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Review #1, by Tash2Unknown Grrr...I hate Snape...

7th January 2011:
please say this isn't abandoned..I hope you will update soon =]

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Review #2, by gnarglephilliac Grrr...I hate Snape...

28th April 2008:
Yeah ... I would like some more please...especially the arguments a riled up Snape!

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Review #3, by Shakespeare Sarani Grrr...I hate Snape...

21st March 2008:
I'd really like to see some more of this. It has great potential, but you haven't written in a while. Hope you haven't abandoned it!

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Review #4, by gr33neyes Grrr...I hate Snape...

18th November 2007:
good one
thier argue was so fun :)
snape's got to get back to his senses... or else, jade will show him :)
cant wait to see what happens next between those two :)

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Review #5, by strangegirl6125 Grrr...I hate Snape...

18th November 2007:
Haha, just brilliant. Fun story!!

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Review #6, by tragicYETmagic Grrr...I hate Snape...

18th November 2007:
heyy its magic here
i really really really loved it!
cant wait for more
this plot is soo good
cant wait for the next chapter
xoxoxo magic of tragicYETmagic

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Review #7, by tragicYETmagic Tethered?!

3rd November 2007:
Magic: HEY did u no i love this story in turn making me love the person who wrote this story MAKING ME LOVE YOU as it happens,
yup its magic here from tragicYETMagic tragics here too arent u tragic
tragic: of course im here you bumbling idiot ... im always here when your reading a good sotry such as this one
magic: oh yes shes much like a stalker.except she sumtimes gives me personal space if she didnt id walk me ,,,no HER off a bridge.
tragic: yeah like when she needs to peee HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA
Magic: how appropriate TRAGIC anyway LOVE THE STORY SOOO you better write more NOWW
tragic: yeah no pressure

Author's Response: aw, shucks, thanx, i love 2 feel appreciated
i'm glad 2 hear u r enjoying this story-there are more chaps coming!
anyways, thnx 4 reading! it makes my day 2 hear people like it!

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Review #8, by gr33neyes Tethered?!

2nd November 2007:
liked it :))
even though my life dream is to get an invisible line who holds me and snape together, i think that this is not too pleasant for dear jade :))
great story
cant wait to see whats next
10/10 for a good start ;)
keep it up!

Author's Response: hmm, yes, it would be unpleasant
i can't say i would enjoy it much either ;)
anyways, thanks so much 4 reading, i'm glad 2 hear u liked it
thnx 4 reviewing it also
keep reading, more 2 come!

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