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Review #1, by LilCookie Desperate Desires

8th January 2010:
Awesome chapter! Can't wait to read more.

Author's Response: Actually, this chapter is all for this fic. But thank you for the praise! If you'd like to read more of my work, I have several more stories on my author page!


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Review #2, by harrylilyjames Desperate Desires

1st June 2009:
I can actually see Harry getting drunk like that after all the stuff he's been through.
I don't like Harry/Cho that much, but I liked this story.
I would love it if you made it longer, maybe into a short-story!

Author's Response: Thank you!

I'm not exactly a Harry/Cho fan either, but I do like them if Ginny's not in the picture. I'm a huge Ginny/Harry fan, though!

Thanks for all your reviews!
Kate/RP =)

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Review #3, by iCatherine Desperate Desires

3rd April 2008:
Awesome story. One of best harry/chos Ive read

Author's Response: Thank you!! I'm really glad you liked it!


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Review #4, by aqua Desperate Desires

30th March 2008:
no its too short i dont want it to be a one-shot no no no it should be longer much longer its so god

Author's Response: Thank you! Unfortunately, I have so many longer fics that I have to finish that I can't extend this one. Thank you for the kind review!

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Review #5, by Natalie Thomson Desperate Desires

18th December 2007:
It was pretty good. 9/10. I personally don't like Cho but you still wrote it well.

Author's Response: Thank you. I know a lot of people aren't Cho fans, but I'm glad you still read and reviewed. Thanks so much! --Kate/RP

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Review #6, by canhuffnpuff Desperate Desires

16th December 2007:
I have to say, I liked your story. I'm a huge Harry/Cho fan, which isn't very popular...maybe that's why I like being one so much!LOL But I appreciate how you showed Harry as someone hurt by the death of a love one and how that can lead to making some (the heavy drinking) wrong decisions, like Cho and her performance in OoTP, which no one gets. That may not have been your intentions, but that's my interperation(sp?) of his actions in this story.
Very well written by the way, nicely done.

Author's Response: That was definitely one of my intentions. I'm glad that I could portray that and have you see it as well. I am also a Cho/Harry fan, but I'm more of a G/H, lol.

Thanks so much for the review!

Kate/Rp =)

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Review #7, by Isha_Rose Desperate Desires

2nd December 2007:
You know what? This was beautiful. Really really heart breaking, and something that I could realyl imagine. The rawness of emotions expressed here really tore into me in a way that I almost can't explain. It was just... heartbreaking to imagine both using the other as a source of comfort, and being unable to ever talk about how they feel. I've always loved Cho/Harry, just because their relationship was so young and innocent, but this fic really takes the 'ship to a completely different level. They need each other, and they have each other, but it's not enough. I'm probably the biggest Harry/Ginny fan ever, and I'm absolutely certain that Harry would become this broken if he was ever to have lost her. This is just incredibly touching, and I applaud you for your sensitive treatment of the matter.

Also, love that song =)

Take care love.

Author's Response: Thank you so much. I'm so glad that you found this believable. This is probably the nicest review I've recieved in a long time. Thank you so, so very much for taking the time to read and to leave this amazing review.

--Kate/RP =)

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Review #8, by jkrowling Desperate Desires

19th November 2007:
LOL harry the blingblingin suga daddt 'the drinks on me' HAHHAHAHA ok i found it really funny for some reason

Author's Response: Yeah, that part is kinda funny. But isn't that how you get after awhile? lol.

Thanks for the review.


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Review #9, by Cedrics_gurl Desperate Desires

23rd October 2007:
Hey! Thanks for complimenting my challenge, although, the story was enough to that!

You made the story seem like you were writing from inside them, all of the raw emotions you touched upon you repeated and made them dive deeper and deeper. Cho was simply amazing! I understand her so much, even though I've never been through that! I totally adore this! Well done!

Oh...could you give me advice on one of my stories? It's about losing the ones you love ... it's called It's Hard Speaking In Past Tense ... I would like advice on how to improve my emotion side of things ... if you don't want to thats fine!

Well done! 10/10

Author's Response: Thanks so much! This is probably the nicest review I've ever gotten. =)

I'm glad you could connect with Cho. I think she's kind of fascinating, and I'm always afraid I'll write her poorly.

I'd love to read your story. I can't promise it'll get done tonight, but I'll try to jump over to it sometime this week!

Thank you so much, for both the challenge and the review!

=) Kate/RP

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Review #10, by Cassidy Evans Desperate Desires

23rd October 2007:

I love this. Even though, I'm not sure that I like Harry being a drunk like that but i guess it works. lol. i do love it.


Author's Response: Thanks.

I'm not fond of anyone being so dependant on any substance. But, you're right, it works. lol. Also, he just thinks he's dependant.

Thanks so much for always reviewing my stuff!!

=) Kate/RP

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Review #11, by AussieAnatomy627 Desperate Desires

20th October 2007:
Cho/Harry- :-(
Story- :-)

Author's Response: Yeah, I know. There aren't many Cho/Harry fans out there. [I'm not one either.]

I do appriciate you reading this and reviewing anyways, though. And I'm glad you like the story.

Thanks for the review!

=) Kate/RP

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Review #12, by HarryGinnyFan18 Desperate Desires

20th October 2007:
I'm a not a Cho& Harry fan. As u can tell my penname. 10-10.

Author's Response: *First review dance* I'm not a Cho/Harry fan, either. But it works for the lyrics, and the plot bunnies in my head were running rampid. =) Thank you so much for the review, and for the 10. =) It made my day! --RP/Kate

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