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Review #1, by Slaidba Chapter 34: The Unending Quest

19th January 2018:
Donít stop there! Itís just getting awesome. Thanks.

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Review #2, by jerryfs1 Chapter 28: Too Many Battles for One Drawing Room

6th November 2015:
wow great chapter the werewolves backing harry is such a great thing I mean the only lose control once a month the such just put cages in their basement,

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Review #3, by jerryfs1 Chapter 24: To Imperiuse or Not to Imperiuse

6th November 2015:
the aunt need to try more but this is a start, Dudley is tiring real hard to be a better person
this is a great story. thanks

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Review #4, by maddog99 Chapter 34: The Unending Quest

22nd September 2015:

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Review #5, by jerryfs1 Chapter 3: The Plan and New Beginnings

6th August 2015:
another great chapter they just get better

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Review #6, by jerryfs1 Chapter 2: Golden & Silver Trios

5th August 2015:
another great chapter thans

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Review #7, by jerryfs1 Chapter 1: One Long Day

30th July 2015:
this is the start of a very good story, have read all by Jet la barge and know that you helped him with his stories keep up the good work and thank you for writing them.

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Review #8, by Tim Chapter 34: The Unending Quest

26th January 2015:
I just found this website and yours was the first story i read. I
see this chapter was written quite awhile ago. Will you be
finishing the story? I thought it a most enjoyable tead

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Review #9, by DahliasQuill Chapter 34: The Unending Quest

13th October 2014:
Please update soon. I need to know more

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Review #10, by AlltheDeathlyHallows Chapter 34: The Unending Quest

16th September 2014:
Really good, shame the story was never finished.

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Review #11, by DahliasQuill Chapter 26: Driving Lessons

18th June 2014:
The PotterWatch scene brought tears to my eyes. Excellent work.

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Review #12, by budabobo Chapter 34: The Unending Quest

12th January 2014:
Has this story been abandoned?

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Review #13, by buttkicker Chapter 34: The Unending Quest

19th October 2013:
Any chance of an update soon? I love the story, one of the best I've ever read. I would love for it to have a true ending.

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Review #14, by Lucy Chapter 34: The Unending Quest

7th July 2013:
I love the second one!!! But actually I really didn't find it= =// well, wish you could continue better and better~~~

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Review #15, by Christopher Alexander Chapter 5: Dudley's Adventure

8th June 2013:
I took a sneak peak and realized you have not finished the story, that it is a work in progress. I just started reading it and I am delighted by the ideas you have come up with, they are truly fantastic. So, I have a request to ask from you. Could you please finish your story? It is one of the best, if not the best I have read so far and I am only on the fifth chapter! I would be overjoyed to find out you will finish it.

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Review #16, by Hp fan always Chapter 34: The Unending Quest

9th May 2013:
I really enjoyed your work i cannot wait to find out what happens to harry . Your an amazing author and i look forward to your future work

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Review #17, by matthew Chapter 34: The Unending Quest

26th February 2013:
this is a great story love it :) keep up the great work cant wait to read next few chapter when they are up

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Review #18, by Robert Schoen Chapter 34: The Unending Quest

8th December 2012:
I really like the story so far, but it hasn't been updated resently.

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Review #19, by babycakes Chapter 34: The Unending Quest

25th November 2012:
I'm a little worried Ron might get back together with Hermione. Normally I'm a big R/Hr shipper but this Hermione has been such a douche to Ron I'd like him to find someone else.

She's been nicer to Death Eaters than to Ron so far.

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Review #20, by HarryPotterrfan101 Chapter 34: The Unending Quest

31st July 2012:
This is an awesome fanfic. You need to continue this though it just keeps getting better and better!!! We need chapters 35+! 10/10.


Author's Response: It is always in my mind and I am working on it, along with a beta now, who will hopefully help to get me on the right track.

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Review #21, by Cilla Chapter 34: The Unending Quest

25th July 2012:
One of the best fanfics on the web! I'm sad to see that this story hasn't been worked on for almost a year. :'( PLEASE continue this story.

Great Fanfic!

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Review #22, by Kylie Chapter 1: One Long Day

14th July 2012:
Harry already knew that Aberforth sent Dobby.

Author's Response: Yes, that's true. I'm not sure why you're pointing this out to me...this was Kreacher's explanation of what happened. Harry only acknowledged it. I don't think that I originally included an explanation that it was Aberforth Dumbledore, but I did in the end because I had some questions about "Mr. Dumbledore."

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Review #23, by Jutin Belleman Chapter 34: The Unending Quest

14th July 2012:
Hi, i love this story so far and i cant wait to read the ending but i am upset that it hasn't been worked on in so long. Do you have any plans to finish this story at all? I hope you do finish this story as it is one of my favorites on this website. I don't know if you can answer these since this is my first review but, i would love a response if you could.

Author's Response: I enlisted the help of a beta recently as the last few chapters seem to elude me, despite knowing exactly what happens in them. Hopefully the added help will enable me to finally finish this great story!

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Review #24, by FriendofMolly Chapter 34: The Unending Quest

4th June 2012:
Finally! It took me awhile to read your whole story. I do look very much forward to reading the next few chapters. I know that Harry will eventually awake, as you are following canon. I have to wonder why the Ministry can't use veritas serum? It would be similiar to a muggle lie detector. They would still have to find proof of the poisoning. You could also have them perform Priory Incantatem on his wand, as he did try to Imperius Harry. I do hope they find the antidote soon. Excellent chapter. Now do I have to worry about the twins? Please post soon.

Author's Response: FoM,

As usual, you always see everything that's happening. I don't think that the Ministry generally uses Veritaserum, which is stupid because it would make a lot of sense! It would be an easy way to tell the Death Eaters and other "bad people" from the normal population, right? Maybe that will eventually become part of protocol, but with stipulations (like needing to have multiple codes to launch a nuclear attack). After all, this is something that truly invades someone's privacy.

Anyway, the whole story with the twins was supposed to unfold over time. Who knows? Maybe I'll get to that at some point. Right now though, they're just going to be incidental.

I am working on those last few chapters though. I'm glad you "re-enjoyed" the story, lol.


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Review #25, by FriendofMolly Chapter 23: William Weevil

30th May 2012:
A brilliant chapter, that gave everyone a wider view of what went on. I do believe the author of tht article will be our least favorite reporter. I loved every word.

Author's Response: FoM,
Ten points to your house! You really are the brightest witch of your age. I won't say more here.

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