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Reading Reviews for For the Sake of Victory
23 Reviews Found

Review #1, by HollyStone73 For the Sake of Victory

17th July 2013:
I do love a good Snape story! I really liked what you did here. Saying that Snape could have been a Ravenclaw is pretty interesting to say that least. While I do see hi as being incredibly intelligent I never considered how he would do in any other house than Slytherin. And I love how Portrait Dumbledore takes a moment to thank Snape for the things that he has done and continues to do. This was very well written and fun to read! Great job!!

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing. Yes, it was difficult for me to decide which other house he might could have been in. For me, Gryffindor was never an option. He just never seemed to fit there in my eyes.

Dumbledore is hard to write in character but even more difficult when he is a portrait. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Thanks for reading and reviewing.


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Review #2, by EnigmaticEyes16 For the Sake of Victory

14th July 2013:
Haha, I liked the ending, Dumbledore saying "So do I." It's so him, considering how many chances he took and how much guesswork he did, knowing he could be wrong, but usually being right. He was always still humble about it.

I thought this was a really interesting story. I liked the idea of Dumbledore still giving Snape orders in order to help the Light. I really enjoyed the conversation about the Sorting Hat giving them a choice. Although when Snape said he chose Slytherin, I immediately thought he meant that he'd had the choice for Gryffindor, but now know that it was Ravenclaw, at least in this story. I also liked that Albus also had a choice, I don't think he mentions this when he and Harry discuss how Harry was given a choice, just like he doesn't disclose it here to Snape. But what would Snape say to that, to the boy he hated yet loved being suited for Slytherin!? That would be an interesting conversation.

I really liked this story all in all, though. It was very well written and very easy to read and follow. You did a really good job on this.


Author's Response: Thank you. I always like to add elements that I feel add to the back story of a character. Even if it isn't true to the books. Snape may not of have been given a choice to which house but we'll never know unless J.K. tells us so.

Thanks for reading a reviewing!


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Review #3, by luvinpadfoot For the Sake of Victory

14th July 2013:
I like that you never told us what the letters were for. It began and ended the story, but it wasn't what was most important.

And oh wow, I feel so awful for Snape. He's always been one of my favorite characters and you managed to hit everything about his personality that I love in this short piece.

The way he treats Dumbledore with such reverence was heartbreaking, especially when it's so clear that Dumbledore feels guilt over everything he put Snape through. You did a wonderful job at bringing both of those aspects to light in the story.

Everything was so subtle, but so well done. You're a great writer and this story was brilliant. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. :)

Author's Response: Thank you. Snape has always been one of my favorite characters as well as the other Slytherins. I feel their stories weren't well told being the main character in the real series was in the opposing house. It's hard to keep any character in character and I was a little worried about that here.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!


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Review #4, by academica For the Sake of Victory

12th August 2011:
Hey there :) Here to review as promised!

So I love the concept of this story. We get a look at a moment that's really unique in my opinion, and what a twist with Snape choosing to wind up in Slytherin! I'm a little unclear on that part, though, as I'm not sure why Snape would choose Slytherin when he could have wound up closer to Lily by being in Ravenclaw (since Gryffindor/Ravenclaw relations are obviously less strained that those between Gryffindor and Slytherin). So I would have personally preferred if you'd explored why he chose Slytherin a little more fully. He wouldn't have thought at all about his future role as a spy at the time in which he was Sorted, though his placement in Slytherin obviously came in handy later on. Moving on, you did a good job wrapping up with a little bit of mystery about who that letter was going to.

Overall, I really enjoyed this piece. I thought you did a good job of conveying the theme of victory (Snape being willing to do whatever he had to do to block the Dark Lord and help the side of good). I also liked your characterization of both Dumbledore and Snape. You've got a few technical mistakes (i.e. "pin" should be "pen" in the second paragraph), but it's nothing that couldn't be smoothed out by another round of proofreading or the help of a beta.

Nice job! Thanks for (sort of) requesting a review, and I hope my feedback is helpful to you :)

academica (Slytherin)

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing! I wasn't really expecting you to since I have over 10 reviews for this one-shot. I appreciate the feedback. It was the first thing I ever wrote for a challenge was even nervous posting it to begin with. I've learned so much since I started on this site. When writing it, I couldn't see him in any house other than Ravenclaw. He's so smart it seemed like a natural fit. Thanks for reading and reviewing! I appreciate it!!


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Review #5, by CheeringCharm For the Sake of Victory

10th August 2011:
I really liked this story, especially the way that you tell us that only "special" wizards/witches are allowed to pick their houses... And the way that Severus got to pick his house! that he didnt want to be a rawenclaw or even a Gryffindor with Lily but decided on his heritage. Gives him a bit more depth I feel :) and your characterization in all was pretty good! Dumbledore felt very wise.

I particualrly liked your language, it's quite calm and solemn in a way... gives the real feeling of trust.

and thats what im most enchanted by, Severus determination to follow dumbledores orders.

I really liked this one-piece, and you did a great work with the characters, didnt add anything that wouldve seemed fake on them :)


CheeringCharm, Hufflepuff

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. It means a lot.


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Review #6, by Levana For the Sake of Victory

5th August 2011:
Wow! I'm speechless. I loved how you portrayed Snape. It's nice to see him in good light because he's my favorite character. I loved how you had Snape pick his house and that the hat said he would have been good in Ravenclaw. I absolutely loved it! A well deserved 10/10 :D


Author's Response: Thanks. I've always thought the only other house he could have joined would have been Ravenclaw.


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Review #7, by slytherangoddess For the Sake of Victory

4th August 2011:
That was a fantastic piece of writing, Celtic. I love how you delved into the sorting of our two favorite headmasters. I can't help but wonder if this is a semi-autobiographical piece seeing as I recall you saying that you might have been in Ravenclaw had you not chosen Slytherin lol.

I thought the story was well written and brought out some interesting details about Severus.

I wonder though, what was in the letter? I like that we never find out, but i'm so curious :D


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Review #8, by NeverGotHerLetter For the Sake of Victory

5th March 2011:
Wow! This was really great!
It was really simple, but wise, and I loved your characterisation of everybody; Dumbledore, Snape and even the other portraits in their frames :)
I like the time frame you picked, I think that was very good.
And I liked the talk about sorting. It seemed very canon to me, and I think it was just great. Again really detailed.
All of the story was really well written, and it really made me think about the sortings, and whether Snape really would have been a good Ravenclaw. His life would have been different, that's for sure :)
So overall, very well done, I think you characterised both Dumbledore and Snape especially very well.
10/10 :D

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! This piece was written as a challenge piece and was the first one-shot I've ever written. When I thought about it, Ravenclaw was the only other house I could see him in. Thanks for the read!


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Review #9, by TenthWeasley For the Sake of Victory

5th March 2011:
Oh, how cool is this? I love the idea that Snape might have gotten to choose his House! And Dumbledore, as well. He WOULD have made a good Ravenclaw.

This was such a neat little concept for a story, and you've pulled it off well, as you always do. Dumbledore's portrait was so endearing that I had to remind myself that he wasn't actually the real Dumbledore! You've got Snape's character here down extremely well, too, so props to you for that - it always bugs me when people write Snape to be too moody or surly. ^^

Loved it! But then again, I knew I was going to. ^^ You have real talent, to be sure!

OPERATION: Green With Envy

Author's Response: Thanks for the reviews of all my one-shots! Sorry I can't leave a reply for each of them but I loved reading them all! This one was written a couple of years ago for a challenge. Snape has always been my favorite character to write about. Glad you enjoyed it!


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Review #10, by Selene For the Sake of Victory

5th March 2011:
Oh wow, I'm glad I decided to read this one! I really liked the idea of Snape selecting his house, let alone Ravenclaw. But in a way, it does make sense that if he weren't a Slytherin he'd be a Ravenclaw. One doesn't master potions like he did without being studious and dedicated...or a tad bit mad and obsessive.

I enjoyed this one-shot, especially with how you portrayed Snape. You showed that he didn't become a Spy for the glory of his actions. He knew he'd be hated, but he was a loyal and brave man, dedicated to his cause. A Gryffindor is some ways, I suppose. Thank you for a pleasant read, since I don't usually read one-shots.

Slytherins - Dominating the World - One review at a time!!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! I love my housemates! This one was written as a challenge piece and when I thought about it, Ravenclaw was the only other house I could imagine Snape being in. Thanks for the read!


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Review #11, by lia_2390 For the Sake of Victory

17th August 2010:

This was just wow! I really enjoyed this story and the title fits the content rather well. I love seeing Snape and Dumbledore (or rather, his portrait) interact. Their characterisations were very well done. Despite their disagreements, Snape still showed a little of himself to a man I assume he highly respects.

I found it interesting that you took the approach of either of them choosing their own house. From reading DH, I sort of doubted that Dumbledore ever belonged in Gryffindor. Ravenclaw, for Snape was a good choice too, he is clever. The interactions with the portraits was a nice touch, they made me laugh actually.

Well done ^_^

Author's Response: Thanks! And thanks again for nominating it for the Story Seekers Podcast! I was shocked when I saw it over there. Snape has always been a favorite of mine. I knew there had to be interactions such as this, we just never saw them because the books are from Harry's pov.

Thanks again!


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Review #12, by ravenclaw4evr For the Sake of Victory

3rd September 2009:
o, i like! very vivid. i like how you made Snape quite the opposite of who he was before. i like!

Author's Response: Thank you! I try to keep characters "in character" but there wasn't much description in the books of Snape's true character. Only how Harry saw him. So I like to be a bit bolder with his character.

Thanks for reviewing!


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Review #13, by Dimera_Phoenix For the Sake of Victory

2nd August 2009:
Great story. It's the connection between Snape and Dumbledore that I always imagined

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing!


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Review #14, by Yoshi_Kitten For the Sake of Victory

1st August 2009:
Hello! I just found this one-shot and I can't believe I've never seen this before now! It was SO good! Snape was amazing, especially when he reacted to Dumbledore's mentioning of Lily. But I agree with Dumbledore tho, I think Snape would have done well in Gryffindor! When Snape said that the Hat gave him a choice too, that's what I thot he was going to say. . .But then he said Ravenclaw! I was like, whoa, I never expected that! But then, once I thought about it, I realized that you're right! Snape was a genius, he could have easily been sorted into Ravenclaw! You just made me think of a whole new side to Severus Snape, lol! So thanks for casting him in another light! Wonderful job with this one-shot overall! I really liked it alot! =)

Author's Response: Thank you. This was actually my first piece I had written for a challenge and I was quite nervous about posting it. Thinking about it, Ravenclaw was the only other house I could think of Snape being in.

Thanks for reviewing!


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Review #15, by Rockstar101 For the Sake of Victory

18th November 2008:
I like the way you showed another side of Snape

Author's Response: Thank you. I've always enjoyed reading and writing well-rounded characters. I've always felt there was more to Snape than met the eye. I'm glad you enjoyed it!


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Review #16, by Tom_DracosGirl For the Sake of Victory

9th October 2008:
This was an origianl idea, I haven't read anything like this before, or really anything where Snape is a central character. I enjoyed the discussion of sorting and the idea that Snape would do well in Ravenclaw, probably the only other house I could ever see him in.

I did feel very sorry for Snape, especially when Dumbledore was thinking of how others percieve him and all the recognition he will never recieve.

Well written with a nice flow and good characterisation. Good job!

Author's Response: Thank you. Snape is one of my favorite characters to write. So mysterious yet so humorous. Ravenclaw was the only other house I ever imagined him in either.

Thanks for reading. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm sorry it to so long to respond.


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Review #17, by Coral Grace For the Sake of Victory

29th December 2007:
Very well done! I felt a little sad for Severus here. This story made me feel his isolation, much like JKR did in "The Prince's Tale" in DH.

Author's Response: Thanks for reading! I'm glad you liked it. I wanted to try and make Snape more of a well-rounded character and not just what harry has known about him all these years.

Thanks again!


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Review #18, by Tearlit For the Sake of Victory

2nd December 2007:
I want to know who the letter was for! Lol.

Ok...I had one thing that I didn't like that was your calling the good side the "light." That sounds quite cliche.

Now...everything else I absolutely loved! The characterization and dialogue were nicely done. I really liked the talk of the Sorting Hat and choosing your House. Lovely job!

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing! I know, I was questioning "the light" reference, but it was a one-shot. I thought. . . what the heck? LOL.

Thanks again! I'm glad you enjoyed it!


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Review #19, by dracoslover1 For the Sake of Victory

30th November 2007:
Oh, I wonder what the note said! I like how you protray Severus in a different and showed that he could have been in Ravenclaw instead of Slytherin. Overall, it was good.

Author's Response: Thank you. I enjoyed writing it. It was my first one-shot. I tried to cast Snape in a different light. I was hoping it worked, lol.


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Review #20, by Proud Hufflepuff For the Sake of Victory

29th November 2007:
I'm just going to go through and point things out as I notice them as well as make comments. They'll be in order and then I'll give a general review. (:

-'Sir' doesn't need to be capitalized.
-I love, love, love Snape's reaction to Dumbledore's mention of Lily! Brilliant and perfect!
-The backstory of Snape's sorting is a nice little anecdote in the story. Great job with that!

The ending is a bit confusing. I personally don't understand it. Maybe I'm being thick, but that's just me. Other than the grammatical error and what I just mentioned, this is a beautifull crafted story. (:


Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing! I wanted to show a different side of Snape. One that we as the readers don't get to see in the "real" books because everything is from Harry's pov.

I wrote this as one of the many conversations Snape and DD's portrait could have had during the final book. Who know's what DD is up to or what the letter Snape is writing says. Its all speculation. I tried to write it like it was the middle of a story, we just missed the beginning of it. If that makes any sense, lol.

Thanks again for reviewing!


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Review #21, by RupertsPheonix For the Sake of Victory

25th November 2007:
I enjoyed this. The idea is very orginial, as well. Here are a few of my notes:

--I think that if you are basing the story on victory, perhaps you should incorperate it more in the middle section of the story. It was firm in the beginning and at the end, but it seemed to slip a bit in the middle.

--I enjoyed seeing Snape's strength through out this fic. Especially in the part where he says, "'Besides, think of all that would never had been accomplished had I not been a spy.'" Very brave.

--Each time a new character speaks, a new paragraph begins. You generally followed this rule, but there is one large paragraph in which Snape speaks several times, periodically. Ex: “'No. . . . It was the best interest of everyone that I chose Slytherin.'” I would start a new paragraph before and after that line to create a greater impact with that speech.

Thank you for asking me to read and review this fic. I really enjoyed it. You are a good writer with a lot of potential!

--Kate/RP =)

Author's Response: Thank you for reading it! I really enjoy reading responses and suggestions. It only makes us grow as writers. I like your suggestion on the starting a new paragraph with that "It was in the best interest of everyone that I chose Slytherin." line. I thought about it, but the rule about new paragraphs kinda threw me there, lol.

Thanks again!


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Review #22, by Dark_One For the Sake of Victory

28th October 2007:
I can't believe you only have one review for this story, it is really good! You lack a bit of describtion, but it is in a room that everyone has read about, so you can get away with it, lol. 10/10!!

Author's Response: Wow thanks! I wasn't expecting a 10/10, that made my night :) I wasn't thinking of the description when I wrote it, which is shocking, I know. I guess I was more interested in getting the dialoge out, lol.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!


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Review #23, by harrylilyjames For the Sake of Victory

28th October 2007:
this story was well written, but one small thing- i thought everyone got to choose what house they wanted to be in?
Also from what i gathered, i don't think Voldemort cares what house his Death Eaters came from, because in the last book he was more then willingly having the thought of Neville Longbottom to become a member, but along with that most of the death eaters came from the Slytherin house.
Also you wrote the characters really good.

Author's Response: I'm not sure about the sorting aspect of it. I always thought the one's being sorted were sorted into the house the sorting hat felt it was best for them to be in. Harry just asked not to be in Slytherin so he wasnt placed there. I extended from that idea.

Although I'm pretty sure most of the Death Eaters were from Slytherin house, the way I picture Voldemort he would be just that prejudice of who was placed in his inner circle. I think he wanted Neville because he was a pureblood.

Thanks for reading and reviewing! It was my first one-shot and I wasn't quite sure how it turned out.


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