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Review #1, by Sunflower That Was All It Took

9th November 2008:
that was beautiful. very poignant and touching. I love Snape's description of Lily, how good he sees her. Standing on the sideline, watching. I feel bad for Snape, which is prob what you were going for in this piece.
I like the fact that he says he cant love anyone other than Lily Evans. There are stories with him with other girls, but I think it is so much more likely that he would never move on. Jk showed us that; he hadnt moved on, he told Dumbledore.

It was beautiful. What pulled me in first was in the summary, this line:

in one word, my whole world came crashing down. Crunched into tiny pieces like when you take autumn leaves and scrunch them in your hand.

I loved that part about the leaves, adored it.

The things where he says hearts are easily corrupted; I love the fact you used that, seeing as his own was corrupted by her.
It was very short, but I loved it nonetheless.

Beautifully written!


Author's Response: oh thank you so much! I love beautiful reviews like this!
umm, this was a bit of a difficult piece to write, but I really enjoyed stepping into my definition of Snape's shoes.
And the autumn leaves thing was a personal anecdote, so thanks heaps
So thanks for your BRILLIANT review, and keep leaving them!

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Review #2, by Lily Roselyn That Was All It Took

11th October 2008:
Wow. That's pretty deep. I've been looking for a good Lily/Snape for quite a while, and I guess I found it!

Great job!



Author's Response: oh thanks :)

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Review #3, by EvansPotter That Was All It Took

8th December 2007:
OMG when read, "People like, as much as I hate to say it, her husband.", i was like, this is so true. you made me believe that Snape was actually writing this. you write so wonderful. i enjoyed it so much. i love James.10/10

Author's Response: Thank you. I believe a key element in first person story writing is putting yourself in the character's shoes.
Thanks again

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Review #4, by HPsmartone32 That Was All It Took

23rd November 2007:
wow. this is short, but good. i really like it. so deep and in character. great great great great job.

Author's Response: Thank you
I think he's such a complex character to figure out... he's great

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Review #5, by call_me_cassie That Was All It Took

6th November 2007:
This is an utterly depressing subject. You dealt with it beautifully. ;)

Author's Response: Thank you I think

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Review #6, by Provengryffindor_chic That Was All It Took

1st November 2007:
very good
5 stars

Author's Response: Thanks!

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