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Review #1, by Sushmita Mischief Managed

17th November 2016:
Awesome way to introduce the marauder's map to us! Please write more from this era.

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Review #2, by Sushmita Things go Down the Toilet

16th November 2016:
OMG what a crazy chapter and absolutely hilarious!

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Review #3, by Sushmita I Solemnly Swear That I Was Up to No Good

15th November 2016:
U are a talented writer and have a great flow in your story. You have well developed characters already in the first chapter.

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Review #4, by Kimico Mischief Managed

3rd February 2010:
Awesome. I love how much troble they get in to. I realy enjoyed reading about the prankes they pulled. Are there going to be more chapters? [I want to read more.] Awesome writing. You have real tallant

Author's Response: Thanks. This story received recognition from the members of another Harry Potter site that I belong to that's geared toward fans 18 and older. I think it's the strongest of my three Marauder stories and it's definitely my favorite.

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Review #5, by GailGreen Mischief Managed

22nd March 2009:
Aww... Cute ending. I really liked how you re-united the four trouble makers. And to present the map as Moony's idea is perfect. Great job.

Author's Response: Thank you. And thank you so much for all of your reviews !

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Review #6, by GailGreen I Solemnly Swear That I Was Up to No Good

21st March 2009:
Very Marauders! Very 'in-character' and I loved Peeves! All in all, a cute chapter. I'm glad I found this story. It's got all the hallmarks of a teen-age tale. I really enjoy these 'fluff' stories. Not that there isn't some good writing to be had amidst the fluff.

All in all, great job. I'll be back

Author's Response: With my Marauder stories I generally aim for over the top craziness balanced by some redeeming theme or answer to a question. In this case I wondered about the stress Remus must have been under when he was first chosen as a prefect.

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Review #7, by Shalanarah Mischief Managed

8th March 2009:
do you know what i love most about this story? it's all the little jokes there and there that you put in such a subtle manner (like when Remus saw at the back of Snape with 'i'm a greasy git' paper on it LOL or when Sirius locked Remus up) All your jokes crack me up! I love it! And i love all the pranks the Marauders pulled. So funny and genius and i especially love it when James and Sirius talked about it so casually. Also, i love how they made up. It feels real to me because that's how i do with my bestfriends. Btw, other than Remus, you portray Sirius really really well! Thanks for the story! I really really enjoy it! ^O^

Author's Response: Well, Remus is my favorite character but Sirius is high on my list too. I love both of them.

I wish I could reproduce this story, not the actual plot but just the way it came so easily. I couldn't begin to describe the method behind it because there really wasn't any. I just began writing and it all came together.

Thanks for all of your kind reviews.

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Review #8, by Shalanarah Severus Snape's Big Adventure

6th March 2009:
Oh no Remus's mad. But i think you portray them really well. The way James acted after the match, the way Sirius acted when Remus stood up to them. Yeah, James and Sirius need to be control sometimes. The beginning was very sweet, the way the three Marauders worried about Peter like that and they walked courageously to the staff table. It shows how strong their friendships that they stick together no matter what. I like it :) But James is a Chaser, by the way, not Seeker.

Author's Response: I figured that it would take a lot to force Remus to stand up to the other two, but that eventually his conscience had to win out. He's such a genuinely nice person -- that's why I love him. That and how he just sort of faces all of his problems patiently and without flinching. I admire Remus more than any other character in the series. (Though Snape is second, believe it or not).

I wasn't aware when I wrote this that Rowling had given out his position. I don't pay attention to the interviews -- I assume it was in an interview and not in one of the books?

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Review #9, by Shalanarah Peter Pettigrew's Big Adventure

4th March 2009:
What Peter think and feel really show who he is inside. Grr!!! i hate him! And i see what you did there making Peter wanted to kill Sirius (hint hint* years later he did try to do it) Tho, i have to honestly say that i did not enjoy this chapter. I find it's too descriptive (especially in the beginning) Or maybe it's because the fact that this chap is Peter-oriented so i'm not too fond reading about him. haha :P Good grammar and puntuation tho (as always) Keep up!

Author's Response: I hate Peter with a passion too, which made this a challenge to write. I try not to show my prejudices but it's not easy.

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Review #10, by Shalanarah Things go Down the Toilet

2nd March 2009:
Aww, i love Sirius. When he said that they didn't care (about Moony's furry little problem) it was so sweet. Quite a quick change of mood, from funny to sweet, really :) Anyway, i always imagine their animagi transformation will be something like this LOL. And i love the idea of Cheery charm that make people stone! hahaha Love the ending, by the way. (wish it were real) p.s. i read one chapter of yours before i go to sleep. It makes me happy and sleep well ^O^

Author's Response: Well, this chapter was inspired by the idea that their transformations couldn't have gone right the first time. I began speculating about what kind of disasters might have happened and this was what I came up with.

The cheering charm, well Harry overdid one on Ron once and he got kind of goofy, so why not?

Glad you're enjoying my story.

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Review #11, by Shalanarah Bubotuber Soap and Itching Powder Talc

1st March 2009:
I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! This fic is my new favorite story! Well done! Critism? Well, i cannot find any single thing that i don't like in here. The jokes are funny, made me chuckle. Really good portrayal of Remus. I love that your story is so humorous yet has nice writing as well (it's hard to find in fanfictions) Btw, i love all the jokes Sirius and James made. So funny!
Oh, does Sirius always sleep naked!??? OMG! hahahahhahahaha

Author's Response: Thank you so much.

Remus is my favorite character in the entire series which you might be able to tell here although I do try to keep my biases under control. Sirius is probably my third favorite character in the series, so I always have fun with him when I write Marauder stories too.

"I love that your story is so humorous yet has nice writing as well (it's hard to find in fanfictions)" --- Well, this is probably because I'm in my twenties and the majority of fan fiction writers are teenagers. I've had more time to learn skills than they have.

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Review #12, by Shalanarah I Solemnly Swear That I Was Up to No Good

22nd February 2009:
i really really really like it! Your writing was good; it's easy to read and flows really well. The humor was just awesome. I laughed so hard at the Defecating in the Library form and most made me chuckle. And very good portrayal at Marauder characters! I love humor stories and it's really hard to find ones that are funny without feeling forced. Yours is just what i like. I really enjoy it. It's very entertaining. Great job!

Author's Response: Thank you. I'm glad you liked it. This story has probably been the most popular of my Marauder ones and single reviewer points out the library defection form as one of their favorite parts. I couldn't recreate it if I tried. I was just very inspired when I wrote this story and it came so naturally. I've tried to write others since but none of them came as easily as this one did.

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Review #13, by Shellee Mischief Managed

14th April 2008:
Awesome ending! Really good.
I fully enjoyed reading this one, much funner than the first one, I guess. Probably because Peter isn't such a rat -maha- and Sirius is more friendly too. I feel sorry for Remus having to spend time alone so long, but he put it too good use! Design the Marauders map, guess that answers my question from a bit back. =p
I'm glad they got into talking to eachother again that easily, that actually seems familiar with me and one of my best friends, it was almost as if nothing happened. Hope they're a bit smarter now though!
I really loved reading this one =)

Author's Response: This story was written more recently than the other one. "Remus's Secret" was written in 2004 and this one was written within the past year. I like to think that my writing has hopefully improved a bit.

I'm glad you liked it. Thank you for your reviews.

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Review #14, by Shellee Severus Snape's Big Adventure

14th April 2008:
Ah, very lovely chapter;
Well of course you'd hardly find him in such a huge castle. Can only hope that Peter would get back himself and such. And that's exactly what happened eh. Glad that Dumbledore found it funny! I'm a bit sad that they lost the match though, but who would blame them if James is so tired and about to fall of his broom in exhaustion. He shouldn't have thought about forfeiting, isn't that worse than losing?
It was a bit over the top for trying to get back at Snape though, they really could have hurt him. I'm proud of Remus for standing up to them fully, he's come to his senses and like I said before, he knows the boundary. Too bad that Sirius acted the way he did, but I think if James thinks for a bit, he'd understand. Sirius is just a hothead. I think Lily being proud of him made it worse too, now he's kind of lost his friends and he's all alone again. I hope they work it out, though.
Next chapter, yay!

Author's Response: Dumbledore is awesome that way. He's never the type to lose his temper with the students and he has such a great sense of humor.

It might have been more strategic for James to have forfieted but I think he'd be too stubborn. Harry is a lot like him and Harry was always ready to risk life and limb rather than forfeit a game.

It is over the top for them to do that to Snape, and that's exactly the point. They've finally crossed a line where they could have sincerely hurt someone and Remus is forced to make a choice. It's far too large an infraction for him to just ignore.

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Review #15, by Shellee Peter Pettigrew's Big Adventure

14th April 2008:
Chapter four already, I'm really going well;
Again a bit shorter than the rest, but it surely covered everything, I think. Don't rats know more about where they are? But then again, technically he isn't a rat, right? Ah well. Seems like he had to go through several things to stay alive, eh? -whispers- He deserved it for all he's said and done so far. I'm mean. =p Why kill Sirius for it, it's not his fault, it was an accident. It was him that transformed anyways. That scene with the girls makes me rethink about all the insects and animals I've seen that ahve been in my presense as I changed, oh boy. Pfft, I'm sure that Regulus is going to get some payback. Nice thing to add a snake into it! Very nicely done. I hope Peter turns out alright though. Wow, where the hell did that come from? =p
On to chapter five.

Author's Response: Yes...he's not a rat really. His body is a rat but the rat still has Peter's bumbling self inside it. Peter always struck me as the kind to get lost.

It isn't really Sirius's fault but we know from canon that Peter isn't always the most fair or loyal person in the group. The moment something goes wrong he starts looking for someone else to blame.

About the snake, I don't remember when I decided to include it. I didn't really plan this story -- it just wrote itself. I think it just made sense to me that snakes are the natural predators of rats so it might be fun to present Peter to one. (You're actually feeling sorry for him?)

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Review #16, by Shellee Things go Down the Toilet

14th April 2008:
I'm going fast, chapter three, lovely;
Even though it's shorter, I just as much loved it. A rather funny one too! I wondered, because of that magazine, they'd probably have some kind of wizard Playboy, hmm. Yeah, Sirius surely is the typical teenager, he sounds like fun really! Like I pictured him to be. I can only imagine their transformations, mahaha! Absolutely amazing. You seem to get really well in their relationship, picturing it greatly and such. Peter stones, oh boy. Was rather funny having him fall in the toilet! And of course, Sirius accidentally flushes. Aww, I'm sure he's still alive though, I wonder when they'll find him again.

Author's Response: I liked playing with Sirius in this one. He's such a fun character and he's up to something almost every second.

As for how I portray their relationship I've always made that the focus of these stories. I don't include girls in them like other people do. I just keep it simple and about four school friends who goof around a lot and get into trouble together. I always think of it as a brotherhood.

Unfortunately ...yes....Peter is alive, but in for a tough time. It's always fun to torture Peter.

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Review #17, by Shellee Bubotuber Soap and Itching Powder Talc

14th April 2008:
Ooh, they get better and better!
Chapter two, yay;
Sirius is a typical teenager, isn't he? Hehe, what a lovely way to wake up! Someone should have to get him back some day. I'd laugh then. =p Are they even supposed to be up, well no, I mean allowed? I can't really see Snape as a keeper either, but he might surprise everyone! I'll just ahve to keep on reading, I'm sure. I hope they won't go too blunt on him. Laugh and tease, alright -even though I know from personal experiences that's painful- but actually physically hurt him =/ Pfft, those with their pranks, do they ever take a break? =p
Poor Remus for having to hear Lily. I can see where she's coming from and I know where he's coming from. I don't really think it's either's fault. Remus knows he can't do much without using his Prefect status, but I think Lily should also think about it that someone wouldn't betray their best friendships for something like that. She should know that Remus wouldn't let James and Sirius do such horrible harm to anyone, no matter how their friendship is, there's a boundary. I don't really see it as him being a coward like that, really. Poor thing, now he's stuck with that in his head.
Those poor Prefect girls! Does it actually hurt? Or just itches alot? I know that itching leads to scratching and hurting but hehe. Why wouldn't they turn to the Hospital Wing right away? I think it's good that Remus kind of stood up against his friends, he shouldn't feel guilty cause it is his status that's on the line. They shouldn't just use him like that. I'm glad they're coming along with their transformations though!
Loved reading it =) Up to chapter three!

Author's Response: The reason I made Snape keeper was to set up that one line where James says something like "I wouldn't trust him to gaurd anything important of mine, let alone a goal post." It was meant to be ironic because Snape grew up to spend seven years risking his life to gaurd James's son. No one ever seems to catch that line. I might poke fun of Snape a lot but I really have more respect for him than any character in the series.

I think that the undilluted Bubotuber pus does actually sting but I can't actually remember all the details. If they'd run right to the hospital wing I wouldn't have had such a fun scene. I think what makes this part so funny is that Remus is a bit shy but naturally compassionate and helpful. He's stuck in this situation with these half naked girls and the whole thing is pretty embarassing for him, but his conscience won't let him look the other way.

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Review #18, by Shellee I Solemnly Swear That I Was Up to No Good

14th April 2008:
Ooh, new story, can't wait until I've read it all.
So, chapter one, eh;
Poor Remus for being scared about being made a Prefect. I think, again, that he shouldn't worry so much. He has a very good friendship with James and Sirius, they wouldn't shun him for something like that. It doesn't change who he is, in the end. He earned that badge being a part of the Marauders and in a way, professors know about that, so if they saw a big problem, they wouldn't have made him a Prefect.
I rather like how you pictured Peeves, I haven't seen him since I read the original books. I think he could be an annoying ghost. They should think of something, some kind of spell or charm that they can use on ghosts and pay him back. =p Of course, I expected Peeves to get Remus in trouble. Urgh, I don't like Filch either, really. I want to shake him and tell him to get some common sense or something. Even if Remus is one of the Marauders, he wouldn't do something like that. That's more Sirius' way I think. Ah well.
At least they saved him out of Filch's office =) And being their mean old selves enlarging Flitwick's furniture. Hehe! I can only picture the little man trying to jump up on his chair or something ^-^
Again, it showed how close their friendship is. Although, they seemed rather happy to use his Prefect status to their mischief, which I think is a bit too much. He might still be a Marauder, but they shouldn't just use him like that, really.
Very very nice that he's being cheered on for making a Prefect!
I very much liked to read the first chapter.

PS; I just remembered the Marauders map. I assume they don't have it yet and is still to be made? Or won't it be pictured in this fiction?

Author's Response: Remus's problem is that he's entirely too hard on himself. It isn't so much that he thinks his friends are disloyal, but that he feels he doesn't deserve their friendship. Rowling has said that Remus's biggest character flaw is that he has an overly large desire to be liked. Hence, he gets into situations where people take advantage of him.

The Marauder's Map comes later....wait and see.....

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Review #19, by sarahsmad Things go Down the Toilet

13th April 2008:
i loved the ending to this chapter

Author's Response: Thank you. I think he deserved it, don't you?

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Review #20, by Labby Mischief Managed

4th April 2008:
Aww.. I liked that ending! This was a great story and I enjoyed it a lot! I really liked the beginning of this - I just thought your description was excellent. You seemed to do a good job of getting into Remus's head and I really loved how you did this. I thought the ending was great with the creation of the map. I wasn't really expecting that, but it made sense to happen and I like how it was done. Really great job with this story! You've definitely made me happy about reading Marauder stories. I'm definitely going to have to take a look at your other stories at some point.

Author's Response: Well I didn't want the reader to know that this was leading toward the creation of the map. That was supposed to be a surprise. There are little hints of it....when Remus tells Filch in the first chapter that he solemnly swears that he's 'up to no good', the fact that I have him desplaying a talent for artistry, and the title itself.

I'll apologize for "Remus's Secret" before you read it -- it was my first story written way back in 2004 and it's pretty rough.

Thank you so much for your reviews. They've been very flattering.

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Review #21, by Labby Severus Snape's Big Adventure

3rd April 2008:
Great chapter.. I really liked the emotion that rang through from this chapter - the beginning started with panic of trying to find Peter, then relief when they found him, I guess a bit of joy when he was transformed back, and finally anger for what James did. I could really see their friendship in this chapter, how they were worried about Peter and James was ready to skip Quidditch for it. Peter even seemed pleased to know that James would skip it to find him. I could see a bit of respect that Peter had for James and Sirius at that moment. Oh, and I loved how Peter showed up in Dumbledore's hair. Hehe.. that was cute. And I loved Remus's outburst and that he did end up taking points away from his friends. It just gives his character strength.. which I really like.

The only thing that I was a bit disappointed with was the Quidditch game. It just seemed like that part was skipped over too much and it went by so quickly. I'd like to have seen that.. maybe not even the whole game, but just glimpses of it, maybe James recalling things that he could have done better or how he ended up losing the game. Just my opinion though. Besides that I loved this chapter!

Author's Response: Well, I felt that the Quidditch game would have made the chapter run too long, and I didn't really feel it was that pertinent to the plot. I agree that there is a bit of a hole there though. The way you desribe...having James comment on the game afterwards would have filled the gap a bit and I could have used it to further emphasize his frustation. In other words, I wish I'd thought of it.

Thank you so much.

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Review #22, by Labby Peter Pettigrew's Big Adventure

2nd April 2008:
Aww.. poor Peter. His adventures as a rat are not so fun. I love your description of his whereabouts after he went into the toilet and everywhere he went. You do a great job with that, along with the humor you've been able to keep up in this story. I love how he somehow made it in the Slytherin room and Regulus picked him up. Some good Sirius/Regulus tension there. Regulus is quite the interesting character and I like how you've gone a little bit into what he's doing.. showing the Slytherin side as well as the Marauder view. It's interesting that it's Peter, future Death Eater, that is seeing them like that. Anyways, great chapter once again!

Author's Response: Thank you again. You're the second person to compliment me on Regulus. Actually, I didn't fuss over him too much and he only made it into the story because I needed a Slytherin to play the who wasn't Snape. Any random Slytherin would have done. I guess it's just dumb luck that I was able to characterize him like I did.

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Review #23, by Labby Things go Down the Toilet

2nd April 2008:
OMG.. they just flushed Peter down the toilet! Man.. I wish that really happened. Wow, I loved this chapter.. I really loved Peter going down the toilet.. and their reaction to it. This story is really awesome.. I just love it! Thank you so much for writing it.. it's such a destresser. It seemed so Peter-ish to get stuck in a transformation and I loved the picture of James and Sirius transforming back and forth, trying to talk to him and calm him down. It's just such a funny picture. I love their friendship as well in this story.. you've done such a great job at showing that and their interactions with each other. Plus, you're writing is of course excellent. I think I've said it already, but thank you for writing a Marauders story that is different and that I can enjoy again. They are such great characters and I love the way you've written them. Great job with this chapter!

Author's Response: And thank you so much in return for your glowing compliments. I'm always so glad to hear that someone has enjoyed something I've written.

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Review #24, by Labby Bubotuber Soap and Itching Powder Talc

2nd April 2008:
Aww.. poor Remus! This chapter just seems so realistic for what I would expect actually happening if JKR wrote a Marauder book. I love Remus's conflicting feelings and how he's torn against wanting to help out his friends and being a coward and not punishing them. I'm glad you added Lily into this - and her telling him that he's a coward. She seems like she would want to stand up to Snape. Who's the other prefect in this story though? I always figured it to be Lily, but I think that's because I've read so many Marauder stories where she is. I'm not exactly sure if it's canon or what, but I'm assuming she's not a prefect in this story, since she's asking Remus to go against his friends. Oh, and I love that Snape's on the Quidditch team. Yay.. for mention of Snape.. and Quidditch? That's just a funny site - I hope we get to see more of him in this story. So another great chapter - I'm really enjoying this story!

Author's Response: When people favorably compare me to Rowling, I always think that there can be no greater compliment. Thank you so much.

I feel that Remus's internal conflict makes up for some of the craziness and keeps the story from being fluff. All of my Marauder stories are written that way. A lot of typical craziness but with some theme or idea threaded through it to hopefully give it some literary merit at least.

This is the first time I've ever put Lily in a Marauder story. I like them to be about four boys who get into a lot of trouble at school -- what I think of as the 'sacred brotherhood'. In later stories I may include girl problems though. You have to kind of wonder what kind of stress the opposite sex may have put on the friendship from time to time.

Several people have commented on the Snape part in this chapter but no one has caught the significance of one of the lines. James makes an offhand comment, joking about Snape being Keeper, about how he wouldn't trust Snape to protect anything of his, let alone a goal post --- and of course Snape spent several years protecting James's son. I guess I was too subtle with that line when I wrote it because no one ever seems to catch it, or if they have, they don't comment on it.

I always liked Snape but he has a bad tendency to become the butt of my Marauder stories. Snape is also the reason why Lily made it into this story --- I never believed in a million years that he and she could have been friends, let alone that he loved her. It just made me respect him even more.

Thanks for your review. I'm glad you like my story.

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Review #25, by Labby I Solemnly Swear That I Was Up to No Good

2nd April 2008:
This story is awesome! I love the beginning and I'm so looking forward to reading more! I didn't realize it would be so funny when I first starting reading it, but I definitely started cracking up several times throughout the chatper. It's definitely a good stress reliever.. thank you! I loved all of Peeves comments - something I really did not expect, but it just came across as hilarious. And poor Remus.. I love how he was so worried that they would be mad at him for becoming a Prefect and of course they weren't - they were just excited. You've done a great job at not making a cliched story so far, which is especially difficult to do in the Marauder genre. This genre was my favorite for a long time, but it's gotten so cliched that I just haven't been able to read much Marauder fiction. Thanks for writing a refreshing story. I'm definitely looking forward to reading more - I'm going to try to sneak another chapter in tonight, but I might not be able to. I promise I'll come back though. :)

Author's Response: Hi Labby,

Eventually I'll get around to reading yours, I promise. One of my readers has just asked me to criticize her work and I'm working through that right now. I really appreciate that you took the time to read something of mine.

When I wrote this story I was afraid that it was too juvenile in some ways and that it wouldn't get any serious complements. There are people though who seem to really like it. I guess with Peeves you just have the license to go a bit crazy and no one thinks it's totally off the top because of the character. And poor Remus is just such a good mark because he's so self conscious.

People often tell me that my stories are not cliched and I always like to hear things like that. I think it comes from the fact that until recently, I rarely ever read fan fictions so I've never been influenced by the cliches out there. I don't even know what's considered cliche within the Harry Potter fan fiction world. I just write whatever inspires me and don't worry about the rest/

Thank you so much for reviewing.

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