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Review #1, by Novacaine Like father, like son

30th October 2007:
I’m Novacaine (Generally, in Polish forum my nick is Kapuzine). Your fick is great, and I want to translated it for Polish language. I will place this translation on forum 'Dziurawy Kocioł' (eng. The Leaky Cauldron). It's on this page: Of course, informations about author, and link for original version, will be placed before text.

Please answered me for e-mail:
or under my message.

Author's Response: If you would like to use my fic, I'd be honored, if like you said, there's a link to it. Thank-you so much for asking my permission first.

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Review #2, by Girldetective85 Like father, like son

29th October 2007:
Hey! You're my 200th review!

I like this piece, it's not exactly a story, but more like a reflection and there aren't many on this site. I enjoyed seeing the similarities between James and Harry, viewed through Sirius's eyes. That's very interesting that you pointed out their belief that the world is divided into the good and the bad, black and white, and how Sirius understands that life is much more complex than that. It's also a good point that you showed, explaining that James's demise is in part his fault because of his trust in his friends - whoever is a friend, is not necessarily "good."

Also interesting that James viewed Snape as bad simply because he was put into Slytherin. Later on, we discover that Snape is not so black and white as originally believed - that people with ambitious, cunning, sly natures can also be true and loyal and steadfast, just like Gryffindors. That's the problem with these Hogwarts Houses - they don't account for gray areas.

Nice job! :)

Author's Response: Thank-you so much! I wasn't sure if anyone would like it, I hate all my own writing. I get over analytical. Your review is so thoughtful and thorough and has made me feel really great, so thanks!

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