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Review #1, by siriusonlygirl Dancing, Dessert, and Disaster

31st January 2010:
Aww thats so cute between sirius and annelise! but i think i would barf too if i had to marry lucius malfoy... ugh that would just suck. I loved it! keep it going!

P.S- go check out my stories :D theyre in the marauder era mostly dealing with sirius/OC

P.S.S- I think i know u! if ur name corresponds with your email or myspace name (cant remeber which)

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Review #2, by weluvjamesandcharlie Dancing, Dessert, and Disaster

2nd December 2007:
Well that sucks for her. The whole thing between Annelise and Sirius is really cute, though

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Review #3, by pigwidgeon_hedwig_bff Dancing, Dessert, and Disaster

26th November 2007:
Are you sure you posted the version I beta-read? I saw some mistakes and got worried that I messed up, but when I compared this with the one that was on my computer, it doesn't look anything like it. This looks like the original you sent me.

By the way, I'm gonna tell people to read and review this, because it needs reviews!!! (I have this thing where I believe people should always review : D )


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