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Review #1, by war and peace Chapter 1-Billywig?

9th December 2007:
billywig! yay! so a fellow aussie, judging by the why-don't-i-put-myself-in-a-fan-fic thing in the summary. well, hello! and i should be getting to bed. it is one o'clock after all *grins sheepishly*

Author's Response: Thanks and yeah im an Aussie. Keep reading but you may want to wait till after you have a sleep first.LOL

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Review #2, by netballpro13 Chapter 2- Hair Raising

25th November 2007:
MAKHALA YOU ARE ON SO MUCH TROUBLE YOU LITTLE.. Hmm what should happen in my story. little Tamara might aciddentaly slip you some puking pastels no that not harsh enough... Mwuhahahah.

Author's Response: whatever

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Review #3, by Lara~[dodge=P] Chapter 2- Hair Raising

24th November 2007:
tamara the crazy muggle!!!
i fell of my chair bahahah
hmmm we are dat lil' bit billywig style arent we?
btw what the hell maky?
you said 1st chapter that we entered the school in 3rd grade cos the pplz defeated volidie in 6th right?
then why are we in their classes?!
you betcha im hurt!..damn noble one..
so mionie likes us now does she??
bleah im confuzled
ps verrry nooice=]

Author's Response: I changed my mind they are officially in sixth grade

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Review #4, by tamaramaks Chapter 1-Billywig?

30th October 2007:
Makhala you better put me in the story like I did in mine or I'll go billywig on your arse. Oh and thanks for stealing my line.

Author's Response: go away tam and i'll think about putting you in

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