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Review #1, by KeeganH Mission, Meeting, and Branded

27th June 2013:
Oh I hope you come back some day and finish this story! I love it!!

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Review #2, by dawnelizabeth Mission, Meeting, and Branded

20th June 2012:
I really liked this story.
You should continue.
I almost cried when there wasn't any more.

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Review #3, by annyluvesmalfoy Shopping, Filth, and Child

12th February 2012:
Shes only 17! And still in school nonetheless!

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Review #4, by annyluvesmalfoy Thinking, The Chase, and The Joke

12th February 2012:
Haha! Lol this is so bloody funny! Im gonna read ur other fan fictions too!

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Review #5, by annyluvesmalfoy Morning, Training, and the Kiss

12th February 2012:
Perfect timing for old voldy eh? Haha love i!!!

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Review #6, by annyluvesmalfoy Murder, Blood, and News

12th February 2012:
Kind of... fast...? Um i thougt it was summer. They going back?

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Review #7, by annyluvesmalfoy Training, Prophecy, And Mission

12th February 2012:
Who is lawrence? Great story!

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Review #8, by annyluvesmalfoy The Past, Present, and Future

12th February 2012:
Wow. Who knew mione woukd go to the darkside? Good job getting my attention! ;)

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Review #9, by paigealyssamalfoy32 Mission, Meeting, and Branded

25th September 2011:
goodish, could have room for improvments? I hope to see the next chapter up soon...

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Review #10, by SlitherinGirl2013 Mission, Meeting, and Branded

17th December 2010:
pleaze please post more soon!?

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Review #11, by lucy Mission, Meeting, and Branded

28th February 2009:
can u please update soon please

really great story

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Review #12, by lolliepop Mission, Meeting, and Branded

24th November 2008:
can u please finish the story
please it was really good

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Review #13, by soccerstarfelton Mission, Meeting, and Branded

14th March 2008:
i love this story but you need to update it fast because i am dieing to know what happens next.

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Review #14, by CloudsAreMadeOfCandyfloss Mission, Meeting, and Branded

27th February 2008:
Well I wasn't expecting that. Is he really going to the dark side? I really like this story, I don't usually read the seriously OoC ones but this is really good.
Update soon?

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Review #15, by RubyRiddle Mission, Meeting, and Branded

26th February 2008:
whats taking Chapter 14 so long to be validated?
I swear the google homepage feed thing has had the 14th chapter up for bout a mmonth now,
yet when i click on it, there is a chapter error...
so...why is it not being validated??
do you know?
i love this story, and im just dying to knpow what happens next...

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Review #16, by dark love 16 Mission, Meeting, and Branded

22nd February 2008:
hmm..a little ooc for lupin..but a nice twist!

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Review #17, by angea/ Mission, Meeting, and Branded

11th February 2008:
they cant trust lupin,they have to be dumb to lmfao.

great story hun. i love it alot

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Review #18, by angela/ Threat, New Development, and Dinner

11th February 2008:
“Well we had dinner, but you didn’t bring any desert.” I joked.

“That is because you are my dessert.” He smirked


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Review #19, by angela/ Morning, Visitor, and Triumphed

11th February 2008:
“What are you doing here and how did you get in?” I barked as my wand instantly aimed for her heart. Spotting her wand within her arms reach on the bed besides her, I walked closer ready to subdue her any moment.

“I used the map. You know the one you, Ron, and Harry used to use all the time.”

that makes no sence hun. she did not answer hermiones questions at all lol

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Review #20, by angela/ Breakfast, Class, and Pet

11th February 2008:
“I know.” I sighed and looked down at my schedule. I had Defense Against the Dark Arts first. “Oh goodie.” I said sarcastically, “We have the Orders Wolf first off, and even better, with the Gryffindorks. What a wonderful start of the school year.” I shook my head and read on, “Oh it gets better, we have double Mr. Two-face with the Gryffindorks again.”

Draco couldn’t help but laugh out load as the table chuckled at my exclamation. “We will sure have a lot of fun then.”

lmfao funny

“Think about where you should go Wolf. The Dark Lord could always use another pet

her and draco really should NOT be bragging about death eaters and all. they are in school yes, but im sure they can get kicked out and sent to ackaban *spelling* lol

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Review #21, by angela/ Train, Dinner, and Dorms

11th February 2008:
lmfao the password is funny and no I can not see draco saying that haha.
i dont like how hermione is treating ron and harry. they did not killl her parents. shes being to big of a bitch!.
i loved the pansy,draco, mione part. it was great lmfao
i want blaise though grr
great job s far

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Review #22, by angela/ Shopping, Filth, and Child

11th February 2008:
Also, I would like my heir to be conceived by the end of the school year. Any questions?”

that is dumb because they are not getting married until aftef school lol

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Review #23, by Katerina Mission, Meeting, and Branded

8th February 2008:
OMG OMG OMG I love this story. I know stories are good when you get the giggle choke in your throat. I get that with this story! I LUV IT please keep going!

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Review #24, by CutieBritty31 Mission, Meeting, and Branded

31st January 2008:
Oh, that was nice! Lupin is on there side and is going to be a spt! I likey... awsome! Can't wait for more, but can't believe that Lupin has swtiched unless he is like another Snape though I doubt it!

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Review #25, by LauraZabini Mission, Meeting, and Branded

21st January 2008:
i love this story and please update your next chapter soon!!!
can't wait for it!

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