorge

Author's Response: yeah i mixed it up! Atleast I know how molly weasley feels now. Thansk1

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Review #12, by lilyevenspotter My First Day

18th May 2008:
good but you might want to edit it i found some typeo's

Author's Response: oh I'm sure you did. There are a whole slew of them. But I've neither the time or energy. sorry! thanks!

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Review #13, by Lady Emerald My cousins

17th May 2008:
Cute! I love new characters! I don't have much time, so I'll be reading more later, perhaps tomorrow!

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Review #14, by Bri My Obsession

2nd May 2008:
I love it and hope she marries him

Author's Response: she does. ;) thanks!

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Review #15, by dansgirl88 My cousins

2nd May 2008:
omg i'm already in love and on my way to chapt 2 :)

Author's Response: thanks!! lol long way to go! I hope you enjoy!

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Review #16, by The_Real_Mrs_Tom_Felton Epilogue: Our love

24th April 2008:
ah it was amazing! at first i wasn't sure if i wanted to read it but i did and i'm glad i did cause i loved it! i can't wait to read the sequel!

Author's Response: thanks!!! I know oc/oc don't tend to attract my interest either, but I'm so glad you liked it! The sequel is out. Thanks a bunch!

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Review #17, by endlessly xx Epilogue: Our love

22nd April 2008:
This is the most AMAZING story EVER!! I loveee it. Favorite foreverrr. :D

Author's Response: HAHA thanks! Grady is more popular now than when I was writing it!!?!?! I don't get it??

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Review #18, by sorryxlove Epilogue: Our love

9th April 2008:
Wonderful! That was just the pick me up I needed! I have had such a crazy week... anyway, this story was so cute and sweet. I was a little nervous at first, but it was wondreful anyways! Great job! Can't wait to see the sequel!

Author's Response: Thanks! That was really nice of you! Grady was my baby lol. I'm glad you liked it! I know I read all cannon fics so I personally probably wouldn't have read this story either.... yet I wrote it lol. I know its strange but thanks for the review!!

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Review #19, by Slytherin85 Epilogue: Our love

6th April 2008:
This was a great story, I LOVE IT.. i'm adding it to my favorites...

Author's Response: thanks!! I love this story too. Well I wrote it so I'm a little biased... but still!! thanks!!

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Review #20, by tilakbenith Epilogue: Our love

26th March 2008:
Lovely story. Was very insightful and helped me reflect on my own life. Love your work. Am eager for the sequel.

Author's Response: thank you that was really nice of you. unfortunately I feel like the sequel won't be anywhere near as good as Grady is. He's such a wonderful character and he's basically already grown up in the last story. But i'm still going to write it. Thanks!!!

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Review #21, by calliepotter2123 Epilogue: Our love

22nd March 2008:
Hey, I loved your story. I was just wondering if I could, um, borrow Grady for my story? I've never liked a Next Generation character as much as him and I want to put him in my story. I wrote out Charlie's family before I read this so I'd have to edit my story. But I'd give you full credit of course and tell my readers about your story. So just check my story out and tell me in a review or whatever. By the way, my story's name is Callie Potter. Thanks for listening to my rambling and thanks for writing a really great story!

Author's Response: I would be honored. lol you can borrow him if you want just credit. thank you so much that's really nice of you.

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Review #22, by Goldfishy My Transparency

14th March 2008:
Erm...I haven't commented thus far, and I really should have, but I thought I should point out how amazing this story is. =) I absolutely love it.

Also, you put Uncle Fred saying something right when Rose was freaking out about it being, like, OMG, Annette. Which is kind of weird considering Fred died, like, a really long time ago in your story. =)

Great job, nonetheless. Although the ending is...quite sad. Tear. I hope things get better for poor Grady.

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Review #23, by anniehpff My Astonishment

3rd March 2008:
Aww! The ending was cute! I love the plot and and I can't wait for Grady and Annette to get together =)

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Review #24, by Faith My Wife

1st March 2008:
good job, i love this story. poor annette, though!

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Review #25, by indrajeet Epilogue: Our love

23rd February 2008:
this is a very good story!please do a sequel on grady meeting annette's parents!! a short story or a one shot would do!!!

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