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Review #1, by ...? Whoa Oh (Me Vs. Everyone)

14th January 2009:
when are you going to start updating? when are you going to update othe stories?

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Review #2, by FOB lover Whoa Oh (Me Vs. Everyone)

27th December 2008:
Please update soon, I really like this fic and you've used good songs too.
It's different (in a good way) to read a song fic in more that 1 chapter, I love music and to read and this is a good way to find good music and good fan fiction writers at the same time.
Please update soon, I'll be waiting.

FOB lover

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Review #3, by jennaBee Whoa Oh (Me Vs. Everyone)

27th November 2008:
Seriously i love this!!! YOu have ot keep going, now the question remains will reading adie, ruin this??? becuase you know i really like this!! go for it!

Jenx (10/10)

Author's Response: I really truly hope rewriting Adie and changing it to Felicity won't ruin this. I'm sure it won't, but if it does, then I just want the outcome to be a great story as well!!

Thank you so much!!

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Review #4, by kathryn Cold As You

12th November 2007:
this is really good. definately continue with this story (please :) ) update soon!

Author's Response: I'm actually doing another story and I just can't bring myself to write this one at the same time........sorry! But you should check out my other story.

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Review #5, by immature_atmosphere Cold As You

12th November 2007:
hey well done! i love should totally put up another chapter, it could work. i shall be hangin out for it. well done! 10/10

Author's Response: I would put another chapter if it werent for the other story I'm me that one is awesome. And its longer!

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Review #6, by a_nonny_mouse Cold As You

12th November 2007:
I'll make you a banner! Mail me (my address is at my account) and I'll send you one.

The story's good (Adie does come across as a Mary Sue, though) and although I've never heard the song it sounds quite good.

Author's Response: a Mary Sue?

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Review #7, by Lil lily71 Cold As You

12th November 2007:
Cool story and i'll make you a banner just email me at: and tell me who you would like on the banner, any quotations/writing and a colour preference

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