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Review #1, by HP7LVR Endless

12th March 2008:
awww that was so sad! *sniffle cry cry* especially now that you finished once again. well you know my opinon of that one. 10/10+++... more!

Author's Response: Aw yeah. Once Again, that really hit home when I finished it. But I'm happy to hear you like Endless just as much. =]

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Review #2, by Jessica Endless

6th March 2008:
Hey, it's Jessica from VTM!
I'll agree that it wasn't your best, but it was nonetheless good. I thought it a good idea to read it after I read your other story since it was an extended version of a chapter.
The loss and suffering that Sirius endures is always horrible. I think you captured it amazingly well in the last part of Once Again.
All his life, he had needed someone and Emma became that person. Someone to trust and talk to, to love through anything and everyting. When you lose that person, you fall apart and it's one of the hardest parts of life. There are a million others but nothing can fill the hole it made through you... only time can heal it but not entirely. And that's where the air of melancholy will set upon forever.

Author's Response: God, why are your reviews always so poetic? I can never get things to flow that good. But as for Sirius, he just strikes me as a character that good things never last for. He's gone through so much disaster that things will never really be the same again. Emma, he put so much faith in her, but then she left him as well.
It really is terrible.

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Review #3, by Jess Endless

2nd February 2008:
It's great! Never doubt your potential! You are awesome! ^_^

Author's Response: Aw, thank you so much for htat. I really appreciate it!

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Review #4, by sammieoxox Endless

21st December 2007:
it was good ~ i was a little surprised when you said chapter 51 continuation~ you should say a root off of that one chapter where she dies but right before the funeral like 51.5 lmao cause its like the inbetween of 51 and 52

its good ~ but not the best cause NOTHING can top Once Again // i looove that story .. it actually made me cry at the end ='(

Author's Response: Yes, it was right between the death and the funeral, but it would have been a weird summary, right?

And I agree that it is by far inferior to Once Again, but I'm glad you read and reviewed anyways. =]

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Review #5, by SorceresSectumSempra Endless

25th November 2007:
I started writing this review like weeks ago! And then something happened...and I totally cannot remember what...and I had to stop writing it...HMM maybe I saved what I put...hmmity hmm hmm let me check...and it turns out that I did not...OH HOW DISAPPOINTED I AM IN MYSELF!

Well I found it to be a wonderfully written oneshot so there is no reason for you to feel not happy with! Because it twas spectacularly depressing! Oh that sounds weird...but anyways, it made me want my Danish the Tissue Box! It just made me so teary-eyed! You just had to go and make me cry! ahhh!

Oh poor poor Sirius... ::sad face:: he needs a cupcake that's loaded with sprinkles!

It twas a spifftacular oneshot!

Sorry that it took me FOREVERRR to review this!!!


Author's Response: Aw, thank you for reviewing. It's the thought that counts. Wow, when did that cliche rise from teh dead? But I meant it anyways.

ANyways, I'm happy that you liked the story, even if it was rather sad. It was something that I simply had to include in this story, even if I did several months later, right?

oooh, cupcakes. Now I'm getting hungry, even though I just had a cookie.

Anyways, thanks for being such an amazing reviewer. =]

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Review #6, by TheBigFish Endless

20th November 2007:
a few spelling mistakes but oh it was so sad you underrate yourself too much you smart cookie.

Author's Response: I'm sorry about the mistakes. I was in SUCH a rush. But thank you nonetheless.

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Review #7, by haley Endless

10th November 2007:
i think it was briliant.i also think misery needs to give hima break.

Author's Response: :bows down:


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Review #8, by Argetlam Endless

9th November 2007:
I'm tearing up.

Author's Response: Awww...seriously? Thanks!

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Review #9, by FaerieGirl Endless

4th November 2007:
It was so good! Maybe its just you! lol! Very sad but really good. I can't believe you used the banner, thankyou!!!

Author's Response: Aw, thanks so much! For the review AND for the banner!

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Review #10, by Padfoot_Prongs Endless

27th October 2007:
Regardless of what you say, I thought this was outstanding work. By far, some of your best. Very exquisite. You portrayed Sirius' hurt emotions perfectly. Absolutely fantastically. Incredible job; no flaws whatsoever.

Author's Response: Aw, shut up, you're being way too nice. haha. I don't deserve this. Thanks so much for reviewing...and for favoriting!

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Review #11, by xX mOoNdAnCe Xx Endless

25th October 2007:
Awww, I'm sooo close to crying! I just wanna give Sirius a big hug... =(
And that's where he wanted to take her... so cute!

Well done, I always adore reading your work =)
Love xX mOoNdAnCe Xx

Author's Response: too! I wanted to give him the biggest hug after finishing this story. ahhdlfjdfldsajf.

Anyways, thanks for reviewing. Ha, you review everything, dont' you?


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Review #12, by siriusgirl2010 Endless

24th October 2007:
god! just like the chapter! im crying! u r a really good author!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for that! I'm so glad you liked it!

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Review #13, by ear_ear_ Endless

24th October 2007:
aw. i loved it. :_)i am crying!!!

Author's Response: Aw, sorry, again!

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Review #14, by hjplover Endless

23rd October 2007:
wow!! this one is a definite wow too!!! you're right, it wouldn't have quite fitted in with the chapter of the story. it works better by itself, somehow, it's more powerful this way! the song works perfectly with it! it makes it even more powerful. i can't wait for the next chapter of Once Again, please update that again soon!!!

Author's Response: Well, I wrote this one-shot about two months after writing that it wouldn't surprise me that they are really different. If I had written them one after the other then things would probably have been different. Either way, I'm so glad that you found it nice. Thanks for the review!

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Review #15, by Calliara Endless

23rd October 2007:
Nice. First of all, AWESOME banner! I really liked your story, it had a lot of depth to it. You interperated the song 'Endlessly, She Said' by 'AFI' REALLY well. Thank you!

kiss kiss

Calli :)

p.s. AFI ROCKS!!


Author's Response: Aw, thank you. The first time I heard that song...I connected it to the scene where Emma died...and I've finally gotten around to writing about it. Thanks again!

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