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Review #1, by Flower n Prongs How Aberforth Dumbledore Became That Kid

13th May 2009:
Aww. I wasn't sure if I should laugh or cry at times while reading this. I had to suppress a laugh while reading about the prime numbers, but I wanted to cry for him when you mentioned that he would bring Valentines for everybody and not get a single one in return. *sob* It was very well written and I truly enjoyed it. I have developed quite the soft spot for the reasons you listed about his family "his dad is in prison, his sister unwell, his brother a genius, and his mother an emotional wreck". I really enjoyed this story. =)

Author's Response: I feel so bad for Aberforth... how hard it must have been! Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review, and I'm glad you liked it!

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Review #2, by inkpot How Aberforth Dumbledore Became That Kid

7th May 2009:
Yep I know that kid. Actually some of the things you wrote like the crayons and stuff were so similar to the kid I knew it was spooky. Its weird how those kids have such a profound effect on you even as a small child. I had about thirty kids in my class back then and that kid is the one you always remember the others just kinda fade away. They're the ones that repulse you and fascinate you at the same time.

Anywho enough rambling- you captured that character perfectly and Aberforth was the perfect one to put the character on to - what with his strange family life and all. It strikes that really awkward balance of sympathy and hilarity just right. At times its painful to read but in a good way - it really makes you feel for the character.

Love it

Inkpot x

Author's Response: Everyone knows one of those kids, and it was my goal to make you relate, so I'm glad you did! I'm also glad the painful spots were still good. ;) Thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #3, by inkismyworld How Aberforth Dumbledore Became That Kid

5th June 2008:
This is the first Aberforth story I've read and I was not disappointed :) I thought you portrayed his akwardness perfectly- and it made me feel sorry for him :( Great Job! * favorites*

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reviweing and adding it to your favorites! I'm so happy you liked it!

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Review #4, by cmw2 How Aberforth Dumbledore Became That Kid

20th May 2008:
This one made me genuinely laugh. And hard.

He reminds me a little of Dill Pickles fom The Rugrats All Grown Up...

Anyway, great story! Kudos.

Author's Response: I've never seen that, so I'll have to take your word for it. ; ) Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #5, by Emilyinlove How Aberforth Dumbledore Became That Kid

19th April 2008:
I really liked that. Like, really. I've never had to deal with one of those kids, for what I can remember, but my little sister has. It was in preschool, and the kid started eating her slippers. That's right. Her slippers. She stopped going to preschool after that. And surprisingly, he got expelled from preschool not long after that. I wonder why.great story!

Author's Response: Her slippers? It never ceases to amaze what kids will put in their mouths. ; ) I'm glad you liked my story! Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #6, by ButterflyRogue How Aberforth Dumbledore Became That Kid

19th April 2008:
Wow... I thoroughly enjoyed this view you have of Aberforth... The analysis of his childhood was absolutely great.
I'm simply at a loss of words, this was so very deep, so meaningful in on many different levels... It actually gave an insight on how difficult it was to grow up in the shadow of Albus Dumbledore.

There was a "that kid" too in my primary school. He came from a poor, but a rather large family and he was a bit "slow". The other kids used to tease him a lot mostly because sometimes he wore his older sister's shirts that had flowers and butterflies on it, but he was actually a really sweet kid once you actually talked to him...

Back to the point, a very beautiful story... I very much enjoyed it...

Author's Response: Well, thank you! I'm very glad you enjoyed this that much! I really believe that Aberforth was a character deserving of sympathy, always having to live in his brother's shadow, and he had to live in a completely fragmented family.

And just because someone is an oddball, it doesn't mean they are a bad person, which I whole-heartedly believe in.

Thank you so much for your revie! I really appreciate it. : )

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Review #7, by SaveMySoul How Aberforth Dumbledore Became That Kid

12th April 2008:
Ah, that kid. Yes. My God, that kid is always irritating someone. Thankfully I don't go to the same school as him anymore. I used to sit next to him in about Year 4 and he was always singing out of tune. Aargh! Dear God he drove me mad! On a different note, it's a good story, but I'm still left wondering how Aberforth became that kid. It's very well written and I enjoyed it.

Author's Response: Wondering in a good or bad way? ; ) I feel like he was always the one left out or that the poor thing was perpetually overshadowed by Albus. But I'm happy you enjoyed! : )

And I can see how that kid would be annoying to sit next to. ; ) Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #8, by XxescapingfatexX How Aberforth Dumbledore Became That Kid

24th February 2008:
oh this was fabulous. ;) i absolutely adore this story. it's funny but makes me wanna cry at the same time because i feel bad for aberforth.
the last two lines were great (:

-shannon xx

Author's Response: Aw, thank you! I'm so glad you liked it. : ) Like I said in an earlier review, I wanted to try to mix humor and sympathy, the latter being the one Aberforth really deserved. Thank you so much for reviewing! It means a lot to me because, personally, I've always liked this little one-shot. : )

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Review #9, by wallflower How Aberforth Dumbledore Became That Kid

3rd December 2007:
this was the sweetest story! i felt so sad for him, but i was laughing my ass off the whole time as well. this kid for me, was trent spencer. he brought bullfrogs to school, and kept bull ants in his pencil sharpener, so he could race them.

this is written so well!

Author's Response: I wanted to mix humor and sympathy, since I think Aberforth has the potential to be both. I'm so happy you think it was written well, that's one of my favorite things to hear!

He brought live animals? And raced them? Wow. Well, I hope he grew out of it. I'm not sure people would take too kindly to that in other environments. ; )

Thank you so much for the nice review!

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Review #10, by light_blue How Aberforth Dumbledore Became That Kid

24th November 2007:
i cud say that Aberforth is REALLY strange in this story.
how can you "eat" marker lids? Wouldn't he choke? Must have been an amazing eater to eat metal knuts too that Aberforth...i better re-read his part in "Deathly Hallows" because he wasn't as weird in the book.

But again, a child version of an adult is very different from the adult version so it makes perfect sense.

He is a sweet hearted child though-how many people can stand being in their brother's shadow AND disliked at the same time?

Should people be judged by what they eat? I think they "are" what they eat in appearance and personality wise their appetite explains alot about the person him or herself.

INteresting story! :) Good job with the far no failures! :P just kidding!

:D Rating 9/10

From light_blue

Author's Response: He's matured with age ; ) although I still get the feeling he's bitter about being overshadowed by his brother. They obviously didn't have the best of relationships.

And you'd be surprised at what little kids can eat. ; ) I recently had to ask a kid to spit out a marble.

Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #11, by GriffinClaw How Aberforth Dumbledore Became That Kid

19th November 2007:
Caleb -what's his last name- was THAT kid! I think we all have one. He used to eat everyone else's food- that they were throwing out... I felt so bad for the kid that we wound up friends by like 3rd grade and yet I still don't know his last name!

Anyway, onto the review. Another amazing story! I love how you go through the humor and then move on to sympathy. I was laughing at the beginning, and then I felt ashamed of myself half way through. The way you write conveys so much emotion in so little time. I loved how you ended it, it was the perfect combination :)

Author's Response: Oh dear... Caleb, Caleb, Caleb. Good for you, though, for befriending THAT kid. He probably needed someone kind to be friends with.

I'm really glad you enjoyed it! I wanted to make it kind of light-hearted at first, but then have a go at the sadder aspects of being that kid, because that's similar to how people react to them. Well, I hope most people feel empathetic towards them and their peculiarities. But they can do one thing that just makes you shake your head. And if I can evoke emotion, then I've done my job. : ) Thank you, though, it means so much to me.

Thanks for the lovely compliments and review!

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Review #12, by ayanastar How Aberforth Dumbledore Became That Kid

11th November 2007:
Omg that is so cute! It's really really sad though. It makes me feel sorry for Aberforth. Especially the Valentine part. :( Poor him! I would like him even if he ate all my crayons and my pens AND my sticky notes... Ok probably not. But anyways... Loved this!
AYana Black-Malfoy
PS: Anyone who eats my sticky notes is a dead person! :D I don't think I've ever met a kid as weird as Aberforth. Although it might be because I have a sneaking suspicion I might be that kid!! OH NO! =D

Author's Response: I feel so bad for Aberforth, as well, and the Valentine part is so sad but it just seemed to fit.

I think your sticky notes are safe. ; ) I can't imagine anyone trying to eat those... but then again, I didn't think anyone would ever eat plastic caps, so I could be wrong. ; )

Thank you so much for the great review! I'm really happy you liked it!

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Review #13, by blimey How Aberforth Dumbledore Became That Kid

6th November 2007:
I loved how you did this in 2nd person. I completely believe Aberforth did this as a child. That was great!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reviewing! I was trying something different and second person just seemed to fit with this story, since everyone can relate to knowing 'that kid.'

Thanks again!

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Review #14, by LilliaSnape How Aberforth Dumbledore Became That Kid

4th November 2007:
I really really enjoyed this! Yeah, I would tell you who that kid was for me, but sadly I was that kid for far too many people to allow myself to start point the finger. I would do very strange thing such as walk backwards counting my steps, only rather than count by prime number I generally went by odd numbers. I would sing my hairbows to sleep at nap time and cut small triangles out of my clothing with saftysissors. I even shoved a pebble up my nose to see if it would come out of my tear duct, yes I was actually smart enough to know what a tear duct was, and I once swallowed a key off a keyboard. But, thankfully I outgrew that when I left preschool. I'm actually quite smart, and everyone knew it, I was only trying to be different. It was really strange actually. I was sort of like a preschool rebel or something. Anyways I really enjoyed this and sadly it brought back a lot of memories better left forgotten! I will fav this and will have to check out some of your other stories! Please feel free to read some of mine when you have the chance. I think that you are a marvelous writer and would love to hear what you think about me. Best of luck, Jess. 10/10

Author's Response: Wow! Thank you for the review, Jess! I love the thought of a preschool rebel. I'm sure your mother was pleased that you cut up your clothing. ; ) It was educational, though, because you were learnign your shapes, right? ; ) And don't worry, I think we all have 'that kid' tendencies, whether we show it or not. I went through a headband stage. That might not seem that bad, but I refused to go out unless I had on three or more headbands. And they had to be purple. ; )

I'm sorry for bringing up some bad memories : ( but I'm happy you liked it nonetheless! I honored that you're adding this to your favorites! And I'll be sure to check some of your stories out.

Thanks again for the great review!

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Review #15, by weasleyswizardwheezes How Aberforth Dumbledore Became That Kid

31st October 2007:
Another great story by NevillesSoulmate. Great! 11/10
p.s. love your authors note lol

Author's Response: Alex was the inspiration for this piece, so I had to mention him and his cap-eating habits. ; ) I'm really happy that you continue to enjoy all of my stories! Your support means so much to me!

Thank you!

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Review #16, by ginwannabe How Aberforth Dumbledore Became That Kid

27th October 2007:
Oh dear...I won't give his full name, but his first name was Billy...and he's the one we had to call the EMT's for to remove the coke can pencil sharpener from his finger. The one who ate chalk to make himself sick so he could go home. I had him in my class (or at least one class, homeroom, since our last names were both in the G's) from 3rd grade until we graduated, LOL.

Author's Response: Wow. He is definitely THAT kid. Chalk?! Alex (that kid at my school) never ate chalk... he just stuck to plastics. ; )

Third grade and up is a really long time. Hopefully Billy got better with age. And if not, then my heart goes out to him in hopes that he'll become a functioning member of society. ; ) Last I know, Alex was still holding on to his dream of becoming a minor league baseball player even though he could never hit a ball.

Thank you for reviewing! I always love getting your reviews!

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Review #17, by Estelle Lovegood How Aberforth Dumbledore Became That Kid

27th October 2007:
That kid? I know that kid...

Anyway, great story.. made me reallly sad... :(

Poor Aberforth.

Author's Response: I've always felt bad for Aberforth. It could not have been easy at all, and so that's where the story of him being that kid fits. At least, that's how I always saw it.

And I think everyone knows that kid. ; ) Thanks for reviewing!

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