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Review #1, by Nicole Remebering Sirius

18th July 2012:
Love it, but maybe another chapter??

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Review #2, by sbmcneil Remebering Sirius

29th October 2011:
What a great little story! I imagine that Sirius and Ginny would have bonded at Grimmauld Place :)

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Review #3, by Sophie Remebering Sirius

4th June 2011:
The story is really really good, I am a great fan of Siruis and Harry and Ginny, so good job!!! :)
Hey, can you please write a something about Sirius's perspective, his opinion on whether Harry and Ginny should kiss, Harry staringat her, Sirius's 'phrase' and well just his opinions and comments on this story as if he was watching from above, maybe link in how proud he was and how proud he reckons James and Lily are and that hes glad Ginny brought Harry out of his guilt? Anyway if you could that would be great!!! Thanks

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Review #4, by writergirl8 Remebering Sirius

11th August 2009:
Oh this was wonderful! I love Harry and Ginny, and it was a nice missing moment. I wish he'd confessed his feelings, but we can wait for that until after a certain Quidditch match :) ~writergirl8

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Review #5, by Malfoyfriend20 Remebering Sirius

22nd July 2009:
keep your sanity! here's my review..TOTALLY LOVED THIS STORY! bloody brilliant!!! good job!

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Review #6, by imagine_the_magic Remebering Sirius

24th February 2009:
This was cute and very Ginny. :) A few typos, but well done nonetheless!

Author's Response: thanks so much for the review. =]

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Review #7, by The_Nameless_One Remebering Sirius

4th May 2008:
This story makes me miss sirius! Bittersweet, but very well written. I loved it.

Author's Response: Thank you, i miss him as well. thanks again

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Review #8, by TheDirigiblePlum Remebering Sirius

20th April 2008:
I love the alternative curse words! I can just imagine Sirius doing that ... I miss Sirius... sniff.


Really good, and very sweet !

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Review #9, by No_1_pottergrl Remebering Sirius

1st February 2008:
Ok, if only for your sanity! :) This was great...I loved the alternate curse words! they were hilarious! You're style was great!

Author's Response: *smiles broadly* Aw, thanks so much! Thank you for your review!

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Review #10, by RiahMcLovin Remebering Sirius

12th January 2008:
"If Only he knew that Ginny Weasley was doing anything but reading."
so wat esactly was Ginny doing?
but neways this was sooo good
i love how u mentioned the hand gestures thing
something as small as that can make something
more awsome :]

Author's Response: Well Ginny was thinking about Harry, i think. She was most likely going threw the whole "does he like me" "he can t like me, i m his best mates little sister" thing that we all do at one time or anther.

Thank you so much for the review!!! =]

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Review #11, by ShadowedDark Remebering Sirius

30th December 2007:
Wow, what a story. It is incredibly touching I liked what you added in about the hand gestures that is incredibly symbolic and romantic. I really feel like this could be in the books it isn't that hard it seems so real. You did a Fantastic job, I commend you for that never stop writing

Author's Response: Thank You So much! You have no idea how much this review made me smile =].

I m glad you liked it! Thankks again

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Review #12, by hermioneginnyluna Remebering Sirius

26th December 2007:
That. Was. Great. That actually helped me get over Sirius' death a lot. Yes, I am one of the ones who were yelling and screaming and breaking things when Sirius died. Crying's not my thing. Anyway, this was really good.

Author's Response: At Least you were able to read it on your own. My cousin told me! I threw OOTP at his head.... i love Sirius! =]

Thnanks for the review!

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Review #13, by kyoshi Remebering Sirius

17th December 2007:
Nice story but never went anywhere.

Author's Response: Thanks for reveiwing =]

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Review #14, by Herklera Remebering Sirius

4th December 2007:
I've read "Remembering Sirius" a couple of times and everytime I LOVE IT!!!Never ever say its not that good or Im really gonna slap you, young lady!

Author's Response: Aww, Thank you! i love ur reveiws! =] dani your a star =]

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Review #15, by Sara Eugene Remebering Sirius

4th December 2007:
OMG that was so good
girl who i dont no
no but in all seriousness
even tho u 'claim' to have sent this to me
and even tho u 'claim' that i hv read it before
i still think that it was ssso good
and its really cute wat ginny did
and omg that sayin is so somthin u wld say on a normal basis
oohhh my oh my look at me im talkin as if i no u
well i guess bc i read all of ur stories (they were all fantastic by the way-who do u get to proof read them?!?)
that i feel as if i do no u
well ta-ta for now
peace (V)

Author's Response: okay like sirusly people are gunna think i treaten you guys to send me multiply reviews so i look cool.....girl i have never met before.
i love you kid !
Your so sweet even if you can't remeber what a you ate for breakfast
lots of love

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Review #16, by Kristina McMason Remebering Sirius

4th December 2007:
ur such a good writer
like u have no idea
i especially liked the part were serious was on the floor and screamin those sayins
i was like laughin so hard
oh if only i had a best friend who cld rit as good as u so i cld read all her stories before everyone else
oh if only
u no i heard another sayin that u cld use in one of ur stories
oh mother frankinstien
i rate u a 10+
and one "-" bc u hv no dedications

hope u post another story!!!

Author's Response: oh wow thanks reveiwer that i never met before in my entire life.
Thank you. so much darling . i love u and ur frazzled reveiw makes me happy.

oh and Meg? You spelt Sirius wrong!

lmao love you darling

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Review #17, by roberts_dread_piratess Remebering Sirius

26th November 2007:
That was lovely, and totally believable. Well done.

Author's Response: Thank you! That is exactly what i was aiming for =]

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Review #18, by bev black Remebering Sirius

23rd November 2007:
I love Sirius too and always think that there was a load of stuff that Harry missed out on when Sirius died. Stuff that Dumbledore couldn't have helped him with. Harry didn't have that sort of relationship with anyone else. I really enjoyed your story - I think Sirius would've hada soft spot for Ginny too!

Author's Response: Oh! Thank you! Its always nice to see someone else who loved sirius and shares my ideas!

thank you for reviewing!

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Review #19, by Harrysgirl35 Remebering Sirius

22nd November 2007:
"Mother duck and all her little ducklings!" That made me laugh! That really sounds like something Sirius wouLd say. I loved it!100/10

Author's Response: aww, thanks so much. i thought he would say somthinglike that!

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Review #20, by Harrysgirl35 Remebering Sirius

22nd November 2007:
Nice story.I liked it!10/10

Author's Response: oh thank you so much!

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Review #21, by Hell_Hath_No_Fury Remebering Sirius

19th November 2007:
pretty good! i liked it alot. ginny is one of my favorite characters!!

and i cried so hard when sirius died.

Author's Response: oh yeah, i cried like a baby. He and Ginny are my fav. so anther reason why i wrote this.

Thanks for the Review!

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Review #22, by liveonluna Remebering Sirius

19th November 2007:
I liked that! I could picture Sirius saying that. It was really good. I wish that moment was in the book. I think Harry needed that. Well, nicely done. =D

Author's Response: i 100% agree. i almost feel harry was a bit cheated out of grieving ime for Sirius in the sixth book, so i guess thats why i wrote it... but also becuase Sirius is one of my fav. characters!

Thanks For the review

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Review #23, by Ginnyroxz Remebering Sirius

19th November 2007:
this is really cute i like it write more =]

Author's Response: thank you and i 'll try!

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Review #24, by thejealousone Remebering Sirius

17th November 2007:
yep, the story is up. That particular scene is in chapter 9. But I'm willing to bet you'd like my whole story if you're into Harry/Ginny stories.

Author's Response: AH! yes i will look at it right now! thanks for telling me =]

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Review #25, by theJeaLousOne Remebering Sirius

16th November 2007:
a very good missing moment. This would be the type of story that could have inspired me if I had read it several weeks back. I, too, have a scene in my fanfic where Sirius tells Ginny that she reminds him of Lily and I can definetly see Ginny sort of "torturing" Harry with this kind of information. I like it, very much, and wish I would have thought of it first.

Author's Response: Ahh! thank you so much! is that story up, becuase i would love to read it

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