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Review #1, by ravenclawprincess84 Seven Thoughts

29th January 2012:
aw this is so cute. i love it 10/10 :)

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Review #2, by lunaweasley Seven Thoughts

28th December 2011:
WOW x 1 gogle.

That was so good! I almost cried and I NEVER cry for a book/fanfiction! (Well, maybe when Sirius and Fred died...) This is a brilliant piece that seems highly likly. In the books, Fred and George were always together. I can just see him trying so hard to bring him and fred together again and people 'helping' him.

I love this piece SO darn much!

Hey, as an afterthought, would you read my story Spontaneous? Please? It's George/OC. Please?

I LOVE your story!

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Review #3, by iluvron Seven Thoughts

4th January 2008:
that was nice, i love fred and george and it was a nice story to read

Author's Response: Thank you :]
I love them too!

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Review #4, by Pookha Seven Thoughts

22nd November 2007:
Excellent story. Glad to see someone giving other emotions to George than just pranking. He's gotta feel the loss of a twin especially hard.

Author's Response: Haha, thank you :]

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Review #5, by MyronWin Seven Thoughts

6th November 2007:
No. Your story was not too long. Don't let something as arbitrary as a word count suggest a story is too long. That goes for page count and feet of parchment rolls as well. A story should be as long as it takes to tell. No longer. No shorter. That's it. And the ending was not weird, as your other reviewers say. But I find myself wondering about the huge mistake you mentioned in your A/N. WAS it the husband instead of wife thing? Truthfully, I did not notice that, though it might have been changed before I read the story. The two that come to my mind are: First, mentioning that Percy had not come back by the time Fred had been killed. From where? He was in the castle, he was even at the same spot when Fred died. The way you wrote it made it seem like he was still estranged from the family. And Second, saying that George's parents and Professor Dumbledore suggest a muggle wedding in a muggle church would be best for Ella's family. Do you mean Dumbledore's portrait? In any event, it was a nice story and I liked it. I liked how the scenes both accentuated the known story around them and how they connected to each other, even though they might have been separated by years. The title, however, was not the best. Thank you for your story.

Author's Response: Wow. Thank you for this review. The mistake was the "husband" instead of wife".
As for Percy, I decided to tweak the story a little so that Percy was estranged from the family, if you get what I mean. I'm sorry for not making that clear.
Your second misunderstanding--

Her parents and Professor Dumbledore had decided that the less people who knew, the better.

If you refer to the phrase before that--didn’t even know she was a witch--you can see that I'm talking about the fact that Ella's parents and Professor Dumbledore decided not to tell her other relatives about how Ella was a witch.

I know the title was not the best, but that was all I could think of at the time. Anyway, thank you so much for taking the time to read and review.

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Review #6, by AussieAnatomy627 Seven Thoughts

6th November 2007:
I enjoyed it... The ending isn't weird at all. I really liked how you incorporated excerpts from the books in your story.

Author's Response: Hehe, that's something I had to do.
Thank you for the review!

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Review #7, by Dark Queen Seven Thoughts

3rd November 2007:
that was really good, long, but still very good. :):):)

Author's Response: thank you :D
& sry for the unreadable length ):

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Review #8, by seriouslpurple Seven Thoughts

1st November 2007:
that wasn't a weird ending at all! awwee! I loved it, 'specially when George was trying to wake Fred up, and then how Fred was his son's name, and Fred's spirit was trying to hold him up! Powerful stuff!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Really, I was scared about how people would find this story.
And powerful stuff is right--it's something that only happens with twins ;D

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Review #9, by thepotterobsessor Seven Thoughts

1st November 2007:
"Do you, George Weasley, take Ella Andria Christensen as your husband?"
just wanted to let u know u have a LITTLE typo...=p

its an amazing story tho!!! =]

Author's Response: Thank you! First reviews always make you feel nice lol.

And thanks for pointing out the error...I'll go change it right now ;D

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