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Review #1, by baillierulz Whisper

5th December 2007:
love this story, Malfoy (Draco? don't know what to call him) is so mean! (but really true-to-character).
aww, i think Ron is so sweet in this chapter! and althought there is no news of the "mysterious murderer/murders" it's still a very good, well-written chapter!
keep it up :D

Author's Response: I'm glad you think he's true to character still, that's wha tI was aiming for. I've got plans though, don't you worry... :)
I figured that it would be a very short story if there was a murder every second chapter, so there will often be a couple of chapters that will build the background of the story. Thanks you so much for reviewing, Baillie *hugs*

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Review #2, by Wiccasandwands2193 Two

28th November 2007:
wow really good its really really amazing keep writing 10/10

Author's Response: Hey, thanks! :) Much appreciated! I'm glad you like... *hugs* see, I'm keeping my promise!!! Next chapeter will be up soon.

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Review #3, by baillierulz Two

27th November 2007:
hello, me again! I really like this story, and I'm glad you update fast! This story is really going well, and i look forward to finding out who the mysterious MURDERER is!! lol :D

i'm sorry for the super SLOW updating of my chapter 7, but DIRE circumstances have prevented me from posting. (chapter 1- the new [bad] version will be updated as soon as possible and i explain everything there!)
anyway, 10/10 for this chapter... i especially love how you write harry/ron/hermione and Malfoy (or draco...), it's very realistic!!! snaps for you! the ending is very suspenseful *for now* keeps it very interesting!!

Author's Response: Hey, thanks Baillie. :) I love it when you read my stories, cos you always leave a review! *hugs* I've got more planned, but I guess I ought to get down to writing again, else I'll catch up with the chapters I've already done. By the way, if you have any ideas or suggestions, don't hesistate to shout out. I tend to hit a block about halfway through with ideas, but I'm determined I wont let it happen with this one, so ideas are very much appreciated.To be honest, I'm not even sure who the murderer is yet!! eek... I've got some thoughts though, so hopefully it works itself out as I write. :) Thanks again for reviewing!

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Review #4, by baillierulz A Victory

5th November 2007:
although the first chapter isn't validated yet, this one is BRILLAINT!
this is a really great story already! 10/10
I love the way you've written Draco, and Hermione.. he's mean and she's able to stand up for herself.
also, the summary is really attractive, (if that makes sense?) coz it really intrigued me to read :D
keep writing more! (i wish this chapter was longer)!
by the way.. does this by any chance happen to be like the t.v show? lol

Author's Response: No, i didn't intend it to be like the tv show... to be honest, I sort of got the idea from Se7en, the movie... but it just sort of clicked, and I liked the idea, so I got stuck into it... I've got several chapters already written out, so I have to type them up and post them soon... :) Thanks for reviewing Baillie! *hugs*

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Review #5, by jenrabbit A Victory

4th November 2007:
Nice, update soon!! It seems to be the start of a good story. i give it a 10/10

Author's Response: wow, 10/10 and its not even the first chapter! lol sorry about the confusion, and the previous chapter ought to be up in a couple of days, make this one make a little more sense... thanks for the review!!!

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