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Review #1, by Plata Chapter 1

19th May 2010:
I'm speechless. It was simply beautiful. I will say no more because I just cannot find the right words!

Author's Response: Awww, thank you! :)

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Review #2, by darthcorde Chapter 1

27th April 2010:
Beautifully written. please do keep writing.

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Review #3, by mrs_scorpiusmalfoy Chapter 1

14th February 2010:
Hello, Rosai!

It's me again:) I would love it if you'd make me one!!! Thank you!

My e-mail is jmans 2009 @ hotmail. com (no spaces) and the story is my One-Shot Eventful Evenings. That's if you want to check it out and get the gist of things.

Thank you!


P.S: Lucky you, you got two reviews from me:P

Author's Response: Hi! I am so sorry about taking such a long time to reply to this and for (evidently) not getting back to you about making you a banner (which I see you now have)! I just completely and utterly forgot I'd said I would do it. I am barely ever on fanfiction now you see, and so it all slips my mind easily until I get back into the mood. I'd offer to make you banners for your other stories, but don't want to end up forgetting again! University just takes up so much of my time these days. Hope you weren't waiting for me for too long before, and sorry again :S

Rosai :)

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Review #4, by openattheclose11 Chapter 1

20th August 2009:
This was well done. I've always found the relationship between Severus and Lily to be intriguing. You tackled it very nicely; it was nice to be reminded again how much he cared for Lily Evans, and the amount of hate he felt towards himself for participating in her death.

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Review #5, by snape_is_good Chapter 1

28th July 2009:
Oh my gosh! That was so sad! :( But brilliant!

I've never even thought of the memories Snape would be using when he cast that patronus in Dumbledore's office! Wow! And I never really thought of his childhood... I like how you had him and Sirius be friends at that party (that was so cool!)

The descriptions were excellent. I enjoyed reading the whole thing! Poor Sev...

This was an amazing fanfic! Your ideas of Snape's past were very original! Definate 10/10!

Author's Response: Hi there! :) Thanks so much for the lovely review! I'm really glad you liked it... and that it seemed sad and original, that is what I was aiming for. I kind of wish I could make it longer, and write a short story with it perhaps, which was my original plan... just I logically know I won't get it done so completed it as a sad and lingering one-shot instead.

Again, really pleased you liked it!

Rosai :)

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Review #6, by ILuvSev4Evr7 Chapter 1

14th July 2009:
So sad.. but a great story! :)

Author's Response: Thank you! :D I'm glad you think so.

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Review #7, by snapeangel Chapter 1

13th May 2009:
very nicely written, great imagry..poor sev

can't wait for more chapters

Author's Response: Thank you :)

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Review #8, by Lillover Chapter 1

19th January 2009:
Very cool
I always like stories who retells Snape's past to prove why he is so bitter and bad
Good Shot
Come by anytime to check on my stories

Author's Response: Thank you! I shall :)

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Review #9, by SilverThimble Chapter 1

8th April 2008:
Hello, SilverThimble from the forums here. Sorry this took a while :)

Phew. At the start I was convinced that this was going to be yet another angsty Lily/Snape, but you put a nice spin on it by showing how he always felt left out. I loved your descriptions - there wasn't much, but they were very simple & evocative.

Snape was pretty well characterized, although it was hard to tell as we so rarely see Snape upset in the books. Oh, it's not a one shot... ok, that cleared up what was going to be my next point - what was the happiest day of his life?

Couple of things - put " around dialogue, not ' . I know that's how it's done in books, but appears to be the other way around on the internet. When in Rome... *shrugs*

i liked how you portrayed his parents, but I don't really see a young Snape mixing with Bellatrix, etc. They were 'aristocratic', and definitely not allowed to mix with Snape who was of a 'lower class' and a half-blood. That said, the part where he and Sirius met was sweet. (if not canon, but anyway..)

It was a little short for a one-shot, but for a first chapter - not bad at all. Keep going, definitely. :)

Author's Response: thanks for the fantastic review!! i love how you point out the good parts and the parts which could be improved! :D glad you liked it! and no, it isnt an angsty lily/snape! as to the ' and "s it is correct either way, and in books like ' and on the internet, both. most of the ones i see are 's and i have always used them... dont think i can break that habit, but thanks for the suggestion! as to him mixing with bellatrix and such... i do agree with you, but you see, they lived in the same sort of area in my fic, and the Princes (even if not snapes father) are pure blood... his mother wanted him to be with children his age, but not muggles, thus belletrix and that lot! also, i thought it would be differnt, and therefore more interesting! same for him meeting sirius... i know thats not canon, but for all we know it could have been as afterwards he didnt see him again due to sirius not being allowed back to any of the gatherings, and then later on they were sorted into different houses... it isnt confirmed canon, but if we all went with canon then it wouldnt be fanfiction would it? hehe! yes, tis chapter one... and there is more to come! but i may extend it into a longer one-shot rather than a short story... but i'll see how it goes when i come to writing more!

thanks again for the review!!

Rose :)

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Review #10, by BKL8008 Chapter 1

2nd April 2008:
It's beautiful, how you've written this.
It's a side of Snape we never see, and I think you captured it - as well as imagined his childhood - perfectly.
9 of 10.

Author's Response: thankyou!!
Rose :)

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Review #11, by Seriah Dreamer Chapter 1

16th February 2008:
THIS STORY RULES! Yes put up the next chapter!


~•*•~ ®@IV! ~•*•~

Author's Response: thank you for saying so! :D that means a lot to me! and after your request, i feel more like updating!
Rose :)

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Review #12, by ishaGIRL Chapter 1

15th February 2008:
Want a banner? If so, contact me at (:

Author's Response: *ahem* in case you didnt notice, this story already has a banner, (made by me) so i probably, sensibly, would not want a banner...

plus i make them for other people myself, and am very proud of my efforts, which are getting better and better all the time (this is one i did before i got photoplus, using paint, so is quite good in my opinion!) so i am going to have to not contact you about banners, though if i did need one, i most certainly would! :D

also, it would have been nice to know if you liked the story, btw, as that is what reviews are for! still, i will assume that you did!

Rose :)

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Review #13, by Snapegirl Chapter 1

3rd December 2007:
I love this story so far, though I want to cry for the awful memories he has of his childhood. And then I want to strangle his parents and everyone else who was ever mean to him.

You've captured his emotions and reactions beautifully here, so please update it. I'm thinking of doing a novel myself about Sev and Lily during their childhood, maybe I'll start it after Christmas though, when it's not so busy.

If you like Severus fics, please check out mine, I've got 4 of them, but the first one you should read is The Very Best Thing, since that started it all.

10/10 wonderful job!!

Author's Response: aww thank you so much for the lovely review!!
im glad that i captured snape's memories and emotions well, and that you enjoyed reading it!
i will most deffinatley check out your stories, i have grown to like severus fics!
Thanks so much for the review!!!
Rose :)

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Review #14, by lizzyjonas98 Chapter 1

2nd December 2007:
ah!! so sad! i feel so sad for servus... YES U SHOULD CONTIUNE!!! I cried reading that part of Deathly Hallows... u know... the part with all the flashbacks of Lily and Servus? But that is the most randomes couple you could think of... next to Hermione/fredorgeorge. Seriously! What is going through peoples minds???
I have honstely no suggestions... I think its perfect so far.. and please conutie!

Author's Response: and you found this one too!! yay! hehe! im so glad you like it, and i agree, lily/severus is rather random, yet i have grown to like it and think it makes perfect sense! still was shocking to read about it in DH!
thanks for the review as always!!
Rose :)

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Review #15, by swearfairy Chapter 1

18th November 2007:
excellent chapter! i love how include all these tiny details, and you've got snape's character down really well! it has a very melancholy, bittersweetness to it--it's absolutely brilliant! keep up the good work, i'm really looking forward to another chapter!

Author's Response: thank you so much!!! im really glad you liked it!
Rose :)
p.s love your penname!

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Review #16, by slytherin 1o1 Chapter 1

9th November 2007:
I think your story is wonderful, but couldf you tutor me in writing a Lily and Snape story on my e-mail :

Author's Response: thanks for reviewing! and i will email you about that!!
Rose :)

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Review #17, by AuburnFair Chapter 1

4th November 2007:
Wow. I love snape/Lily (of course!) and I absolutely love this story! It's so tragic and beautiful. It looks like its going to be really good. I liked the part with Sirius! too cute. Well, update soon! :)

Author's Response: wehay!!! my first new reviewer! lol! (the others all reviewed on my blog, then kindly put a review on this site too!) thanks for reading, and im glad you like the story, and find it 'tragic and beautiful', as thats how i wanted it to come about!
ta for the lovely review! more will be on its way soon...
Rose :)

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Review #18, by emi potter Chapter 1

3rd November 2007:
hiya! i've already told you that i liked this chapter and that you described everything absolutly amazingly like i was actually there... i loved all your ideas on how snape's parents had to get together. i really liked "Severus’ eyes widened in fear as he sat in the chair at the back of the kitchen, and he clutched his threadbare teddy tight to his chest. ‘Eileeen, where are you? COME HERE YOU DIRTY WITCH.’
Severus began to shake, and he got to his feet to run upstairs, to get away.
His mother appeared from the living room, her black eyes glistening with hatred and disgust. Her loud, sharp voice as deep cutting as his fathers; ‘Tobias, you have no right to speak to me like that. You’re drunk again, get out of my house.’ " I think that bit was brilliantly described! it reaaly made you feel for snape and how hard he had it because having parents argue all the time can really hurt kids
"He looked at Lily’s moving photo again, and felt his heart grow warm, brushing away the clouded, harsh memories to make way for the sunnier times that had followed. Her smiling, beautiful face seemed as real as the day he had first set eyes on her..." this was really heartfelt and showed how lily made him much happier
i cant waait til the next chapter! 10/10

Author's Response: yay! thank you emi!! thanks for reviewing here, as well as on my blog, having people read it there first has meant that i have to wait for new readers to review, and so far no one has! :( i was like, but surely its not bad? if my faithful reviewers for WCMA loved it! lol! so thanks for also giving your opinion here! more will be on its way soon!
Rose :)

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Review #19, by C D johnson Chapter 1

2nd November 2007:
Hi Rose!!

Oh Rose! you did brillaintly! This is fantastic the discription is just fantastic! The way you discribed Lily’s Eyes when Snape was looking at the photo ‘Sparkling Emerald Eyes’ This does show that Severus Snape, Potiions Master, Head of Slytherin House and once Headmaster of Hogwarts does have emotion and he’s not as mean as J.K. Rowling shows him in the books! Rose I’m … How can I put this… Hmm… HOOKED on this! I want to read more! Hhhmmm now for the raiting... I am very sorry Rose, but i have no choce but to give you a 10/10! Well done, i loved it!

Magically Yours,


PS. Great Banner

Author's Response: yay!!! thank you craig!!! you are amazing! *hugs* makes me smile to know that you like it and are hooked!
thanks again!!
Rose :)

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