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Review #1, by Caitlin In Your Arms

11th June 2012:
This is by far my favorite fan fic of all time. Romantic, desperate and searching for redemption, Draco's tale from the other side of the looking glass is both sympathetic and sensual, but not licentious in the slightest. Well written!

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Review #2, by jysim The Girl in the Cellar

10th February 2011:
Nice chapter, good start!

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Review #3, by noona There is No Peace Without Love

3rd March 2010:
I love Luna and Drao pairing .. thanks for this story

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Review #4, by phoebe In Your Arms

6th August 2009:
brill!!! i really liked the way draco behaves,its sooo sweet!!!

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Review #5, by ChyloeReece There is No Peace Without Love

6th August 2009:
Great fic, you're a wonderful writer. I'm reading all your fics! Go Draco and Luna!

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Review #6, by StarGirl On Both Sides

29th July 2009:
I see a huge. huge influence on you by StarGirl, I was about to say that before I read your note. :)

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Review #7, by clemm There is No Peace Without Love

10th July 2009:
just awesome(:

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Review #8, by BarbiiBaybii There is No Peace Without Love

23rd March 2009:

But i am happy for Luna and Draco though Xx

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Review #9, by WeaslyFan_bamber There is No Peace Without Love

8th February 2009:
wow an AMAZING story i loved it
it was great how you managed to fit the deathly hallows story into it soo well =D

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Review #10, by Lady Luck (not really) There is No Peace Without Love

29th January 2009:
THAT IS LYK, SO AWSOME!111oneone11!eleven

Oh god, I've always wanted to try acting like a weird fangirl xD
I'm strange, I know, but it's so funny, especially when they use more exclamation marks than needed to convey their excitement.

I love this :3 The ending was a nice touch; I love Luna's last line, too. "Besides, I think your scars are sexy." Though I, a hardcore (NOT REALLY) Draco fangirl, would be disgusted by his wounds and baldness, she still loves him, despite his appearance. I think it's rather sad that most of the time, fangirls only become fangirls of people like, say, Potter, because of their appearance, and not their personality. I'm sorry to say I am that kind of fangirl... But maybe, it's just to Draco? I don't like to see him injured in any way--and especially not bald.

Well, I think I made the most sense I am able to in this review, so I shall say my goodbyes and depart to search for another story.


--Lady Luck

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Review #11, by bring_back_sirius There is No Peace Without Love

8th January 2009:
That was so cute!
Great story, unusual twist at the end with Draco getting burned but I'm glad Luna stuck by him. As we all knew she would.
Congratulations for completing the story. :)

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Review #12, by blueirony There is No Peace Without Love

4th January 2009:
That was just... the nicest Draco/Luna story I've ever read.

I'm with you on the theory that Draco's story is a very different one than what we learn from Harry's point of view in the books. I think that he's misunderstood, a victim of circumstance and that there is some good in him that is fighting to get out.

I first read a Draco/Luna story a few months ago. I never thought of them together in a romantic sense, but the more I've thought about it, the more stories I've read with the two together, the more I realise that they really do work. This story is a testimony to that.

I loved it.

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Review #13, by ooooooooooomg On Both Sides

1st January 2009:
draco should just cut the arm with the dark mark off and then they can run away to brazil

Author's Response: Ah but that would make too much sense! Although, it might be a bit Anakin Skywalker of him to walk around with a replacement arm, no? XD

Thanks for your review!

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Review #14, by rockachika The Girl in the Cellar

1st January 2009:
I've always known that Draco was a goodie constantly forced to uphold his family's beliefs and reputation by his father. I think this story portrays that really well; he doesn't want to dissapoint his father but has no pleasure doing his and Lord voldemort's bidding. The spark between Luna and Draco is fantactic and i'll be interested to see how that pans out!!

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Review #15, by diamond_phoenix On Both Sides

30th December 2008:
i think i've read this before... like in Stargirl by Jerri Spinelli?
good so far - i'm really not liking the copying stuff though, like, it's an awesome book, and this is an awesome fic, but seriously, keep it your work and not his, yeah?
8/10 :)

Author's Response: Nothing was directly copied from that book although I did get the rooting for both sides from it. Was there a specific line that was word-for-word? If so, I will change it. Please let me know, as I've only read it once and it was a long time ago. Thank you for you review!

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Review #16, by On Both Sides

30th December 2008:
10/10 This is a touching story and I thank you so much for writing such a magnificent piece! This is officially my #1 favorite draco/luna fanfiction so far (and I've read about 30+). Great job! and Thank you again for making my night! I can't wait to read the last chapter! :D Write on!

Author's Response: I'm so glad you've enjoyed it. Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #17, by Ninazera Hold On

29th December 2008:
O.O You got me!! Dude is Voldie still in the house?? Goodness you'd think a guy with such power could find himself some OTHER place to crash. what a bum. lol j/k Cant wait to read the next chappie. :D

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Review #18, by Ninazera Possibilities

29th December 2008:
I'm doing a you know why? Because this fic is just getting better and better. Seriously...I'm captivated.

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Review #19, by Ninazera The Girl in the Cellar

29th December 2008:
WOW! Freaking amazing I tell you! Unfortunate for other Draco/Luna writers because I'm going to start comparing theirs with yours. hahaha. Might I add your banner is lovely but I have to ask who are the characters in the background? Is the picture a still from a movie? If so, pray tell which one?

Author's Response: Thanks for all of your kind reviews. In the banner, I used a gif I made using screencaps I nabbed from the movie Awake with Hayden Christensen, but it's supposed to be Draco and Luna kissing ^^

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Review #20, by Irina Escape

30th November 2008:
As always Dobby messed everything up

Am, i'm so angry with Harry, stupid arrogant Boy Who Never Understand

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Review #21, by Artemis Selene  Escape

28th November 2008:
I love ship! It's stunning almost, as is this entire story. Very well written, I love it.

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Review #22, by thrufirewithoutaburn Escape

27th November 2008:
Please update soon!!! Your story is AMAZING and you are and AMAZING writer!!! Can't wait to read more!

10/10 (of course)

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Review #23, by Thrufirewithoutaburn Facing It

27th November 2008:
My eyes were tearing up through this entire chapter! Seriously, I never would have touched a Luna/ Draco story with a ten foot pole before I read this! But this is so awesome!

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Review #24, by Thrufirewithoutaburn In Your Arms

27th November 2008:
Ahh!!! That's my favorite chapter, I think. Not sure, but I think. You are so talented! (Sorry if my comments seem a bit redundant, but all I say is true!) 10/10!

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Review #25, by Thrufirewithoutaburn Hold On

27th November 2008:
Ah! It breaks my heart! The last line, BTW was the BEST! Totally sums up just about everything!!! 10/10! Keep up hte good work!

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